Weekly Wrap-Up

As in anything we do in life, repetition is a great teacher, as we gain new insights, skills and reflect on what we already know, on Whom we know, and the things He speaks to us.

The weekly blog will focus on the “red thread” connecting the week’s teachings. Enjoy the refresher and any nuggets that did not make it to the video episodes. Blessings!


September 3, 2022

Over the past weeks, a red thread of readiness for war, stemming from one’s identity in Him, which is unveiled and embraced through His Word (written and deposited via revelation) has been woven throughout the prophetic words (see Prophetic Updates).

We are on a precipice, about to be launched into the unknown both in the natural and in the Spirit. It is what Holy Spirit has been preparing us for, and if we have not struggled against His leading, teaching and refining, then we are well prepared, and standing steadfast in Him. Keep your focus on Him ALONE. He will lead you and guide you.

What you carry and release cannot be compared with another, nor will it look like what another walks in or the path they take. You are not a clone, you are a unique son or daughter, called and fashioned by Him, to reflect only Him.

Keep walking. Keep praying in the Spirit. Continue praising, and worshipping, allowing His glory to be released. Keep your eyes and heart clean so that you can ascend. Listen well, hearken diligently to each word He says.

August 4, 2022

The Father has highlighted prayer and fasting this week, as He call us unto Himself, to listen, pray, worship and hear well what He is saying for our present and the coming months.

During this time of fasting, a fresh anointing, specifically a breaker anointing will be released over His Bride, for her deliverance and freedom. Walls will crumble, chains will fall, and revelation will flow in this place of deep dependance and surrender before Him. The Bride will then be mantled to carry that breaker anointing to those who are coming into the Kingdom, seeing miracles, signs, wonders, freedom and transformation to a desperate world.

If this resonates with your heart, ask Him what this fast looks like for you. This is not a call into bondage, but freedom. Come expecting and anticipating encounters with Him, unlike anything before. Lay yourself at His feet, offer Him a scalpel, requesting He remove any and everything that is not pure and holy, for His glory and honor so that you can be a vessel which carries and reflects Him alone.

July 2022

Holy Spirit had us focusing on strength and steadfastness in our walk that is undergirded through out seeing Him who is invisible. The target of our focus goes beyond the goal, the vision, the call, to the destination…Him. His heart, His desires, and the gift the Father is presenting Him of His spotless Bride, that is rising to display Him through oneness, seeing Him exalted and glorified in the earth.

Just as Jesus endured the cross for the joy of His Bride that he kept before Him, and Moses forsook all, and endured because his eyes had seen Jesus, in eternity, risen King of Kings and Lord of Lords, so we now too, are called to set our gaze on the end, bringing it from eternity into the now.

We may need to wash seven times as Naaman, with a heart of humility, fully surrendered to remove the shackles that would like to restrain or hold us earth bound. Come out of the tomb of natural thinking, the conference with reasoning and understanding, and step into conversation with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to hear their word(s) for you in this hour.

Sit with Elohim, talk with Him, listen to Him, and saturate yourself in what He has for you each and every day. Removing all other voices, align with theirs alone. Adhere to God’s Word, bowing to and embracing His heart and desires. Nothing else matters. A pure spotless Bride, with eyes for Him only, a steadfast gaze on the one she loves.

Is He knocking at your door? Has He asked you to wash in the Jordan? Is He aligning your focus with His while asking for obedience in unusual assignments? Will you trust Him? Remove the clothing from the past season, receiving the new wineskin, mindset and mantle for today. May you have eyes and ears only for Him.