Prophetic Updates

We know and speak in part. It is in hearing and receiving from each other, that we increase in insight and understanding of how God what is on the heart of God and how He is moving in present times.

2 Corinthians 13:9

September 29, 2022

Although man aligned themselves with the Roman calendar, God has always operated from His. In this Hebraic calendar, we find ourselves partway through the Days of Awe, in the beginning of the Hebrew New Year… a time to seek Him, just as He has encouraged through prophetic voices.  It is a time of fasting, repentance, and realignment, which postures us to hear, listen and see Him with clarity.

He continues to speak to me about crossing over the Jordan.  As I listened, He had me check out the date when Joshua took Israel over the Jorden (10th day of the first month – Josh 4:19). The anniversary being October 4th.  Wow. Not only are we aligned with His timing for the present, but a timetable of the past. WE ARE CROSSING OVER.  It IS upon us, prophetically, spiritually, and physically. 

Sitting with Him this morning, He also pointed out His request for twelve large stones to be carried from the Jordan to Israel’s encampment, a place called Gilgal. We know the twelve stones selected, represented the twelve tribes of Israel.  These stones were not taken from just anywhere on the riverbed… they were taken from in front of the Ark. The Ark represented the Covenant, it represented His Presence.  The stones were taken from in front because that is where we are called to worship, in front, face to face, prostrate before Him.

Then He continued by saying, as we leave our past season(s), crossing over our Jordan, in Covenant with God, His Presence goes with us.  Like Israel, the monument we build is not in memory of the pain or loss of what is left behind.  The monument speaks of our crossing over. We are to be physical monuments, living memorials (Psalm 92:15, Amplified), that the world may know that the Lord’s hand is powerful, and for ourselves, that we remain in the fear of the Lord our God forever.

The surrounding nations at that time trembled, lost heart, paralyzed with fear after seeing Israel’s God was with them. That was one type of fear; the terror experienced by the enemies of God who are about to be devoured by the wrath of God.  The adversary remembers this and shudders in fear as the Warrior Bride arises, walks, runs in the knowledge of who her God is and who she is in Him.

We are called to be living memorials who fear, within the context of walking in holy awe and wonder of the One who not only loves us, who also dwells within us, manifesting through us; displaying His Covenant with us before the world.  Remaining postured in humility and child-like awe and wonder of Him, are guardrails of safety from pride. God enjoys displaying His omnipotent power on behalf of His own… especially when it flows forth from the mouth and hands of His Bride.  It is His pleasure, for He delights in justice, truth, and mercy, using us as personal representatives to the world.

He speaks a word of caution.  BEWARE.  As you cross over, stepping into the long-awaited promise(s), DO NOT LOOK BACK, allowing your past to bubble up and simmer in the crockpot of your mind or emotions.  One cannot move forward with a new wine skin and then pour in the old, mixing it with the new.  The mixture creates confusion; introducing and tolerating fear, demolishing faith. 

We are in a time of no retreat.  There is no going back; no looking back. There is one direction… forward.  For the joy set before Him, Jesus endured.  After Israel walked into the promise, they had to defeat enemies and inhabit the land. When a woman gives birth to the promised baby, the joy of the promise is in their arms, but them comes dwelling in and taking on new responsibilities. Don’t wipe your brow after delivery and advancement. Walk in promotion, greater authority, and in love, inhabit what is put before you.

One last instruction was given as I sat with Him. As living monuments, carrying Covenant and Presence within, the other side of Jordan requires a Gilgal.  Gilgal is where the Hebrews camped immediately after crossing the Jordan, and where they were circumcised. In addition, did you know each of the Gilgals were made in the shape of a massive footprint, surrounded by a stone wall? (Selah).  Not only do we have a Gilgal in the Spirit… we have His footprint, which is on us, around us, and carried with and through us wherever we tread. 

The promised land would in time have several Gilgals.  These were places where the prophets held ceremonies, taught, judged, offered sacrifices, ministered to, and worshipped God.  It is imperative to meet with, sit with, learn from, hearing Him in this day and time forward.  From your personal Gilgal, your portable tabernacle, you will find refreshing, strength, endurance, His Word deposited in you by Holy Spirit, and Presence; encountering the fulness of who He is, as you present yourself as a living sacrifice to Him.

All of this brings back the focus of His call to the Body. Intimate relationship; eyes, ears, heart turned to Him alone, as living monuments, returning to, and then walking in the fear of the Lord.

Joshua 4:4-24

Joshua 5:1 

John 17:21-22

1 Corinthians 6:17

Colossians 2:9-15

Hebrews 12:2

The Footsteps of God:  The Discovery of Israelite Gilgal Sites Dating to the Iron Age by Professor Adam Zertal, 2022

September 28, 2022

While this is not a word I have received directly from the Lord, it is one by a woman who I esteem; who hears and speaks with accuracy. This also rounds out several of the words I have released in the last week, which is not only confirmation, but encouragement that He is indeed doing a new things, something never seen, heard of or experienced before.

Yet again, His call goes out. “come close, eyes on and ears open to My leading.”


By Anita Alexander, September 28, 2022

we are approaching this Rosh Hashanah 5783 all I have been seeing in my prophetic minds eye or eyes of my heart you might say is butterflies, snakes shedding skin and the old structures dying off, being deserted or being dismantled. All of these pictures symbolizing the ending of an old identity and the birthing of a new.

There is a more unusual excitement and anticipation in my spirit approaching this new Hebraic year than with any previous. As I was praying I was seeing like a threshold to be crossed and I saw old garments being removed, as we step into the new.

When meditating on the butterfly I am reminded of the drastic metamorphosis process the caterpillar goes through to exit the cocoon in its newfound magnificence. It eventually liquifies before becoming. It’s old identity literally becomes liquid before becoming its blueprinted final result that was originally etched into the caterpillars DNA. The new identity is formed within the cocoon and the wrestling process causes the exit into the new world as a new creature. This is somewhat the prophetic movie or story if you like, that is playing out in my spirit right now.

In this new season, there is literally going to be a shift that is going to look night and day as the caterpillar does from the butterfly. I say this with all fear and trembling as I recognize I am only “seeing in part”. However, I acknowledge the spirit of the Lord gracing me with a glimpse of things to come in the sense of preparing His beloved to “Let Go” of that which speaks of an identity of an old season because He is moving us on out and moving us on in.

As the extreme contrast the children of Israel encountered from their time in the wilderness to the promised land so will this next season be marked by such extreme difference.

The shift of that season was marked by a Jordan encounter. The crossing of the Jordan held many significances:

1. The river was in flood- they crossed in harvest and the most difficult in the natural time to cross. We could liken this to a rise in inflation, swelling prices, but God said that was the time to cross. Not in the time of drought or winter, but in harvest. God wants you to cross at the most inconvenient time. When the season doesn’t look ripe for crossing but in heavens perspective it is.

2. The Jordan represents a death to the old. It means a descent … “going down”. It’s where our flesh has to be quieted to “hear” and be able to do the next step. We have to completely die to the old season in order to be led to enter into the new, but not only the new, it’s the promised land.

3. There is a new battle strategy, there is a new way of warring, there is a new way of being led. We cannot rely on the old way of doing it. The instruction to Joshua was leave a gap between the people and the priests carrying the ark because you’ve not gone this way before. Being led by the spirit “through” the Jordan will mark this crossing of all things impossible.

You know we can walk with God one way in a season but when we enter new seasons sometimes, we walk with God in a new way.

The way the children of Israel walked with God in the wilderness was different to how they walked with God in the promised land.

For one they didn’t need to believe God for daily manna, but they had to enter into a different level of stewardship of their time and their substance. They had to defend their faith from idolatry and yet partake in harvest.

If we are going to walk with God in new ways then we need to be prepared to “hear” and “see” in new ways.

Joshua didn’t receive the instruction to take Jericho this side of the Jordan. He didn’t receive the visitation until he “passed” through the Jordan.

The death to the wilderness, death to that way, there is a new way to lay ahold of.

You have to die to old and past insecurities, fears, betrayals, ways of doing it.

The old comfort zones, the old places of control, to truly enter the promises on the other side.

September 27, 2022

September 27, 2022

Can there be enough encounters at the burning bush?  He appears, calls, nudges, and we turn aside.  Moses stopped from where he was going, leaving his present path to look intently at the bush ablaze, but not consumed.  It was when he turned, giving his attention to that which was on fire that Jesus called out… calling Moses by name. 

You are being called to, invited to, your own burning bush with God.  Just as Moses found, this is holy ground.  An encounter with a Holy God.  The fire is a place of revealing.  In the revealing, there is the passion of His love for you, and a greater revelation of who He is.  In the fire there is the removal of the dross; all impurities will melt.  In the fire, one finds out who they are, as their gaze remains locked on Him.

