January 11, 2023

January 11, 2023

God, the Holy One, is about to reveal Himself as the HOLY God.  Mankind has never encountered His Holiness… not in fulness.  It has been veiled, seen, and experienced as through a mist.  We have touched and at times entered into the foreshadowing of what is now to be revealed.

One will either fall prostrate in worship, will run in terror, or be consumed by the fire.  The fire of His Holiness is the hottest flames of all… blue and white.  Pure.  It IS coming. 

When He comes as the HOLY ONE, those in pulpits and on platforms who have not heeded His call to repentance will fall dead.  Darkness in the church will be revealed and judged by God, for in His awesome Holiness, He is arising.  HE will make His holiness known.

Those who profess to be Christians will choose who they will follow.  Multi-generational man-made agendas, personal agendas, or to bow prostrate before God who is Holy, unashamedly serving and worshipping Him alone.  Living sacrifices come alive. Lines are being drawn for the souls of man. 

The Bride who is fully surrendered to Him will now enter a new dimension in time.  There is a shift taking place.  With the revelation of God’s Holiness, there will be a door into the fear of the Lord at a level not known before.  It is a consuming fear in the awe, beauty, and power of our Holy God.  It is breathtaking and life-giving.  This is important for the coming war.

Today is 1.11.2023.  These digits, when added, total 10.  Let’s take a brief look at where the number 10 came to play in Biblical times:

  • There were 10 Commands given to Moses for the nation of Israel. 
  • There were 10 plagues, and Abraham endured 10 trials. 
  • For the sake of 10 righteous, Yahweh would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah. 
  • Hebrew families chose a Passover lamb on the 10th day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar, and 10 days of repentance are required between Rash Hashanah and the Feast of Trumpets.
  • Ten of the twelve spies spurned God’s gift of Canaan and His leading at Kadesh Barnea.  Israel rebelled 10 times in the wilderness.
  • Fire fell from heaven ten times.
  • The foundation of the tabernacle was made from 10, 10×10 silver sockets (this is significant for the unveiling of the Holiness of God will lay a foundation for the coming outpouring of His glory). 
  • There are 10 generations from Adam to Noah (sin to cleaning of the earth).
  • The 10th part represents the whole in a tithe (significant because only 20% of the Hebrews left Egypt, and then with the judgment of those in rebellion and unbelief, out of the total nation of Israel, 10% walked in to receive their inheritance).
  • Yeshua’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem as the sacrificial Lamb was on the tenth of Aviv.

Much like a two-sided coin, these reveal aspects of the Holiness of God in terms of His love, justice, mercy, and righteousness.  The number 10 also reveals His judgment of rebellion.  Holiness is multi-faceted.  Both sides consuming, both magnificent and powerful.  Both facets of Him are revealed.  Holiness by its very nature consumes that which is unholy while causing His brilliance to radiate from His Bride. He is coming IN FULNESS at this hour.  There is a shift in the spirit… choose wisely. 

I remember a song from my early childhood years… put your right foot in, take your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about.  The lukewarm put their foot in, their hand in, and then take it out.  This is a time for the “all in”.  No reserve.  No plan B.  All the way, in fullness, with a resoluteness that flows from love, in and with the fear of the Lord.  

The pure see Him.  The pure ascend to the mountain, to see Him. Focus needs to remain on Him as never before.  Intentional gazing on His face and into His eyes.  No distraction.  Watch for what He is saying, without words even, but just with a look.  Catch the nod.  Be sensitive to the rhythms, and movements, for they have changed.  Pray in the Spirit… pray, listen, prophecy, and speak what He is saying.  The shift is here.  His Holiness, is about to be revealed.

Gn. 6:5-8

Gn. 11:10-26

Ex. 12:3

Lev. 23:23-32

Lev. 27:32

Ps. 24:3-5

Matt 5:8

3 thoughts on “January 11, 2023

  1. Hello Ben… I sent you a text message earlier regarding the book you mentioned. I am improving. Slowly able to be on my feet and sitting for longer periods. It has been a prophetic, intense and interesting time.

    I have not made headway in your book. I have asked, but not been led to read further right now. Not out of disinterest, but obedience to where He has me.

    God has been unpacking something for me, and revealing things I have needed to know. Many weeks of praying in the Spirit… much like Ezekiel (as pointed out to me by three prophets) who laid on His side for over a year.

    Thank you for your prayers… I greatly appreciate them. He is shifting my location once again. Waiting for all to fall into place and be revealed.

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    1. Good morning Janice, I trust you are feeling better every day, BTW, have you ever read Rick Joyner’s book “The Final Quest”? I highly recommend it, it’s so good I have read it many times. Anyway have a blessed Sunday!
      Ben. 🙂


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