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Truth or the Lie

November 27, 2022 In the world’s system, absolute truth has been replaced with a mandate to embrace “your truth” and “my truth”.  Global leaders, media, and even many I once called to a five-fold ministry position, parrot words such as, “You must hear and respect his or her truth.”  MY WORDS are true.  MY WORDSContinue reading “Truth or the Lie”


November 21, 2022 Before dawn, I dreamt of a horse that was bridled.  The horse had once been ridden with a saddle. Over time, there had been a progression of change in the relationship between the horse and its owner.  Now he was ridden only bare back. As the months followed, the horse was developingContinue reading “Unbridled”

It’s Real

November 17, 2022 This is a word for those who are no longer sure what to believe, who to trust, questioning the reality of everything they see around them.  Those who have even had the passing thought, “God, are You real, or is this also a lie?”  Cast down any condemnation from the enemy.  EvenContinue reading “It’s Real”