Prayer to Set up Canopies

Prior to setting up canopies, I highly advise making sure there are no opportunities for the enemy to have legal right to launch an assault by breaking all agreements with any lies, and repenting of any known sin, and submitting oneself to the Lordship of Jesus. (See prayer examples for this in resources).

Sample Prayer:

Lord Jesus, please have Your angels set up my personal canopy, one around my home, one around my car and one around my garage.

Please place a sight and sound barrier in each canopy preventing any demonic watchers and hearers, and any humans who are functioning under the influence of the demonic or soul realm from seeing or hearing me in the spirit.

Please have my personal canopy completely encapsulate me, sealed with the blood of Jesus. Lord Jesus, please place a protective wall, butting up against these canopies, completely sealing them, and set it on fire, then fill the midst with Your glory (Zech 2:5), peace, and such light (Jesus is both the Prince of Peace and Light), such that the enemy cannot bear to look my direction.

Please place a blood seal at each entry point (doors, windows, technology) of my home, at the top, bottom and each side. Please place angelic hosts around my home to war on my behalf. Lord Jesus please dispatch guards at any doors that are unknown to me, preventing them from being opened.

(For those who own their home…) Lord Jesus, please place a canopy at the perimeter of my property, extending from the front two corners, to the back two corners, over the top of the house, down the sides and into the ground below the house, back to the front two corners. Have the canopy completely sealed at all sides, and covered with Your precious blood. I proclaim in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that for all of those outside my my immediate family, this blood seal will seal anything of demonic origin attached to or abiding in anyone (or on anything) who steps foot on my property or in my home. Whatever is of demonic origin must leave with the individual or thing and may not function in or manifest while on my property. For those in my immediate family, this blood seal will function as a blood shower, a washing, and a cleansing of any demonic attachments or residue from the day.

Lord Jesus, please dispatch warring angels to put in place canopies of fire that encircle my comings and goings today, and remove all obstacles or traps the enemy has set in place. I declare unhindered, safe travel today. Line the canopies for my travel with the number of angelic hosts which are necessary to secure my safety.

Thank you, Jesus for Your watchful care and protection.

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