Moses wasn’t afraid, he was amazed.  Child-like curiosity and wonder. Child-like awe of seeing something never seen before.  Will we be prepared to be in awe of what He shows us?  Will we desire to have our earth-bound dreams set free, and see without limitations of who we are and what He can do?  He IS quite amazing.  Whatever we can think or imagine… He is more, so much more, as are you.

Moses was eighty years old at the time of this encounter.  Forty years had been spent in what seemed mundane shepherding on the backside of a desert.  Then SUDDENLY…. It just takes a sudden call, a momentary pause, a step off the ordinary path to look and find the extraordinary. In that encounter, Moses came face to face not only with God but also with His humanity. Thankfully, the encounter did not end there.  It was only the beginning of many to come.  Each time, he was faithful to turn aside, becoming the man God called His friend.  Encounters led to trusted friendship, the revealing of identity and destiny. 

Abraham had an encounter outside of his tent (Genesis 15).

Jacob had an encounter before crossing over (Genesis 32:22-31).

Joseph had encountered God as he slept (Genesis 37).

Gideon had an encounter next to the winepress (Judges 6:11-23).

Samuel had his first encounter in the night (1 Samuel 3).

Esther had an encounter as she prayed and fasted (Esther 4:15-16).

Jeremiah heard Him speak  (Jer. 1:4-10).

The demoniac had an encounter as he ran to Jesus (Matt. 8:28034; Mark 5:1-20).

Saul (Apostle Paul) had an encounter as He rode (Acts 9:1-19).

We are invited to not just one encounter, but many. Glory to glory. More, more and yet much more. He is calling His Bride, “Come.  Turn aside, like Moses, step on Holy ground, alone with Me.”  The journey will quickly change from just encounter to encounter, to the longing of the Bride to remain; not wanting to depart the presence of her King.  She will learn to linger, stay over, abide; oneness becomes her habitation, her place of residence. Becoming… she for Him, in Him, from Him; never without Him.  We have a burning bush invitation; it is a burning bush season, a burning bush time. 

September 26, 2022

“Deliverance is not deliverance based on what one comes out of.  Deliverance is only deliverance based on what you come into. Some sigh at half deliverance… deliverance out, instead of pressing in for deliverance into something as well.”   – -Toni Arayomi

Profound word.  It resonated in my spirit, and then the Lord began to speak: 

I delivered My people Israel out of the bondage of Egypt, to occupy the new.  I led them with My cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night. Those who walked in unbelief, refusing to look to Me alone, died wrapped in the clothing of distrust and dishonor of Me in their wilderness. 

Only Joshua and Caleb lived beyond a wilderness mentality during those years.  They turned the wilderness years into a fruitful, personal journey with Me. They continually hungered for and delighted in My very presence, looking for every opportunity to engage with Me.  I sustained them.  When Israel aged and died, these remained young, growing in strength and vitality. The vision of who Israel would become expanded within; they carried it, seeing it with their spiritual eyes, perceiving what was to come, much like a woman carrying a babe within her womb.

Beware of any seeds of bitterness towards your brothers and sisters who have chosen unbelief instead of occupation.  Seek me, that I may remove these seeds. They will hinder your entrance into the new land as you cross Jordan.  Those who cross over will have the ARK of My Presence, because of sacrificial lives laid before Me, and praise and worship on their lips.  Yet, just as with Israel, circumcision is needed.  Holiness in this hour is required. 

Can one be a vessel, carrying the fullness of who I AM, without being holy?  Can one carry My power, anointing, and fire without being consumed if they are not walking holy before Me?  Nay, it will not be so.  I have said, “Be ye holy, as I am Holy.” Either you are with Me or against me.  Not in part, in fullness. Come, with circumcised hearts.  Seek Me.  Identify yourself in Me.  Find Me.  I will give you revelation.  You will know me in greater depths; in knowing Me, you will find your identity. 

Delivered from… to enter INTO.  Walk in your identity of who you are in Me, your knowledge of who I AM, then take and occupy the land.

Exodus 20:2

Lev. 11:45

Deut. 6:3

1 Peter 1:16

September 25, 2022

September 25, 2022

The eagles are preparing to land.

These are Mine who have sat at My knee, wept at My feet, filled my throne room with the fragrance of worship while in the midst of loss and grief.  

Never giving up, never turning back, they have kept their hearts toward me, as they have advanced.

These are those who have found themselves flying alone; the misunderstood, those dancing with My steps, following My beat alone.

These have not looked for the approval of men, for My smile and words sustain them as they go.  I AM their refuge; I hold them in the palm of My hand; the unseen ones, they have been known by Me alone. 

Behold! See in the spirit, they are in flight, about to land, by the power of My might.  They carry My glory.  They carry My heart.  They know Me well, keeping Me in sight.

They respond to My whisper, they sense each nod, they catch My wink, and the ancient paths they have trod.

They will land in the nations, the places I have them go; My anointing will be released, My glory will flow.

Look not at them, look only to Me.  Seek Me, you will find Me; running to Me you too, will be free. 

All are invited, all are asked to come; sit at My feet, hear the songs not yet sung.  Lay yourself as a gift, a living sacrifice before My throne.  Leave all else, for me alone.  You too can arise, with others in flight, you too can be an eagle, a carrier of My glory and might.

September 24, 2022

September 23, 2022

The world puts limitations of “pass or fail” on a test.  These are not principles established in My Kingdom, nor how I rule, reign, and lead My people.  I draw My own into individual growth and development.  I AM NOT a god of failure.  I AM the God of destiny and success which is manifested in one’s life as they receive My bountiful grace to flourish and become, a process I have called them to. 

You are on a journey of learning who you are, and becoming, as You look at Me and hearken to Me.  As you see Me, you will see who you are. Therefore, come, sit, hear, and listen to Me.  There are deposits that take place by My Spirit, forming a well of life within you, becoming a river flowing out of you.

I warned Peter he would be tested. I told him I was praying for him, just as I intercede for you now.  This sifting of the enemy was meant to permanently derail and then destroy Peter.  This test came in the form of temptation, enticing him to give into a desire for approval from others, highlighting his fear of man; not yet recognizing his value in Me. 

When the adversary tests, it is orchestrated for your failure, and ultimately destruction, to hang the sign of defeat over your life.  When I design a test, it is for your growth, producing life, and increase in the Kingdom, in which there is no failure.  For you to fail, I would have to fail.  You may choose to quit, yet I DO NOT fail, I do provide all you need for victorious living. 

Peter was not a failure in My eyes. He was a much-beloved son, with a vast, powerful, and strategically planned destiny before Him.  The denial Peter perceived as a failure, I regarded as a pathway unveiling an increasing revelation of My love for him, establishing him in the knowledge of who he was in and through Me.  It was My love that reached out. Yet it required the trust of a son to stand up, step towards me, take My hand and walk.

Yes, there are tests.  It’s just a test.  The results have no impact on My love for you. Tests show you what areas need to be fine-tuned, strengthened, or brought into alignment with My character and Word.  They provide opportunities for us to sit and reason together, that I may teach you by My Spirit, depositing truth within you.  It is during these times that you begin to see what I see, learning how to walk in My ways. 

Remember, I am your Father, delighted as I watch you, much as an earthly parent takes joy in watching a toddler learn to hobble, walk and eventually run.  Ooops… you fell!  So, I set you on your feet, applauding your efforts, encouraging you, clapping and cheering you on, as you smile, look at Me, and try again.

Consider a pole vaulter increasing the height of the pole, then adjusting for a successful vault. In much the same way, we examine your strengths and vulnerabilities so that you can receive wisdom on how to refine your walk.  The height of your pole is increasing, yet you will find you are able to jump higher than you ever imagined. 

My personal training will propel you to greater heights, leaving you seemingly weightless as you vault, due to empowerment by My Spirit. Remember, Holy Spirit is your teacher, guide, and counselor, who is ever active in conforming you to My image… there is no greater tutelage.

This is a special season.  We are developing history and memories together.  It gives us a track record; altogether necessary for the development of increasing trust, which is necessary for future adventures with Me.

Be encouraged.  Enjoy the process, for it is in the process of growth that you come to know Me with increasing intimacy, exploring the many facets of My heart and love towards you.  These are times to cherish, not wish to perish!  I laugh as many say, “I can’t take any more!”  Yes, you can!  You are doing great!  Wait until you look back, reflecting on the growth and strength you are gaining!  You will be amazed at the heights you attain, and then sustain!

