Prayer for Salvation

When you lead someone to the Lord, remember, that is exactly what you are doing… introducing them to Jesus. Although a covenant, it is a relationship, where the individual will step into Him (John 17:20,22). Salvation is not avoiding hell, salvation is a person, and through relationship with that Person, and all He gives us, we experience wholeness spirit, soul and body, and yes, the ability to spend eternity in relationship with God instead of hell.

Sample Prayer:

Jesus, thank You for loving me so much, that you took my place, becoming sin and dying for me so that I can be free. Please forgive me. I need you, I submit to you as my Master and Lord. Thank you for your free gift of salvation. Wash me, cleanse me, and receive me now as Your own, bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus, and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus. I am now Yours, a new creation in and created by You.

Scripture References:

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