Prayer to Break Agreements with Demonic Lies

This is a great quote which aligns well with this resource topic!

Sam Houston (1793-1863 ) had an extraordinary career, which would be worth a few minutes to read about (link below). What caught my attention was the accuracy with which this quote depicts the how the demonic realm creates systems of bondage…even for believers. It is one “chain” or lie at a time. As these lies are linked together like a long chain restraining an individual, while increasing the level of deception and bondage. Don’t yield! This is a war, a war for your soul… your mind, will and emotions. Give the enemy NO place, at any time. Be free, stay free.

Sample Prayer:

Lord Jesus., I confess that I have not been submitted to you. I confess that I have believed the lies of the enemy saying, “_________________________.” Believing these lies have brought me into agreement with demons knowingly and unknowlingly.

Please forgive me for these agreements with the enemy. I break agreements with and renounce these lies over my life, my mind, my will, my emotions and body. Please cleanse me with Your blood from the effects of these lies, and my submission to the demonic realm. I repent, I choose to align myself with Your truth, fully submitting to You.

Please have Your warring angels dismantle, remove, destroy, and render powerless any demons, the lies, and all their devices that have had access to me because I believed these lies. Seal me with the blood of Jesus. I desire to know You, and to walk in truth. Your sheep know Your voice. I choose to walk according to Your Word, and listen for Your voice alone Jesus, standing in agreement with Your Word(s) concerning me. Where the devil said, “__________”, I now say, “I _________________”, because that is what YOU say about me and Your Word is absolute truth.

I send the fire of God to structures, platforms and strongholds in my life that are resident due to these lies and destroy them now! I break the power of these lies over every aspect of my life now! in Jesus name. Every demonic device disintegrate now! in Jesus name.

I release the light and bondage breaking power of Your truth, over my life. Who the Son sets free is free indeed, and the truth that I know and walk in will create a domino effect of more truth leading to increasing freedom. I choose truth today! I choose life today! I choose to continually give my “Yes” to Him.

I highly suggest going back to the Resources page, clicking on the link for Setting up Canopies and saying those prayers, once you are done here.

Scripture References:

Deuteronomy 30:19

Proverbs 18:21

Isaiah 55:11

John 8:31-31, 36; 10:3-5,27

Romans 8:5-6; 12:2

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See resource for Prayer for Setting up Canopies.

Information on Sam Houston can be found at: What Sam did during his lifetime was amazing. He never gave up. That is what we do. We never give up. We win, because He (Jesus) has already won. The devil has been placed under your feet by Jesus. Make sure you keep him there. Blessings!