Prayer to Forgive Others

Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you. I am walking in unforgiveness, it is sin. I choose to repent. Please forgive me for pride, judging others and taking offense. You have freely forgiven me, asking nothing, through Your Son, Jesus. As I have freely received, I choose to freely give. You also tell me that when I pray, I am to be tenderhearted and forgive others, and that in doing so, You will forgive me as well.

Please help me, Holy Spirit to release the offense(s) I hold toward others. I bring the _____(anger)_____ I have held toward ______?________ and lay it at Your feet. I am letting it go, and releasing them from the sin of offense, the judgement(s), negative emotions, and all curses (negative thoughts and words) I have had toward them. Please forgive me for not walking in love and for pride. Please wash me in the Blood of Jesus, cleansing me of these sins. Thank you for the mercy seat and the Blood of Jesus; that I can always run to You, not away from you when I have sinned. Please give me eyes to see others as You do, and to treat others with the same love and respect with which You treat me.

I choose from this moment on, to release life over ________?_________ with my words and thoughts. Please bless them in their comings and goings, in all they put their hand to, in their relationships, and endeavors, as You fulfill the dreams and desires You have given them. ________?_________ is precious in Your site. I call forth their destiny in You, and bind to them a greater revelation of who Jesus is and what He has given them.

(If they are not born again believers, you can ask the Lord to send people across their path who will display His goodness and love to them, and bring them into the Kingdom. Ask Holy Spirit draw them to Jesus, as He removes the blinders from their eyes, the plugs from their ears, and anoints them to hear and receive truth).

You may need to repeat paragraph #2 if there are multiple things (anger, hurt, jealousy…..) you need to repent of before the Lord, and release them and yourself from.

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