About Me

My journey walking with God began as a very young child. Just after my 8th birthday I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and immediately began functioning as a seer and allowing God to use me to display His goodness to others in miraculous ways. I knew no limits, because I trusted and walked with Him as a child… such a simple thing, because, I was a child.

Many paths have been traversed in over 54 years of knowing Him, and in time, many of those stories will be shared as examples to gain wisdom and understanding from as we journey together. These roads included liberal arts college, bible college, living and ministering in a third world country, pastoring, marriage, six children, two grandchildren, near death experiences, encounters with the supernatural realm, and now, Reigning with Him.

I have come full circle, seeming to end with where I began… passionately loving Him and His Word, and having a great love for the Body of Christ, with a longing to see the Bride encouraged, strengthened, transformed and empowered through intimate relationship with Him, by the truth of the Word and the power of Holy Spirit, walking in fulness as sons and daughters of the Most High.

Some of my Favorite Quotes

God does not need workers; He wants bridal lovers… He is looking for an intimacy-driven church.

John Crowder

It is the time of the arising of the sons and daughters of the Most High, walking from a place of intimacy with Him and authority from Him. Come forth… spotless and mantled Bride!

Janice Moore

Be the person who wakes up knowing you are your Father’s son/daughter. Then daily live from that design with passion and love.

Janice Moore

Those who speak in my life:

The Apostle:

I know Prophet Janice Moore to be an anointed and committed Daughter in the Kingdom of God.  She possesses a joyous, engaging personality that easily attracts others to her.  Her wisdom in the prophetic educates and enlightens those whom Yeshua ordains for her to impact. 

Prophet Janice is a well-rounded, and scripturally grounded asset in ministry who both understands and obeys the Voice of God. Yahweh is and will continue to use her greatly to engage and expand His Kingdom.

Apostle Vincent R. Pool, The Macedonian Call Ministries, Inc.

The Prophet:

It has been an honor to know Janice and her ministry Reigning With Him. Janice is One of those amazing Gems from God. She illuminates the Lord in everything she does in and out of her ministry.

She offers a Powerful Teaching Anointing that will bring clarity, purpose, and direction in your walk with the Lord. Janice carries the Father’s Heart and moves in an approachable way about her that puts people at ease. God will use Janice for even greater exploits in your life as she ministers to you.

She possesses keys that will break you free in areas that seem unmovable. She walks in His Truth and Light imparting into all generations knowledge and wisdom from the Kingdom. She unlocks the Treasure inside of God’s people.

Transformation is a Mighty Weapon that she wields and one that everyone should joyously receive from this ministry. 

~MaryEllen McCloud, Replenished Hope Ministries