Find joy in the moment.  Laugh!  Breathe!  Exhale! Stay with Me, your hand in Mine, your heart turned toward Me, your ears tuned to My voice, and you will see, all will be, ordered and aligned by Me. Each moment will be unique, never experienced or lived again. Each day, each hour, fresh and new, without end in My grace, within the light of My countenance and face.

I take pleasure in this journey with you.  I enjoy watching and being with you, in you, and you in Me. You are my powerful son or daughter, warrior, and spotless Bride.  It is a beautiful and glorious process of transformation, filled with life, freedom, and victory.  Like Peter, stand, continuing to step toward me, taking my hand. 

Job 23:10

Psalm 16:11

Psalm 17:15

Luke 6:40

Luke 22:31-62

John 16:4-15

John 21:1-13

Romans 12:2

1 Corinthians 2:9

1 Corinthians 3:18

2 Corinthians 13:5

Ephesians 2:10

Ephesians 4:13

Philippians 1:6

James 1:2-3; 12

September 22, 2022

As I awakened, “My Word, My Word, My Word!” exploded within me… as an urgent call.  I have had this burning within for a year now, yet this was with shaking, an urgency, with such ardor behind it, that I cannot find words even in a Thesaurus that fully describe the intensity which I feel.  I have NEVER encountered this, not to this degree.  It has taken my breath away, with heightened concern, almost a dread for those in the Body not prepared.

There is a divine urgency… get in the Word!  Not (just) through someone else providing spoon feeding.  We are not merely invited, this is a summons to take the hand of Holy Spirit, allowing God to ignite His Word in our hearts. We all know that without proper nourishment, one’s body becomes weak, initiating a state of starvation, in time, resulting in death.  Health comes with consistent, daily nutrition and exercise.

We are called to study and show ourselves approved.  Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide, our divine tutor, who will take the Word, deeply and accurately divide between soul and spirit.  We become established in faith, receiving revelations of who He is, and who we are in Him.   

The Word/sword is ours. This is our primary weapon that is then applied to all areas of warfare… praise, dance, song, declaration, and prophecy.  Our responsibility is to become skillful warriors, ready, instant in and out of season.  As soldiers intimately connected to the King, we will not be caught off guard, for His Word is ever on our lips, and His praise in our hearts, tuned to the movements of heaven.

We are entering into a season where we must wield the sword ourselves.  Mustering strength from the deposits Holy Spirit has put within us, His abounding grace upon us, we are empowered to fulfill the destiny before us, in a walk of victory.

As I typed the date at the top of this page for this prophetic release, the numbers for the date were brought to my attention.  Once again, with a surprisingly strong intensity 9.22.22.  Two sets of doubles. Unusual. Not by coincidence.

As most of us know, we are in an interesting season of the Spirit and the time of the double.  Double increase, recompense, yet here are DOUBLE doubles. Think in terms of “more than”; more and then some more; abundance, my cup will overflow.  We are entering into the season of “beyond what we can ask or think”. Beyond our thoughts, our reasoning, and most profoundly… beyond our ability, without limitations. This will be the “glory of God” season.

Then He told me to add the numbers.  2+2+2+2= 8 which means New Beginnings. We are stepping into something completely new in the Spirit, something we DO NOT have a road map for, which means we must be tucked in close, responsive and led by Holy Spirit at every step, every turn. 

Next, I was led to add 8+9=17.  Seventeen is an interesting number.  It was on the 17th (October) that the flood began, which is not just the destruction of creation and evil of the age… it was rain that provided cleansing, refreshing, and new life.  We are to embrace this in our lives as a prophetic RESET.  The 17th is also the date that the Ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat and the date of Jesus’s resurrection.  So, think of 17 in the context of complete victory in a season of new beginnings, and divine resets, not from our own works, but from a place of rest and trust in His Word and faithfulness to His promises given to us.

How does one sum up what He is saying?  Every spare moment, be in the Word.  Ask Holy Spirit to give you revelation, teach you, and establish you in truth as never before.  Ask for direction and insight.  Ask for truth to realign false narratives in your life, setting you free from lies that may hold you in bondage.  Ask for clarity, ask for His heart in all things. Pray, pray, pray in the Spirit while studying, while walking, driving, while cooking… This will eliminate “noise” and fine tune one to hear more clearly.

Meditate on what you learn.  I encourage you to not go for quantity, instead taking in the scriptures that are highlighted to you, meditating on them, allowing them to become part of every fiber of your being, and then walking in the knowledge of those truths.  Apply them.  Speak with Him about them. Holy Spirit will “flesh” them out, teaching you how to effectively apply them in your life, bringing transformation. 

Use this time to dig in deep. Study with fresh eyes, listen with fresh ears what Holy Spirit would say. What is revealed to you, will be needed in the upcoming days.  Expect the rain of the Word to cleanse the past, preparing the ground of your heart for new beginnings.  All is changing quickly.

As you clothe yourself with His Word with consistency, stay alert, know He has you, stand strong in the Word, running your race to the end.  Breathe. Smile. His mercies are new every morning, and GREAT is His faithfulness. 

It is time to rise, walking in maturity as sons and daughters, taking His Word, the Sword of the Spirit, using it to destroy the works, structure, platforms, and strongholds of the adversary.  It is time to come in alignment with what God says and does, releasing it in the earth, as His Army, His Bride.

September 21, 2022

Things are about to change and change swiftly.

Keep your eyes on Me. Rest. Rest in My Word(s) to you. Rest in the knowledge and security found in My love.

Remember? Love… my perfect love, removes all fear. I am good. Always good… absolutely good. I am faithful. “I will not, I will not, I will not in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake you nor let you down, [relax My hold on you]! Assuredly not!” (Amplified, Classic). Not now, not tomorrow, not ever!

Listen to Me only. Look to Me alone. I am your refuge. My word is and will be your shield.

It is time to cross over your Jordan with a circumcised heart, ears, and eyes, with filters of false doctrines, and lies of the enemy cut away. Eyes, ears, and heart fully turned toward Me, longing and prepared for revelations of who I Am, and who you are as a son or daughter. It is time to be established in your identity as My Bride.

Seek Me, you will find Me. Ask Holy Spirit to lead you on a journey, mining the riches, treasures, and truths found in the recesses of My heart. These are the things hidden for kings; for sons and daughters who walk in fear and awe of Me, who are responsible for and able to handle the weight and revelation of who I Am.

This is your intended habitation, waiting and prepared for you if you hunger for the “more”. “More” is found under the surface, not displayed on top of the ground for all to see. As child, driven by love and curiosity, delve into things hidden from plain sight.

Riches are found as you dig, engaging with My Spirit. Pull out your shovel, digging deep, then wet sifting to find all the treasures and gems, both great and small.  All are purposeful.  All are needful.

This is My pleasure… to watch as you delight yourself in Me, in the beautiful revelations unfolding before you. You will laugh, you will cry, you will sing, and throw yourselves in My arms while finding yourself in the awe and wonder of who I Am, as you gaze upon and hold the treasures I place in your hands. I love you, and my joy is in giving all I AM and all I have to you.

These revelations are My Words coming alive in You. They will become the shield of fire around you in the coming days. My promises, My Words, are a refuge and hiding place for those who believe and activate them.

Through the corridor of belief, step into rest. From rest, stand. As you stand, remain steadfast, courageous, strong, and walk with endurance. Lift your head, remembering My Words, encouraging your heart in Me.

Prophecy! Declare! Praise! War by releasing My Words within you. War with the dance and in rhythm with My steps. All of heaven is dancing. It is a dance of war over the enemy. It is a dance of victory and the adversary’s defeat. It is a dance of praise unto Me.

The pages have turned. The shift has begun. Expect the ride of your life… let out a shout! Have fun, for I have already won, and we are about to run.

Psalm 91

Psalm 119:49-50 (NLT)

Psalm 119:111-13;14;140 (PT)

Proverbs 25:2

Jeremiah 33:3

Daniel 2:22-23

2 Corinthians 2:18 (YLT)

1 Thess 5:8;19-20 (PT)

Hebrews 12:25-29 (NLT)

Hebrews 13:5 (AMP)

James 1:22-25

1 John 4:18

September 20, 2022

September 20, 2022

In this day and hour of casual, comfortable Christianity, have we replaced our love, awe, and reverential fear of an All-Powerful God, approaching Him with familiarity, even responding to His love and sacrifice with indifference?

Have we in any way replaced our passionate pursuit of intimacy with Him, and our growth through the transformative power of His Word with lukewarm, half-hearted desire?

Who of us stands and habitually walks in the fear, respect, high esteem, reverence, admiration, awe, and child-like wonder of Almighty God?

