Prayer Closing Open Doors to the Enemy

Sample Prayer:

Heavenly Father, according to James 4:7, I fully submit myself to you. I stand humbly before You, and exalt You as Lord, Master and King over my life. Father, I confess sins of fear, anger, offense, criticism, judgements, unforgiveness, and all works of the flesh. Please highlight every area in which I need to repent; whatever does not please you, and is not aligned with Your heart and character, and has opened the door to the enemy in my life.

Lord Jesus, please cleanse me with Your blood. Thank you for cleansing me. Thank you that I am blood bought, and established in covenant by the blood that You poured out for me.

In the Name of Jesus, I break all agreements with pride, self-pity, unbelief, guilt, unworthiness, shame, control, manipulation, anything done with any and all ulterior motives, all disobedience and rebellion… (add anything Holy Spirit shows you). Forgive me for opening these doors.

Please cleanse me from these things. I place all of it at your feet. Please forgive me for not honoring You, for not loving and obeying you with my whole mind, body and strength. I choose You. I choose Your Lordship, not my own. I place myself under your authority and rule. I lay it all before You, Jesus. Thank you for Your blood. Thank you for cleansing me.