Prophetic Update: October 13, 2022

History is not made in possible situations, but only in the impossible. I am the God of “all things are possible” in and through Me. 

There are those who have returned to a life lived in the possible.  These find comfort in depending on their own strength, walking in their own understanding, and remaining in control.  They lay the course for their lives, often a self-elevating destiny.

I would laugh if My heart was not so grieved over these that proclaim they are my own.  They began in the power of My Spirit, receiving My wisdom, vision and heavens strategies.  Seduction is a powerful thing if one does not remain at My feet, in an intimate relationship with Me.  Enticed by the enemy’s lies that they held the knowledge needed, and their deep-rooted desire for control, led them to formulate their own plans, time tables, launching our on their own, without Me (James 1:14-15).

What was once beautiful, became infiltrated with darkness, while still holding the shape of something godly on the outside. What was once empowered by Me, is now empowered and sustained through the flesh, supported by the kingdom of darkness, a cesspool of death, bondage and witchcraft.

They have set themselves on a throne of their own making.  They worship their own plans, their own wisdom, and destiny.  Idolatry.  I’ll have none of it.  They are not submitted to Me.  I am not their King.

Repent.  Return to Me, while it is yet day.  Your alliance with darkness will be your destruction.  I am a loving Father.  Jesus has already paid the price for your rebellion. Be as the prodigal, and return. Repent, running to Me (1 John 1:9). Come home.  Come back to Me.  The time is short.

Romans 12:1-2

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