I hear this cry from the Lord’s heart:

The Church of Laodicea traded the awe and reverence of Me for lofty pride in their ability to create wealth, power, and success. I warned them, because I loved them, saying I would vomit them out of My mouth because of being aloof and lukewarm.

I loved, continuing to stand at their door and knock. They were unaware they had closed the door, or even that I had left because My Presence was no longer their desire. My knock… it was never heard; their hearts had grown callous, their reverence and love for Me, gone.

The loss of passionate love removed the pathway for the fear of the Lord, bringing increasing dullness, and opening a door for deception, leading to destruction and death.

Once again, an invitation. I am knocking. My Body, My Remnant, and even among My Arising and Glorious Bride… My heart is searching for those who fear Me. Fear Me, you ask?

Yes, for those who not only love Me; those whose passion is so great, they spend time at My feet, before My throne, receiving a revelation of who I Am. Those, fully surrendered, unable to fathom a life without full, complete obedience, abandonment, offering themselves as living sacrifices, of worship unto Me.

These know that they are seated with Me, one with Me, and complete in Me. Yet, they have not forgotten that they are created… and not the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I alone am God. There is none other. My pure Bride walks in awe and respect for Who I AM. These have been tried in the fire and will not give My glory to another or exalt themselves. These I trust.

They will experience and release My glory. These sons and daughters carry the beat of My heart; they have laid on My chest, with their heart next to Mine. My breath is theirs. One with My desires, one with the sounds, rhythms and vibrations which resonate through heaven; prepared for release in the earth.

Their heart and desire are towards Me alone. They fear Me, they stand in child-like wonder of all I AM. Beyond their reasoning, they walk in awe of the reality of who I AM, which defines and directs all they are and do.

Will you hear My knock this day? Will You answer the door? Will you invite Me in? Will You ask Me, and allow Me to lead you on pathways you do not know? Will you leave behind the things that have tugged on the strings of your heart, cutting them loose once and for all? Do you desire a passionate love relationship with Me? Will you experience the wonder and awe of who I Am?

Look. Hear. Listen. I am knocking. I am here. Open the door. My invitation is extended… come, walk in the fear of the Lord.

Deut 5:29

Psalm 25:14

Psalm 34:11

Psalm 86:11

Proverbs 1:7

Proverbs 9:10

Proverbs 14:27

Isaiah 45:5

Matt 15:8

Luke 1:50

Romans 1:28

Revelation 3:15-21

September 19, 2022

Are you discouraged, fearful, confused, facing an overwhelming sense of despair, maybe wanting to retreat? Let me ask, Who have you been speaking with?

When one speaks with “me, myself, and I”, their feelings, or with circumstances, it is likened to Eve speaking with the serpent. The only voice sons and daughters are to know, discourse with and follow is that of Holy Spirit. Discussion WITH the enemy easily leads to questioning Me, My character, and one’s identity as My beloved child. You have been given authority to speak TO the enemy, declaring My Word. Do not speak or collaborate with your adversary, attempting to pacify him. He is the father of lies; he rules with deception.

I have seen you from eternity, before time, saith the Father, carrying within Myself a “picture, a vision, of yet unseen artistic design and beauty… you. I then created or birthed, with My words, calling forth and releasing those things in Me, not yet seen, into being.

You were released into the physical realm, with your book spoken over your life. Then when born of My Spirit, I began depositing in the womb of Holy Spirit within you, realms of glory, inviting you into this creative process with Me. Hence, your thoughts create beliefs. Your beliefs create pictures, painting on a supernatural canvas what you see.  These are articulated with words, which create life or death, followed by corresponding actions. You are in My image.  You are destined to create.

While the enemy cannot create anything himself, he attempts to take how I creatively speak and create in the earth, through My Body, distorting it for his malicious and deadly purposes.

When I speak, I call you into hope and freedom, giving you insights into the beautiful tapestry I am weaving of My destiny in you. He comes enticing and targeting you with words, which if not cast down, will become strongholds of things such as fear, hopelessness, and strife… among others, reaping a harvest of increasing bondage, leading to destruction and death.

Every negative emotion is associated with a thought. The thought then becomes a picture, and what you see becomes your reality. Once again, I ask, “What are you thinking?” Where did that thought come from? From who did it originate?

Remember what I have said to you personally and through My Word. Sons and daughters are led by My Spirit.  Remember, I AM. I have given you all things which pertain to life. The fullness of My life, resurrection life, indwells you. I AM and will BE all you need. I am in you, residing with you.

From this time forward, look at thoughts as annoying flies surrounding your head. Catch each thought. Examine it. Does it align with My Word, producing life? If so, embrace it. Meditate on it. Allow it to grow as a seed within you, producing life. If it is contrary to My character, contradicting My Word, throw it, as it were, under your feet and crush it. DO NOT ACCEPT, LOOK AT, or CONSIDER the thought further… this leads to captivity.

The enemy is warring for your thought life. Remain engaged with Me, with My voice. You WILL WIN, you ARE an overcomer and more than a conqueror. This is where your battles will be won… they begin in your mind.

Break agreements with the enemy!  He IS NOT your friend.  He is your adversary.  He pushes against any forward progress, as you take and inhabit territory, I have given you.  RESIST him by submitting to Me alone.  You are a threat to the kingdom of darkness, yet you are empowered, anointed, and crowned by Me as a king having full authority, to walk justly in the earth.

Eyes, ears, and heart, focused on and established in Me alone. I have you. I have not, will not, never, no… not ever forsake you. I love you. I cherish you. I treasure you. You are mine and called by My name. You are chosen and destined for a life of greatness as you remain in Me. Walk with Me, habitually dwell in Me, living from Me.

Hebrews 11:1

2 Cor. 10:3-5

Proverbs 18:21

Ephesians 2:10

Ephesians 4:34

Colossians 1:27

Colossians 2:8-9

Colossians 3:1

Romans 8:37

Revelation 1:6

John 14:20-21

John 15:41

John 16:13-14

September 17, 2022

As you begin, I pray for revelation knowledge that Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit LOVE each of you who are reading this. This came over three days. Three days in the Word, and tears as I experienced the agony of His heart for and over you.

Please, please open your heart to hear Him. He speaks bluntly because you are greatly loved, and He needs you to hear… there is no time left. Please, just ask Holy Spirit to open your heart, unplug your ears, remove scales from your eyes and any hardness covering your heart, so that you may run into His arms and live.

The fast I to which have called My people, will break the chains of oppression, release captives, feed the poor, bring deliverance, restoration, and healing. Yet, instead, My house, full of adulterous ministers, has been defiled by those who come for profit, whether financial or the increase of their reputation and name instead of Mine.

Do you, who carry My name, preach and teach My Word, proclaiming the good news, or do you speak of things, puffing yourselves up in the eyes of man? Fashionable preaching/teaching WILL NOT release My anointing. My Word, My Voice, My prophetic unction upon My sons and daughters will stir up My anointing, allowing it to flow; and flow with My power it will, but not through you unless you repent and fully turn back to Me.

Many have blasphemed My name by saying I am not, or I will not do what I have spoken. I AM THAT I AM. I AM all you need. I always was, and I ever will be. There is none other!

Why do you argue? I draw you, I woo you, and yet you willfully stand in defiance of My very character and love for you? You are like the rebellious house of Israel who never crossed over into their promises because of unbelief. They said they would die in the wilderness, and they did. What will you do this day? Will you run to Me? Will you ask for freedom from the things which entangle you? Will you repent?

You are called to a trusting, surrendered, obedient life, from a place of rest in love and delight of Me. Is that too hard for you? Is your delight in Me, or yourself? Where is your treasure? What is it you desire most? Is it to walk in the fear, awe, and childlike wonder of the King of Kings, or to place yourself on your personal throne, and from there control your life and the lives of others?

“Enough!” Enough of the insincere repentance. Enough of double- mindedness. Enough of scorning what was provided through torture, suffering, death, burial, and resurrection! How dare you reduce the blood of my Son, resurrection life, and the invitation to a life of oneness in and with me to a fable. Suffering purchased this! Precious Blood paid for this! Death so that you can live secured this! How, dare you scorn the provision procured by My Son!

“Scorned how”, you say?

· When I speak you do not hearken, pricking up your ears, leaning in with full attention, listening with the intent to obey. You have plugged your ears, first by ignoring My voice, then through acts of rebellion.

· My Words have been received with prideful hearts, a high opinion of one’s self, arrogance, and considering what I say to be vile or worthless. You do not have a heart towards me, saith the Lord. You have a heart towards your god… yourself.

· In negating parts of My Word that you have not yet experienced, understand, or consider of value, you have stripped and, watered down My truth, feeding my people mixture, which has defamed and dishonored Me. This is blasphemy!

