Welcome… please forgive the delay!

My apologies to all of you who thought you were following my page. Someone reached out to me saying he was having difficulty subscribing, which opened the door to questions that led to more questions, until I spent 10 hours via chat (bless these techs) with Word Press today, climbing up a learning curve in foreign territory. It is a lie… ignorance is not necessarily bliss.

Anyway, as you may know, my first post went out today. Here I thought you knew when I added prophetic words all along. Ooops! Had no idea you were not updated! I am learning! The joys of planting my own “garden”.

I will let you know about new words, as well as when I release new teachings. Teachings are coming. They are very much swirling inside, He has me write specifics down for the future, such as fun object lessons to bring greater comprehension to abstract principles.

During the last few months He has been developing the prophetic through writing. It has been an interesting journey, very freeing, and quite different than my experience in verbal, in the moment, face to face release. He is stretching me, and I am sure you as well.

So, as I wait, I will remain faithful to what He asks of me. He knows what content He will bring forth in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my fingers out of the mixing bowl, and stay in my lane as a well loved daughter.

Just want you to know I pray for you! You are not walking alone.

Blessings and thank you for being a part of my life!


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