A Word for the seasoned…

October 12, 2022

This release is threefold: a word of knowledge, prophecy, and prayer.  I believe this is a word for seasoned believers among the remnant.

While a word of knowledge is not new to me, its reception this time, caught me unaware.  I lived it in real-time for over five hours. During the night, I was warring in my dreams.  It was not necessarily blood and guts kind of combat, yet swords were drawn, and I was in face-to-face combat, which was long, and drawn out, requiring me to maintain my strength and pace myself.

The Lord (indicating Commander and Chief, and being summonsed vs. the Father, who usually gets me up) awakened me with His call.  I found I was exhausted.  Not just fatigue, but something above and beyond that. I felt I had lost all strength and the ability to move.  Again, He called, this time saying, “You must arise.” I responded, “I am, I will, I need a moment.” He then said, “You must get up now, or you will fall asleep.” I needed His help to get on my feet. 

I began to walk and pray.  I immediately knew I was interceding for the remnant.  The fatigue did not diminish.  I began experiencing other symptoms. Intercession came forth calling the remnant to arise, to stand, and to birth.

As I sat to talk with Him and journal, the exhaustion I felt increased. A heaviness came over my lungs, weighing me down.  Although I could breathe, I felt as if I was losing the strength and desire to breathe.  I became increasingly weak and just wanted to lie down and sleep. Does this by chance resonate with you?

He told me this was a word of knowledge, a full-blown experience of what many of the remnant are experiencing. Long-term warfare, exhaustion, loss of breath (life), or even the desire to breathe.  The desire to lay down, to sleep, before the battle is won, before delivery and birth is done.

He took me back, revisiting moments from two of the seven babies I delivered.  This is where He pointed out that this word is primarily for the seasoned believer… because it began with my fifth delivery… I was a seasoned mother giving birth. It was hard, fast, and intense. In the middle of transition, I looked at the doctor and said, “That’s it, I’m done, I’m not having this baby.”  I was as shocked at the words coming out as he was. Possibly planted then for revelation in a time such as this?  I don’t know, yet at the moment, I was done, I had enough, and was willing to stay pregnant… forever. The doctor responded, “It’s too late for that, you ARE having this baby.”

We know natural labor requires a focal point, something to set one’s attention on, enabling the mother to work with the contractions, and not unravel mentally, emotionally, and physically amid the pain. It is KEY to a successful delivery when birthing without the aid of pain-reducing medication (I have yet to see epidurals for birthing in the spirit).

During my seventh delivery, as I moved into transition, I lost my point of focus. I had rolled over, changing position (stay in position!) between contractions.  Within, I called out to God, asking Him and myself what in the world I was doing, giving birth once again.  At that moment, I realized I had to get a grip, rise to the task at hand, get back into a place of intentional focus, and fully engaged with what I needed to do… deliver this baby.

The enemy would like to take you out… you are the seasoned ones, those who have an extensive track record with God, who know His voice, heart, and ways.  Yes, the warfare has been long and arduous.  Great battles bring great victories.   “But for God” victories bring great testimonies of His faithfulness and power.  It is in this that He is exalted and glorified, not by a defeated Bride, but in the Glorious, Victorious Bride. 

Are you crying out, “How much longer, how much more until I push through, birthing Your desires? Not long.  Transition is here.  Work with Me, not against Me.  Change your cry to “Lord, more grace, enable me, strengthen me, breathe on Me, refresh me, sustain me.”  With your focus on Me, the I AM, praise, lift your hands, lift your voice and magnify Me (make Me larger, bigger)… not the battle, not the birthing. “Trust, lean on, rely on, and be confident… feed on My faithfulness… I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down, relax My hold on you!  Assuredly Not! (Hebrews 13:5b AMP, Classic).

Arise, I need your strength for those around you in this hour.  I need all I have deposited in you as a well for others to drink from.  There are rivers filled with the revelation of who I AM, gained through the decades of sitting at My feet that others need flowing out from you.  You carry much, you will birth much… do not stop now. I have need of you. This is your moment; this is your time to come out and come forth.

So, my precious ones, focus, focus, focus, focus.  Who or what do you behold?  Hold Me alone in awe and wonder, and you will remain in the fear of the Lord.  Just think on Me, “so that you may not grow weary or exhausted, losing heart and relaxing and fainting in your minds.” (Hebrews 12:3, AMP Classic). My grace, My strength, My empowerment, I faithfully, assuredly, and will always provide, as I pursue you with lovingkindness, gifting you with new mercies every morning.

So now, a prayer for you:  “Father, I bring all of those before You, with whom You are speaking to in this moment through this word.  In the name of Jesus, command assignments of harassment, fatigue, and fear shatter now.  I break all assignments against their breath, their lungs, both in the natural and the spirit.  Be gone now!  Holy Spirit, please blow over, breathe over them now.  Fill their lungs with Your refreshing breath that brings life and endues us with strength. All curses, and spells, are null and void. 

Please release angelic hosts to push back the battle zone, giving them a place of respite, peace, and a time of refreshing by Holy Spirit, as they focus on You, and sit at Your feet. Wash them off and seal them within a canopy covered with the blood of Jesus.  Father, please gift them with fresh revelation from Your heart, new a new dance, a fresh melody in their hearts, and a new song on their lips.

Open their ears to hear and eyes to see with greater and increasing clarity and exactness, releasing supernatural strategies which bring deliverance and freedom to the captives, demolishing the kingdom of darkness. Thank you, that you have prepared them as arrows to be released from Your bow at this time, in flight, on target, with the power of Your Word. Protect them, keep them, under Your shadow, surrounded by Your words, under Your wings. Thank You for it.  In Jesus’s name.”

Joshua 1:6-9

Lam. 3:22-24

Hebrews 4:14-16

Hebrews 10:23

Hebrews 11:11;27

Hebrews 12:2,3

Hebrews 13:5 (AMP)

Hebrews 13:20-21

1 Peter 1:5-7

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