· You have said I cannot, when I have said I CAN AND DO heal, provide, deliver, free, speak with and lead my people, guided by Holy Spirit. Lies and deceit have brought injury to my children. This has brought confusion, fear, and scattered My flock. You who have done this are NOT shepherds. You are wolves. You will answer before Me.

· Many have replaced My Word with traditions of men, societal norms, or the latest teachings for itching ears, to build their churches and tally numbers. My church will be built on truth, not the false doctrines of man! Any “Jesus” or “truth” that does not line up with the Word is an idol. Who do you serve?

Again, I ask, I call, will you adulterous shepherds and ministers repent? I call because I love you. Because I love you, I will shake you, in an attempt to awaken you. I ask again, come to Me.

Seek Me, while I may be found. Run to Me, not from Me. I love you, will you… do you still love Me? If so, come… just humble yourself and come to Me. Come boldly before My throne in your time of need, I am waiting.

Isaiah 10:27

Isaiah 53

Isaiah 58:6-11

John 6:29

John 10:10,14-16

John 10:25-30

John 14:15-26

Hebrews 4:16

2 Peter 3:17-18

1 John 1:9

1John 1:19-21; 2:1-2

1 John 2:5, 20-21, 24-26

Photo of Lion by Alexas

Photo of Hand Dripping of Blood by Mohamed Nohassi

Photo of Cross by Ebnerhard Grossgasteiger

September 14, 2022

Whose “report” or word will we believe… our own, that of another, or the voice of our God?

I was in a gathering last week, where the minister used personal experiences and belief systems to undermine the authority of the Word.  One needs to be cautious to not misrepresent the truth of the Word, by attempting to stuff God into our personal beliefs.  This is an example of mixture, of deception, of misrepresentation of the character and goodness of God.  God does not align Himself with what we believe.  We are to bring into alignment, what we believe, along with our speech with what He says. 

How often do we fall into this?  How often do we inhale the teachings of man, without considering the plumb line of God’s written and spoken word?  How often do we want to look to man, or prefer having someone else speak to us, depositing in us, instead of exercising our privilege of intimacy with God, and hearing Him ourselves? 

In 1987, I gave birth to my first child.  Many of James Dobson’s books became a resource for me.  He stated that one spoiled a child, not by holding and affectionately loving them, but by doing for them, that which they can do for themselves. We are given ample grace (the ability to be and to do what we have been created to be and do) each day. We are expected and required to walk in our knowledge of the Word, appropriating it in our lives.

This is a wake-up call… a grow-up call.  His sons and daughters are not seeking to be coddled (to be treated in indulgent or overprotective way).  Sons and daughters are standing as representatives of the Ancient of Days, of the King of Kings, while flowing in and with Holy Spirit. Sons and daughters are led by Holy Spirit… not their mind, will emotions, another person, nor the voice of the adversary.

An army is fit and ready to immediately hearken (listen, hear and obey) the voice of their Commander and Chief.  No delay.  Focused.  Responsive to each command.  The Bride, keeps her eyes locked with His alone, her heart sensitive to the rhythm and beat of His, her ears conditioned and trained to recognize and hear His voice alone, and her hand in His as He takes the lead in a dance never danced before, to music never heard before.

This will only be done in and from a place of intimacy, connection, and life lived in oneness with Him.  He has made the way possible.  He has extended the invitation.  You will sing a song not yet sung, you will dance a dance not yet known, you will release a sound not yet heard, if you are willing to let all else go, for Him alone.

Photo of dancer by:  Ahmad Odeh

Photo of lion by:  Alexa

September 10, 2022

There is another division within the Remnant occurring.  Some will move forward, as they continue in the refining process, saying, “Yes”, regardless of the cost.  Others will welcome distraction from the discomfort of the season, quickly having their sensitivity to His voice diminish. Some may desire to “remain” where they are.  Beware… lack of movement does not exist in the realm of the spirit.  Either one will move forward or lose hard won ground (Matt 13:11-12; 25:29-30).

Although I was aware in the past week that the ranks of the Remnant would be thinning, as I was praying this morning, I had an encounter with God, and felt His grieving over the Body.  He took me to Jeremiah 2 and 3.  I will not address all of it here.  I highlight two key things on His heart.  Chapter 2, verse 25 says, When will you stop running?  When will you stop panting after other gods?  But you say, ‘Save your breath.  I’m in love with these foreign gods, and I can’t stop loving them now!’  (NLT)

So, He cries.  He cries over and for those who won’t leave all behind and come to Him, fully surrendered.  He is grieved over mixture.  He is grieved over those who, like children, may claim obedience, and then when they perceive a parent has turned their back, they do as they wish, thinking it goes unnoticed.  He is grieved over those who say they are surrendered, yet hold control.  He is grieved over those who display a stance of worship, yet their heart is far from Him.  He is grieved over His own who would rather listen to the voices of men than sitting at His knee to hear Him. 

Jeremiah 2:23 says, “You say, That’s not true!  I haven’t worshipped the images of Baal!” (NLT).  He says, that as an adulterous bride, His Body has.  Our Baal can look like many things, but it really comes down to this… any act that we cannot do in and of faith is sin (Romans 14:23).  In other words, from our thoughts to our actions, all is to revolve around His smile, and a “green light” or proceed from Holy Spirit.  We are to conduct our lives as living sacrifices, giving worship to Him.

He marked me with a passage, also in Jeremiah. Israel would continually come to God saying such things like, “Surely you won’t be angry forever… surely you can forget about our adultery and becoming one with Baal through sacrifice and worship. Just overlook our desire to be like other people and nations.” They were willing to serve Him, but wanted to serve their god of choice (Baal) as well.  God responded in Jeremiah chapter 3:5 by saying, “So you talk, but you keep on doing all the evil you can.”  Israel did not return to God.  In verse 8, God says that not only had Israel forgotten Him, but her  ‘treacherous sister’ Judah, HAD NO FEAR, and now she too, has left.  The verses continue by saying, “Israel treated it all so lightly–she thought nothing of committing adultery by worshiping idols made of wood and stone (NLT).”

God forgive us, forgive our nation. You have been so good, so faithful. Yet we have left You for lives of unrestraint, distraction, and purposes that are not resonating with the beat of Your heart. Just as Judah (vs 10), our repentance has often been insincere, only pretending sorrow, so that our emotions are covered by a Band-Aid of deception, while the infectious disease within grows.

The American church has been a playground, rampant with mixture, exalting the flesh… for which Jesus makes no accommodation.  She has attempted to serve God, while worshipping the gods who feed her exaltation of me, myself and I, and selfish desires. Judgement is coming.  It begins in the house of God.  Remnant, where will you stand?  Who will you choose to be one with… Almighty God, or man?

With whom are your alliances?  Do you, as an individual, have His “paw print”, His mark, His anointing, His affirmation, or do you seek it from another?  Will you be found wanting in this hour, or running passionately with Him, living in Him? 

The quality of metal in the Remnant is being assayed (Jer. 6:27; 9:7; Mal 3:1-1-3; Rev 3:18).  To continue, it will require pure gold, tested for quality, tried for its endurance and ability to withstand high heat and extreme pressure.  Refining is a process of purging (to clarify, make clear, remove impurities/mixture, then bringing forth splendor, and brightness of an object). Will you choose to be a vessel of gold, reflecting Him, carrying His glory? 

His eyes are ever alert, roaming throughout the earth, continually watching for those who are “complete” (Strong’s), fully committed, fully aligned with, and turned toward Him.  Why?  To strengthen us, which means to seize or fasten upon, overpowering us with courage and strength.  He is gracious, loving and faithful in this process of refining; His kindness and mercies are new every morning, as we spin on the Potter’s wheel, He removes debris, perfects us, His instrument, and we enter the fire in the kiln. 

Remnant, keep walking!  He alone is your strength. He will amaze you with the transformative work of Holy Spirit produced in your life.  Run to this, not from it.  Embrace it, without reluctance. Offer Him a scalpel, asking Him to use it. Press into, lean into, the work of His hands. 

The Father said He would present His son with a pure, spotless bride.  When there is hesitation… worship!  Enter that place of sweet intimacy, beholding One so glorious, powerful, majestic, that your awe, your fear of Him arises once again, and you know that you know, you will always and only say, “Yes, Lord, have your way, I surrender all, for You, to Your Word, and that which You have written in eternity concerning me.  Your will alone, be done.”

September 8, 2022

One often thinks of fire as being red/orange, yet flames have ten different colors, often varying due to temperature. Blue fire get quite a bit hotter than yellow/red fires… ranging between 1400 degrees Celsius (2,550 Fahrenheit) and 1,650 degrees (3,000 Fahrenheit)!  Violet is the hottest color of fire. That’s hot enough to burn almost any material…  A Violet flame burns at temperatures above 1,650 degrees Celsius and 3,000 Fahrenheit and you won’t be able to make a hotter flame (source: firefighterinsider).

