A Demonically Orchestrated Plan to Destroy the Truth of the Word

Did you know that the Greek New Testament used historically through the centuries by the believing Church has been cast aside and replaced by a radically different Greek Text? – Dr. Floyd Jones

At the age of forty-five, Mauro, a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and one of the foremost patent lawyers of his day, began his “Testimony” of what was to him the most important even of his life.  “There are many differences, some of them quite serious between the KJV first publication in 1611 and the RV of 1881.  The total number of departures of the latter from the original is over 36,000.  This raises some serious questions.”  – Philip Mauro

Dean Burgon, English Anglican divine who become the Dean of Chichester Cathedral in 1876, is remembered for his passionate defense of the historicity and Mosaic authorship of Genesis and of Biblical inerrancy in general:  “We are assured, without a particle of hesitation, that the Codex Vaticanus and the Codex Siniaticus manuscripts are the most scandalously corrupt copies.  They exhibit the most shamefully mutilated texts, which are anywhere to be met with and have become the depositories of the large amount of fabricated readings, ancient blunders, and intentional perversion of truth, which are discoverable in the known copies of the Word of God” – Dean Burgon

“The Greek Text they have invented proves to be hopelessly depraved, deliberately invented…  The underlying Greek is an entirely new Greek Text.  Who will venture to predict the amount of mischief which must follow if the ‘New’ Greek Text should become used.”  – Dean Burgon

Preeminent North American Scholar textual scholar, and University President, E. W. Colwell pointed out, “The text thus constructed, not reconstructed, but constructed, an entity that never existed.”  – E.W. Colwell

R. L. Dabney, chaplain in the Civil War, chief of staff to Stonewall Jackson, states: “They proceed to construct a text as though it never existed.”  At the end of his thesis to the KJV revised version he asked, “Is this a revision or a new version?”  – R. L. Dabney

A link is provided below for the video that I pulled these quotes from. God is leading His Body into a process of awakening… revealing what has been a well-orchestrated and underhanded demonic plan to strip the Body of Christ of truth and power.

Thankfully, my primary Bible has been the authorized KJV, and then mining with a Strong’s Concordance into the Hebrew and Greek. In recent years I branched out, using other translations, hoping to gain greater insight. Holy Spirit is our teacher. Instead of looking to man to interpret the Word, I realize I need to remain with the original English texts, prior to corruption. Even with this, I must remain under the tutelage of Holy Spirit… there is no better school then His.

As I sit here, only 50 minutes into the first video, with my translations surrounding me, I am appalled of what has been removed and rewritten in modern translations. Out of all my Bibles, the only one I have now that is true to the original KJV 1611 is my Scofield Authorized KJV. I have downloaded Matthews Bible (1537) on my Kindle, which is also available in book form.

Why is coming to grips with the corruption of Bible translations so important? the Word says, with two or three witnesses it will be established. Modern translators have systematically removed verses (yes… DELETED them), or changed the wording so that we no longer have two or more scriptures speaking the same thing. So many important truths have been removed by replacing them with other verbiage, which corrupts truth, so that we are no longer walking in the power found in the full truth of the gospel. I wonder if this is not in part the reason for the powerless church in our modern day?

If after listening to Les Garrett, you would like to delve further into the how’s, why’s, and when’s then check out A Lamp in the Dark and its sequel, Tares Among the Wheat, documentaries by Chris Pinto. Both can be streamed on Amazon for $1.99. These came on my radar prior to Mr. Garrett, turning my world upside down as I came to realize the men and women were burned alive for writing and or believing the TRUTH of the gospel (not the corrupted texts). They wrote, read and preached from Bible translations such as Matthews, Geneva, Tyndale (original), Coverdale, and Bishop’s, which were all based on the Byzantine, Antioch, Textus Receptus texts.

The adversary does not fear people holding a Bible when its contents are corrupt, for it has lost the power found in the truth of God’s Word. May we return to and pursue the truth, with Holy Spirit as our teacher.

Blessings and love to each of you,


Shared quotes are discussed (and many more) in Les Garrett 2008 Vol 1 – Which Bible Can We Trust?





One thought on “A Demonically Orchestrated Plan to Destroy the Truth of the Word

  1. So, Janice, could you please tell me, which bible you recommend? We have known for a while that our bibles had been corrupted.


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