Psalm 91 and Communion

Please remember, this is only a sample of something I do on a daily basis after I read Psalm 91. It varies depending on how Holy Spirit leads me, and what I am facing or battling. Sometimes it is pure thanksgiving and worship, some days it is reminding myself as I stand before the Father and Jesus who they are and who I am in relationship with them, other times it is used in warfare as I take my stand and dig my heels deep in covenant, staring down the enemy and making declarations aligned with the Word.

Sample Communion Prayer:

“Father, as I stand before you, please forgive me for any known or unknown sin, and show me any area of my life that I am not submitted or aligned with You so that I may repent.”

“Thank You for the covenant relationship I stand in with you, through Jesus. Jesus, thank You for giving yourself in the covenant, giving me everything, asking me to only believe and receive. What love. Because of Your great sacrifice, I stand here now, in covenant, refusing to deny or not walk in the reality of everything You paid such a great price for. Your flesh was torn apart to the point of unrecognizable disfigurement for healing of my mind, emotions and body. Not only were you experiencing incredible physical pain, but also the emotional pain and torment of all humanity, so that I can be free.” (During this time I would take the “bread”)

“Thank You for pouring Your blood out during the crucifixion, where you became sin and in that moment, You were separated from Your Heavenly Father, so that I can be righteous and one with Him. In completing this covenant, You went to hell and stripped Satan and his kingdom of all authority, power, dominion, taking the keys of death, rising from the dead, pouring your blood on the mercy seat before the Father, declaring my righteousness, freedom and that I am now a blood bought child of God.” (During this time I would take the “wine”)

“I stand now, before You, in this covenant, as I choose to partake of everything You provided. I command __________________________ in my body to line up now with the Word of God that says I am healed. I take hold of this covenant, and release healing to my mind and emotions, and for the enemy loose me and let me go, body and soul. All _________________ (state what negative emotions or other symptoms of attack you are battling) go now! I am off limits. I walk in righteousness, peace and joy (or anything else you want to add), for this is the kingdom of God and my portion


You can add/delete anything you want according to your needs, and the area of warfare you are encountering… etc. More often than not, as I take communion I am notifying the devil and his cohorts that I am off limits, and fully submitted to my Lord and King, covered by His blood. In covenant relationship, ALL OF HEAVEN backs me. Jesus paid a price, the cost higher than anything we can possibly imagine… we owe it to Him to walk in everything He has provided us, not just for ourselves, and to see the enemy run in terror, but most of all, to see Jesus exalted and glorified for what He has given us. He deserves nothing less than for us to walk in complete freedom, lead others into relationship with Him and freedom in Him.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 53:3-11

John 6:33, 35, 48-51, 53-58

Matthew 26:26-28

1 Corinthians 11:23-32

1 Peter 3:18

J John 1:7