When God purifies, I believe He uses fire from the throne room, found in the sapphire floor.  The varying hues of blue and violet reveal temperatures of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit… that nothing can withstand. 

Elohim, bring Your fire to the nations!  Bring Your fire to the church! Bring your fire, once again to the Remnant.  Repentance fire… let it burn in our hearts.  Purify us, purge us, refine us, removing anything yet in our soul that is not pleasing to You.

One more time, Lord, let your holy fire consume us, that You can proclaim Your vessels are tried and true, pure gold, proven durable and able to withstand pressure without bending or breaking. 

Bring us into perfect alignment with Your heartbeat in this hour.  Let our cries before your throne be the same cries that are found in the recesses of Your heart. 

Let our roar be an echo chamber of your throne, as we release it in the atmosphere and over the earth.  Not our sound, just Your sound, alone.

Cause our shofars and voices to release the same trumpet blasts and vibrations that Your angelic hosts blow before Your throne.  Use our breath, our lungs as instruments to release Your sounds and vibrations, resonating throughout the earth.

Arise, Glorious Bride.  Stand tall.  Fulfill your God given assignment, His destiny, His call.  Take your place, saying, “Yes, take me, send me, use me, according to Your will and design. Like Elisha, I will burn the cart, walking with perpetual forward movement, focused on You. I will not look behind.

Lock your eyes with His, stepping in, stepping through and stepping over. Your love for Him will carry you into the beating and rhythm of His heart, protecting you in a walk of obedience.  Do not fear.  The Lion is roaring, the pages are turning.  It is time.

September 7, 2022

Step into eternity, all that you need, is already provided, Will you dance with Me?

Catch My heartbeat, My rhythm for thee, Regardless of what it looks like, will you dance with Me?

Where are you looking, where is your gaze? Is your hand in Mine only, as we walk through the maze?

The pages are turning, the music is new, Will you dance to a song, flowing in power and truth?

Will you let Me lead, into places unkown, Held in My arms, beholding My throne?

Some have said, “Yes”, some have said, “No, no more.”  The next movement in the Symphony begins, the intensity soars.

This is our dance, this is our song, What will you say?  Will you dance with me, til the song is done?

September 6, 2022

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Wept is the Greek word klaio, meaning to sob, or wail aloud (Strongs’s).  This loud, forceful, heartbreaking cries over a much loved city, and beloved people.  Consider these verses in Luke 19:41-44 (Young’s Literal Translation):

And when he came nigh, having seen the city, he wept over it, saying—’If thou didst know, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things for thy peace; but now they were hid from thine eyes.

Because days shall come upon thee, and thine enemies shall cast around thee a rampart, and compass thee round, and press thee on every side, and lay thee low, and thy children within thee, and they shall not leave in thee a stone upon a stone, because thou didst not know the time of thy inspection.

I have never heard verse 41, Jesus, weeping over Jerusalem taught in context with the other verses.  He was sobbing. He had come, brought life, brought truth, and inspected the house of Israel. Most did not recognize who He was nor the significance of His visitation.  He weeping because He knew what was before them in verses 42-44   He knows now, what is before us, and wants… no, needs us in sync with Him, every moment.

Everything Jesus did, was a demonstration of what the Father was doing, who the Father is, and the Father’s heart.  Father was weeping over His people, Israel.  Father is weeping over His own in this moment.  He has and is calling the Body to wake up, shake off the shackles of deception, stand up and walk in their identity as sons and as daughters. 

There is such an urgency.  Such a summons to fast and pray.  A call from the throne room to lay ourselves over the Body in prayer.  It is now.  The time is short.  Plans set in eternity are unfolding with accelerating speed. The intensity of warfare is increasing in the realm of the spirit.  At times I can sense and hear the clashing of swords and face to face combat taking place.

Now is not the time of laughter, “make me feel good” movements from pulpits or in the assembly.  This is the time of war.  It is a time of tears. Tears, Bob Jones said, “break the power of witchcraft.”  Travail, tears, and intercession are a form of warfare, releasing the ROAR.

Maybe it will look a bit like the days of Noah when the rain was released from the heavens, and water came forth from the earth.  Yes, it was a time of judgement, but it was also a time of cleansing and new beginnings. 

Just as heavens ripped open with rain, the glory will be released from the throne room, while the fulness of resurrection power is released on earth through the Bride.  Our Ark is His Presence… union and life in oneness with Him, and in all He is.

In Noah’s day, the doors of the ark were closed.  In our day, the doors will remain open to people who choose to bow their knee to His Lordship, receiving their redemption, purchased with His blood.  People will not enter two by two as the animals in Noah’s time.  It will be a flood of souls into the Kingdom; a promised gift for God’s Son.

Those who enter the kingdom, will become new creations, receiving the indwelling of the Godhead in fulness, just as we have given. He does and will not withhold anything. 

Their hearts will be a fresh canvas.  Many will already be highly sensitive to the realm of the spirit.  Be postured to encourage them to develop an intimate and working relationship with Holy Spirit so that they grow quickly in truth and revelation, discerning the voice of God. 

Having the heart of a servant, be postured and willing for these believers to be launched from your shoulders, not the ground.  Do not restrain or hold them back, instead, encourage and lift them up.  We have run marathons.  They may run sprints. Do not compare, just support, bless and release them to run their race; their gaze on Him.

The ride of our lives is about to begin.  You may want to buckle you seat belt… or you just may want to put your arms straight up in the air and ROAR!

Photo of ark by:  Lucas Dial

Photo of lion by:  Mike van den Bos

September 5, 2022

IF My people… humble themselves and pray, seeking My face and turn from their wicked ways… The Remnant. These are those who in humility, turn fully toward Him, aligned with His heart, seek His face, pray and fast for the freedom of the nations, releasing the final harvest, the gift of the Father to His Son.

We war in the Spirit, through the power of Holy Spirit, using the tools of the Spirit. We release prophetically empowered decrees, aligned with His voice in the moment so that angelic forces unsheath heavenly swords, unveil Kingdom weapons from the heavens and perform His prophetic Word. We are the voice that must be unleashed in the hour. We carry the roar that must come forth.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (2 Chron 7:14 KJV).

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? (Isaiah 58:6 KJV)

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting (Mat 17:21; Mark 9:29 KJV).

September 3, 2022

September 1, 2022

Just a comical image, or possibly a home run when viewing bondage in the realm of the spirit?

This is our warfare… the mental onslaught trying to infiltrate our thinking and perceptions. This is where our warfare is won. By defeating the enemy in the battle over our thoughts, which in turn impacts our will, emotions and physical body. If one’s soul is fully submitted to one’s spirit, which is then aligned with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, the body will follow.

Remember this day, this hour, each moment WHO you are and TO WHOM you belong. ABOVE ALL ELSE guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23) against identity theft. Your identity as a son or daughter was purchased with blood. Costly, precious blood.

Be vigilant (1 Peter 5:8), for the enemy of your soul roams about, looking for one he may devour. Be the one who is found with a sword in your mouth, releasing prophetic utterances and declarations on your tongue.

We ARE in a war. Facing a challenging path before me, I cried out to Father this morning. He didn’t offer a blanket to snuggle up in, with some hot tea. I had a loving, yet FIRM word from Him: “Gird up your loins, deal with your thoughts.” Ouch. I wanted a hug. I wanted to be embraced… but what I needed in the moment to keep moving forward was truth. Truth that would require me to again choose to give my “Yes”, no matter the cost. The choice to live for Him and His desires alone.

The battle was in my mind. I took the words of revelation, imparted by Him, stored deep in my heart, and waged war. I opened my mouth, declaring… in a Spirit of prophecy His words to and over me. I praised, then I worshipped, and prayed in the Spirit. No warm blanket, no hot tea… but I won, infused with power by Holy Spirit, I won, and you will too.

Stand tall, wage the good warfare… good, because He has already conquered, making you more than a conqueror. We stand in His triumph over the enemy. If you are a female… dig those stilettos in and refuse to be moved. If you are a man, picture the metal protrusions under the sandals of Roman soldiers that held them firmly to the ground during combat. Stand tall, stand strong, prophecy, be the echo of His roar… and refuse to be moved. Roar, and war. All of heaven stands behind you, fire encompasses you. You are BECOMING who you were meant to be.

