Prayer to Break Generational Curses

As a believer, prior to using the prayer below or a construct of your own, it is absolutely necessary that you are fully submitted to the Lord Jesus, and aligned with Him. You are about to take a stand in the realm of the spirit, and any open doors to the enemy need to be removed. Below are prayers that can be accessed on the Resource’s page that will enable you to position yourself to remove generational curses, and take a stand against assignments involving witchcraft you may be encountering.

Resource page prayers:

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Prayer to Break Agreements with Demonic Lies

Prayer for Freedom from Fear

Prayer to Set up Canopies

Sample Prayer:

King Jesus, I submit myself, mind, will, emotions, completely to Your Lordship over my life. You have full authority, You reign, You govern and rule over me. Thank You for Your blood that has purchased my salvation and given me right standing, allowing me to come boldly before Your throne in a time of need. I am here now, Lord Jesus, declaring Your majesty, power and dominion. Every knee must bow to Your Name.

Lord Jesus, please release all angelic hosts necessary to to war on my behalf and on behalf of my generational line, fulfilling Your intent and purposes, and giving me complete freedom. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazarath Who came in the flesh, I break every agreement in my generational line with witchcraft, and the working of darkness, and resounce all alignments with the demonic realm and any and all ties to the kingdom of darkness that my ancestors may have had. I declare I am under, protected and cleansed by the blood of Jesus and through His blood, applied to my generational line, and myself I am free from the sins of my ancestors.

In the Name of Jesus I speak to every demonic entity that has been assigned to my generational line from the beginning of time and command you to release it and myself NOW. Every order, every assignment, every strategy is voided now by the blood of the Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh. Every piece of equipment seen and unseen, every time bomb, all attachments, devices, obstacles, impediments, calendars… all original and backups of these things are destroyed NOW. I put the blood of Jesus against all the these things, and shoot the fire of God through my generational line involving the past, the present and the future.

Where darkness has been, I release light. Where death has been, I release life. Where destruction has been I release freedom, prosperity and increase. Satan, release those gifts and callings that have been encapsulated by the demonic realm NOW. I break all demonic holds over these NOW in the Name of Jesus. Gifts and callings placed within my generational line, come forth now! Dreams and visions that have died, be resurrected now! Where things have been broken, I speak and release wholeness now, in the Name of Jesus.

I command in the Name of Jesus Christ Who came in the flesh, all generational trauma attached to my genetic line and my genetic code to go now. I close all demonic entry points in my lineage. I command all traumatic events attached to my genetic code to detach right now, in the Name of Jesus. I release healing to my genetic code, and command all genetic infirmity to leave now. I command all marks on my generational line to be removed right now, in the Name of Jesus. Angelic Hosts, wash my genetic code, my DNA in the blood of Jesus. I call forth life, wholeness, in a divine reset of God’s original intent.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Who came in the flesh, I release life into all the dead places of those who are presently alive and those yet to be born in my generational line. I call you to life, in the Name of Jesus. I call you into your destiny in the Name of Jesus. I call you into wholeness in the Name of Jesus. I call you into your God ordained and given identity, in the Name of Jesus.

Jesus, please create a wall that encapsulates this generational line. According to Zachariah 2:5, set this wall on fire, and fill the midst of it with Your glory. Seal it with Your blood. Dispatch angelic hosts to guard it and war on our behalf. Please give us the strategies and wisdom necessary to fulfill Your plans and desires, so that the fulness of Your Kingdom can be made known, and You glorified. Thank you Jesus.

I declare that I was made in God’s likeness, and as believer I am a new creature, now carrying His spiritual DNA which overlays my DNA. As He is so am I in this world. His light, His love, His life, all flow through me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.