Special Session: Prayer Points (explaining prayer in Episode #15)

Attachments, devices and equipment are catch-all words for different types of paraphernalia witches or the demonic realm uses to oppress… in other words to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

Warfare is most often first in the mind. Agreement with the enemy’s lies is likened to signing a legal document giving him an inroad and legal access to your life. Lies will then impact one’s soul (mind, will, emotions) and then if not dealt with, in time one’s physical body.

Angelic, heavenly hosts are warring angels. They are not your guardian angels, angelic messengers or ministering angels. These angels are massive and powerful, and created to fight on our behalf. As believers, we can either dispatch them, or ask the Father to release them into situations to tear down the devil’s works, platforms, scaffolding… and bring to deliverance and/or protection.

Assignments are just that… specific directives or tasks released against a believer. Time bombs are just what you may visualize… a bomb (attack, assignment, circumstance, etc.) set in to “go off” or take place at a specific time in the life of a believer. All need to be destroyed, both originals and any backups set in place.

Canopies can be constructed, which I visualize to be like a bubble, completely surrounding the child of God. I have warring hosts construct this canopy with a sight and sound barrier to all watchers and seers (both demons and witches) who are operating in/from the kingdom of darkness. I also ask Jesus to place a fire wall around the outside of this canopy, filling it with His glory (Zech 2:5).

I will be posting additional information on this as I discuss these things in upcoming teachings. If you would like specific prayer information on breaking agreements with the demonic realm, there is a resource (green tab) that gives a sample prayer and goes into more depth, which will be a great starting point.