Rom 12:2: And do not follow the customs of the present age, but be transformed by the entire renewal of your minds, so that you may learn by experience what God’s will is–that will which is good and beautiful and perfect.
(Weymouth Translation)

2Co 10:3:: For though I do still live the life of a physical human creature, I am not waging this war in accordance with physical human standards,
2Co 10:4: for the weapons used in my warfare are not mere human ones, but through my God are mighty for demolishing fortresses.
2Co 10:5: For I am demolishing arguments and every barrier that is raised against the genuine knowledge of God, taking captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ,
(Williams Translation)

2Co 10:3: for walking in the flesh, not according to the flesh do we war,
2Co 10:4: for the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but powerful to God for bringing down of strongholds,
2Co 10:5: reasonings bringing down, and every high thing lifted up against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of the Christ,
(Youngs Literal Translation)

Ephesians 6:10-18

August 31, 2022

On August 28, 2022, as I was falling asleep, I entered an open vision.  I say I “entered in” because I wasn’t merely watching it take place.  I walked into the vision, nonverbally communicating with Jesus, Commander and Chief, and watching the Bridal Forces in final preparations for war.

He released part one of this vision in January 2020.  The remanent was in a massive room, dressed in white military, heavenly apparel, standing in relaxed formation.  Individuals were conversing with those standing next to them.  Then the Jesus walked onto the stage at the front, dressed magnificently, as royalty, yet as Commander and Chief, ready for war.

Immediately a hush fell over the remanent, heels clicked together, all faced forward, and He said (without verbalizing the words), “It is time.”

In the spring of 2021, He took me back to this vision.  Now I became a part of it.  I stepped in, at the same place where it had ended, as if seamless.  As I moved towards Him, I turned, looking at the remanent, who were becoming the spotless Bride.  Then I saw musical instruments appear in the army, taking up the torso of each person.  The instruments were gold, shining, and beautiful… most I had never seen before.  I knew each instrument was unique, with its own sound, and would emit its own frequency, releasing beams of light as they were played, for although the instruments pure gold, they were made of light.  I was in awe. Jesus communicated to me the importance of each spending time with Him, to find out from Him, who they are, how He sees them, and their destiny in Him, written before time.  I realized, as each would step into sonship, releasing His Kingdom and power, the sound would harmonize, release rhythms, vibrations and light that would shatter darkness, strongholds and bondage, bringing freedom and transformation. 

Three nights ago, I found myself back in this room, watching the Bride.  She was ready.  All had locked their eyes with His eyes.  The instruments were suddenly, slightly extending from each torso, as if they were being drawn by an invisible cord, linking them the very center of Jesus.  The instruments (Bridal Army) began to play, yet it was Commander and Chief calling it forth, and Holy Spirit bringing forth the sounds.  Strange, erie sounds as if I could hear the tension of the stretching and snapping of rubber bands, in waves, over and over. 

I am hearing, “Disruption, disruption, disruption”.  I believe this is released through (sounds of) prayer, intercession, worship and prophetic declaration that is being summoned at this time.  Keep your eyes locked on Jesus.  There are about to be unheard of disruptions (food, electric, wifi/internet/communications…), dismantling (offices, ministries, government, business), removals (voices, platforms, people), and replacements (new or different people, new things, new ways of operating).  If you remain, eyes on Him, ears finely tuned to His voice, you will have an ease, the oil/grace/empowerment of Holy Spirit to smoothly move through the tension of the first movement in the symphony.

Then the sound shifted, adjustments made, beautiful harmonies beginning, and increasing, like waves upon waves and layers upon layers of incredible sound that was alive… the sound was living.  As the harmony increased, the volume increased, resonating throughout the room, permeating all present.

I knew I was leaving… I wanted to stay.  I wanted to hear more, I wanted to “watch” the music as it flowed out of the instruments, the Bride.  I wanted to see, I wanted to touch and taste of the fullness of the light, life, beauty and power in the sound.  I believe I was experiencing the beginning of the global outpouring of His glory as seen in eternity. I wanted to stay and watch, but He was saying I would watch, but also participate; returning for the task at hand.

This sound of tension, conducted by Commander and Chief, played through the Bride by Holy Spirit is about to begin. It really is time.  The room I was in had grandstands above.  On one side angelic forces which are unlike any I have never seen before, are standing, watching, and quietly speaking with one another.  Some are preparing their swords and other weapons for battle. 

The other side is packed with those who have gone before us; the Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Apostles and Disciples, our ancestors, and all others who called Him Lord.  They have seen, they have prayed and waited for this time.  We are the fruit of their lives lived, of seeds sown; we are their legacy.  The Commander and Chief is their King.  They are watching with anticipation, for the Symphony is about to begin.

August 30, 2022

CRUSH him…

* his body

* his head

* his words

* his actions

Know who you are, whose you are and what he (the snake) is.

Jesus already triumphed! Keep the enemy under your feet!

August 29, 2022

As the remanent prepares for Eternity to begin popping, exploding in the earth, from another dimension, let us capture and remain in the heart of the Father. Beware of the enticement of the enemy, operating through cultural norms and thinking.

While traveling in various states this year, a red flag of warning raised by Holy Spirit has caught my attention. In each place there has been the prevalent attitude as THEY (city, people or church) are the chosen forerunners of the awakening, the spear head of the global outpouring. Yes, prophetic words, visions, dreams have been given and received, many from reputable members in the Body. Yet, they are being given and received across the nation, and possibly the globe… to summons us into prayer and preparation for this impending explosion, not to elevate ourselves. It reminds me of the disciples arguing over who will sit at the right hand of Jesus. Are we sons and daughters who are led by Holy Spirit or children/adolescents who are maneuvering to be first in line?

May I suggest, this thinking is not just prideful, but exposing the limitations one has put on the greatness and power of our awesome God. Is not Creator God capable of having the manifestations of His power and glory explode in more than one place at a time? This will be a time that He alone is exalted and not a person or place. He is drawing all men to Himself, as He releases His power and glory through the corporate Bride.

This is not an hour of the ‘special person or city’. This is the season of the Kingdom being manifested in and through people and cities. It is the hour of our exalted King, not man, not a place not a church… He WILL NOT share His glory with another. If a city, a church, a person wants recognition, then be prepared to be set aside. He is looking for people whose love and passionate are for Him alone. This will be a time that He alone is exalted and not a person, place or thing. He is drawing all men to Himself, as He releases His power and glory through the corporate Bride. It is time to get our eyes off of the “me” and on Him, that all would be done for His glory and honor, that He may receive the fullness of His inheritance… His Bride.

Hence, the photo of the popcorn. I have seen popcorn popping in the spirit, from the ground upward, across global maps for the past two months. Yes, the manifested glory of God is and will be released across the earth, in a supernatural move, initiated by Him. Yet, remember, Elohim; Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit has made YOU their habitation. YOU carry the fullness of the Kingdom within you, and the kernels popping, and popcorn being released will also be as YOU walk in and release what YOU carry as a son and daughter of the Most High, wherever you are. You are part of the popcorn! Pop… pop! Pop! Pop!

It is not an individual call, but a Kingdom call, a corporate call, a Bridal call. It is your summons, to take your place in an army that is led by Him, entering into a supernatural flow, releasing deliverance and healing in this hour. It is not a special city, or special person, set above the rest. It is His heart and destiny, being fulfilled by His Body… in unity, all hearkening to His voice, functioning according to His creative plan for their lives.

Keep your eyes locked with His. Remain in sync with Him, allowing your walk to strengthen your comrades, desiring their success before your own. This is not a power grab, this, if anything, it is a love grab. Grabbing the lost in His arms of love. It is NOT about us. It is about the one who we serve, and the incoming harvest… the Father’s gift to His son.

August 27, 2022

August 26, 2022

Within the secret place, listen to the laughter of the Most High. It is the laughter of war. It is the laughter of triumph over a defeated foe. It is the laughter of joy and delight over the strength, beauty and His glory radiating from His forth-coming Bride.

He has dreamed of this day, carried it in His heart, seen it in eternity. He sits on the edge of His throne, with such anticipation, such joy, such pride in His Bride… who is now breaking out of the cocoon of His making, prepared to display the wonders and beauty of His power and glory.

Arise, Beautiful One, clothed in pure garments, in purity, in power, without spot or wrinkle. He makes no accommodation for the flesh in this hour. Holy Spirit led, Holy Spirit empowered, and only His breath for life from this moment forward. We are a new breed. A passionate Bride after His heart alone.

His laughter is one of victory, yet one of power. It knows no defeat. His laughter stems from the knowledge of visions and destinies, already fulfilled in eternity… about to be manifested on earth.

His laughter has a cutting edge which shreds the enemy, dismembering as with a sword, yet being filled with vibrations and the sounds of many waters, layer upon layer, wave upon wave, clothing Sons and Daughters with the frequencies of His heart.

