Some of My Favorite Things in 2021

Out of the many books I have read this year, these have impacted my life the most:


I have used the Leuchtturm 1917 journals for the last six years, both the medium and the larger size, depending on the color options, and the “season” I am in. Below is a picture of the Leuchtturm, which I am using now, and a different brand that I will be using next. The Leuchtturm has been wonderful. It is durable, lies flat, has a pocket at the back and has exceeded all my expectations. Other companies are beginning to copy the things that make is a great product, so next, I am trying this one by Vivid Scribbles because the pages are white instead of almond color. Be aware, this journal is dotted and not lined.

I have several colors in the Zebra Highlighters. I use them a lot in highlighting blocks in my journal of words/dreams God has given me, and I use them when I am taking notes when studying and putting my teachings together. These three colors are light enough that the writing my blue and black ink pens still show through when I draw circles or hearts around things in my notes. I DO NOT use these in my bibles as they would bleed through the thin paper. The other Zebra color options come out much darker, and are useable for putting blocks around items in my teaching notes, but not for use across the board. In the future, I will be repurchasing the three colors below.

The pen to the right is my bible highlighter/underliner. I luv, luv, luv this pen and have used it for probably 20 or more years. I purchase the lead (wax) refills at to get the specific colors I want to refill it with. The pencil has slots for 8 different leads, which makes color coding easy. I doubt I will ever use anything else.

Warning… when using, make sure the lead is fully down, in its slot before switching to another color, or you will be purchasing another pen. :0)


Pentel Arts 8 Color Automatic Pencil, Assorted Accent Clip Colors, 1 Pencil (PH158). Purchased on Amazon.

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light (Silver) – Supports Laptops Up to 15 Inches

If you ever have a desire to sit in a recliner or on the sofa and be able to read, write or work on your lap top this is a dream come true. An amazing product. I would recommend the dark wood color otherwise spotting will show on the light fabric after months of use, even with cleaning. This model has the optional light which is great if you are up before the sun rises or stay up late. For those of us who are older… the light just helps when it is dark out, even when using a regular lamp. Purchased from Amazon.


These are two teas I cannot do without right now. The detox is helping with the post covid issues that my body is still dealing with. If you live where you can grab some LONG pine needles off trees and steep them with the tea, that is beneficial as well. I didn’t realize how much it was helping until I stopped drinking it a month ago (lol).

I combine the detox tea with the night time tea, as covid can cause issues with the central nervous system, impacting sleep. This takes care of that! I steep them together, early in the day and after 30 min to an hour I put the glass container in the frig., and then drink it before I go to bed. In the winter, I may just make it and drink it right before bedtime. The two combined have a pleasant taste, not bitter. Both are available on Amazon.