December 24, 2022

For those who are alone over Christmas, and for those who are surrounded by family and friends, yet still find themselves “alone” within that space… He is with you.

Be encouraged by His love.  Be saturated with His Presence, His goodness, and His watch care over your life.  He has you.

Be ever mindful that He, the God and creator of all, lives, abides, and dwells within you if you are His child redeemed by the blood of His Son, Jesus.  If not, all you need to do is surrender your life to Him, receive and thank Him for His magnificent gift of sonship.

Emanual, with us 2200 years ago, but now, living in and through us.  One with us, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Empowering us with the very resurrection power, life, light, and love that raised Jesus from the dead, now in us, as a river waiting to flow.

No, you are not alone.  I am not alone.  We have God, with us, in us… always faithful, always good.  Set your heart, and your eyes on Him this day.  Allow Him to encourage you, fill you, and enfold you in and with His love.  No, you are not alone.  You are held by Him, loved by Him, and surrounded by Him.  Look to Him, the author and finisher of your faith, who will finish the amazing, creative work of beauty that He has begun in your life.  The tapestry of your book being woven, being displayed, for His glory to be revealed.   

Find Him in your moments, in your hours, each space of time, hearing His whispers, and seeing His smile upon you.  Even as He directed Aaron to bless Israel:  The Lord bless you and keep you, may His face sine upon you, and grant you peace. 

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