Loose Ends are Being Tied

January 13, 2023

Angels have been dispatched to “tie up loose ends.”

For those who, like the eagle in the image, have been standing on the wall overlooking their own family and extended family, angelic activity is now activated and surrounding them, to tie up the loose ends. 

Just as a loan can be called due under unusual circumstances, so intercession over family lines not just now, but even in the generations past, are now, just as seeds breaking loose from their seed covers, these prayers are now remembered, brought into the present, and exploding in the spirit.  Payment is now due.

This very much has to do with bloodlines and the specific call and mantles associated with those lines.  This is one reason why the adversary has been after “the blood”, as he has tried to destroy future generations, those mantles, and the calls of these people.

How to cooperate:

  • Holy Spirit has been summoning many to intercession for families at an unprecedented level.  Pray in the Spirit.  Pray until you are released.  It may be days, it may be weeks.  Pray.
  • As led, pray in English (or other primary language).  Pray, not according to your wants and desires, but hear the voice of God, release what He is saying, and prophecy over your family and family line. 
  • Call (in the spirit) your family into the Kingdom of God. 
  • Plead the blood of Jesus over your family line.

There is an uptick of activity in the spirit realm and warring over the family lines.  This is a war in the heavens.  Stay on the wall.  Holy Spirit draws and convicts.  Even though we walk in righteousness, truth, and justly, we are not called to judge, we are called as lovers.  He is love, and as Sons and Daughters, we carry His anointing for deliverance, freedom, healing, restoration, and life.

Stay out of your head… your mind, reasoning, and understanding.  Sons and Daughters are led by the Spirit.  Eyes on Him.  Ears tuned to His voice alone… turn off those other channels. 

Pray in the Spirit, with Holy Spirit.  That makes two in agreement right there… you and Holy Spirit.  Yeshua is interceding as well, so now you have three.  Pray, pray, pray.  Listen, speak what He says, prophecy, and pray.

Stay on the wall.  The loose ends are being tied.

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