Arise Glorious Bride, into full stature, into the fullness of your birthright, into the revelation and experience of oneness with Him. It is time.

Photo by Anthony Marino

August 24, 2022

It is time to fly. It is time to soar. For you to ascend to the heights I intend, it will require unity.

“I pray that they will all be one, just as You and I are one – as you are in Me, Father and I am in You…” John 17:21 (NLT).

Step out of your intellect; reasoning and understanding. Step into the realm of the supernatural, where you are limitless. You are free. It is an open, wide space, with possibilities you have not yet imagined, yet where we are headed, you and Me.

Judgment of comrades will cause you to plummet to the earth. I am not moving as I have before. Beware. Keep your eyes fixed on my eyes. Listen to My voice.

The remanent Bride although one, has individual functions, giftings, and are as instruments carrying vibrations, beats, sounds, emanating light, emanating power. No two look alike. DO NOT judge the one in formation next to you. Their voice, sound, appearance, may differ. They may dress different, wear their hair different, speak different. Who are you to question what I have asked of them? Who are you to judge what I call beautiful and holy?

They have been uniquely created for and by Me in this hour, spending time at My feet, seeing through my eyes how I see them and who I have fashioned them to be. They honor Me with their obedience; applaud their surrender, unswerving trust and boldness. Cheer your comrades on as they step into the unknown, fully dependent on Me.

They will flow in the unique anointing I have given them, as they walk, manifesting My Presence, My heartbeat, displaying a part of Me that no other carries. Instead of criticism, look for the beauty of my design, and embrace a facet of Me that you have not known before. They are NOT your competition, as all walk as one in Me, it is completion… My Bride, MY Body. Embrace, embrace, embrace. Engage in what I am doing. Enter into the new. Be fearless. It will set you free to fly.

If repentance is needed, repent. Lay aside the strongholds of religion and insecurity. Life, truth, revelation, acceptance, and security will only be found in intimate relationship with Me, at My feet. Shake off the shackles of man, crushing the chains under your feet. Come up higher. Walk with Me, live with Me, in unity with Father, and in oneness with your brothers and sisters. Ascend. Fly. Soar. It is a beautiful thing… oneness. It is powerful. It is Who I Am.

Photo of Lion by Pawan Sharma

Photo of Eagle by Phillip Pilz

Background Photo by Ore Ayodel

August 23, 2022

Hear the roar… watch the enemy tremble!

Hear the roar… watch him wither in defeat!

Hear the roar, and enter in, My army, My Bride, there is not time for retreat!

Raise your voice! Raise your song! Raise your praise, let it ring loud, let ring long!

Take your place. Stand tall. Stand strong. The battle is won, I AM all in all!

Lift up your hands, to your King of Kings! Every knee must bow. All must fall, on their face before the Lord of all!

Sound the roar of victory! Sound the roar of the enemy’s defeat! Let it ring through the atmosphere, let it ring in the street!

Sounds released! Vibrations shake! Light invading darkness! All will quake!

Rise up, My Bride, My Glorious Ones. It is your time… it has begun!

You have sat at my feet, mantled for this moment in time. The hiddenness is over, we are now going to run. My glory displayed, as you flow as one.

Remain in sync with Me, watch my enemies bow. My fire released will bring them down.

Raise your voice!

Raise your song!

Take your place!

Stand strong, stand tall!

August 23, 2022

Do you hear the rhythms? 

Do you hear the beat?

My heart is beating with intensity of love towards you.

My heart has the beat of a Lion, guarding its cubs, while preparing to trounce on its enemies.

The beat accelerates.  The rhythms intensify.  The vibrations, more forceful, permeating the heavens and the earth.  Nothing untouched.

Hear my roar, oh Faithful Ones.  Hear my roar, Glorious Bride. 

Capture the rhythm and sound, being one with them.  As you stand in Me, my roar will pass through you, becoming one with you.   

Enter into the roar.  Let your voice be heard. 

Release, release, release…  Roar, roar, r o a r…!

August 22, 2022

As I am focused on Him, the song The More I Seek You by Zach Neese floats up from my spirit:

The more I seek You, the more I find You
The more I find You, the more I love You

I want to sit at Your feet, drink from the cup in Your hand
Lay back against You and breathe, feel Your heartbeat
This love is so deep, it’s more than I can stand
I melt in Your peace, it’s overwhelming…

Yes, He calls.  He longs for, wooing the Bride to Himself for moments of sweet intimacy.  Moments turning into hours, days, weeks and then continual habitation, as we learn to not just visit, but remain.

Such a high calling, such an honor, to be one who tends to Him. A priest, a king, and long-awaited bride. 

The more we seek Him, the more of Himself He unveils, for it is His delight and pleasure for us to know Him.  He is like a precious treasure to be mined with Holy Spirit, hidden from those do not long for and passionately pursue Him, yet revealed to those who love Him with purity in heart, fully abandoned, committed and trustworthy lovers. 

Such an invitation… to know Him, to walk one with Him.  Intimate, personal knowledge of the King of Kings, Father and Holy Spirit.  Invited to live in the midst of seamless union… a journey into the depths of who They are.  A non-ending discovery, and mystery unfolding.  How truly amazing.  How loved we are.

August 21, 2022

Sons and Daughters, it is time… STAND.

Stand in who I have created and destined you to be.  Stand in Me, one with My desires, presenting all I Am. 

Eyes intently, intentionally focused.  Ears turned from every sound, every voice that is not emanating from My kingdom.  Fast.  Listen well.  Speak what I say, when I say it.  My words are alive.  They are creative servants and will accomplish the task at hand.

Do not converse with the enemy.  When necessary, speak TO him, not with him.  He is not worthy of your attention.  Walk ON him, do not consider him.  He is a liar, and you, Sons and Daughters are created in and for light.  In Me, your habitation, these is no darkness.  Give him no place in your mind, will, emotions or the landscape before you.  See what I see.  Hear what I say.  Do as I do.

Stand.  Be resolute.  Be courageous.  Be strong.  We are moving forward, we are one.  My Bride is on the rise… a glorious sight to behold.

August 20, 2022

Earlier today, while in prayer, He asked me, “How’s your love life?”  When He asks any question, but especially that one, it is because He wants to fine tune my heart with His, sensitizing me to His heartbeat so that I can follow His leading any the moment. 

God so loved… not believers, but the world.  He loves those who reject Him, even despise Him, despitefully use Him, not just then, but right now… today.  It is His love and demonstration of His love that will draw all men to Him, giving them an opportunity to say, “Yes” to union with Him. 

Remember, Jesus clearly states that eternal life is knowing the Father (John 17:3).  He desires relationship, intimate relationship, oneness with every person, and has written a book of God given, unique identity and destiny for each one.  Our destination is not just heaven, it is Him.  Life in and through Him.  Oneness.

When Paul encouraged believers to develop in their ability to carry and release the gifts of Holy Spirit, especially prophecy, he first says, “Let love be your highest goal” (1 Corinthians 14:1 NLT).  Not demonstrations of power, not the revelation gifts, not prophecy… but love.  Love and compassion are the foundations for the gifts of Holy Spirit to flow through us in purity.

When we see Jesus, He won’t ask us about the operation of miracles, signs and wonders or the revelation gifts flowing in our lives.  These are gifts of and in operation through the Holy Spirit.  We get no reward for the working of these in our lives other than our obedience and to say, “Yes, use me as You desire”.   They aren’t our gifts, nor our abilities. We are merely yielded vessels for the Master’s use and the release of Holy Spirit through us, on behalf of others.

He will, however, be asking about and reviewing our love life with us, face to face. How did you love?  Did you love the unlovely?  Did you reach out in compassion to the least of those in our areas of influence?  Did you love beyond what was convenient, regardless of the inconvenience?  He will examine attitudes, motivations and those things tucked away in the recesses of our hearts.  My prayer is that He examine us now… today, and tomorrow, and the day after that.  Change our hearts Father, that we may truly have Yours.

Then, just maybe, those moments, as we lay down my lives to love another, just maybe those will become jewels set in the crowns that we will then lay at His feet one day… because, after all, from the before time, He is and ever will be love.

August 20, 2022

During a time of prayer and fasting on August 1, 2022, my prayer language switched to English, and I heard Holy Spirit say through me, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

And so, we have arrived.  There are walls.  Invisible walls have been constructed in the political realm and society.  Invisible walls have been constructed in what is classified as the global church.  Invisible walls, built  and unholy.

Walls meant to keep people in bondage to  agendas and long held traditions of man.  Walls constructed to keep those held in captivity from the truth, breaking off well-crafted lies, setting them free to be who they were created to be and do what they are created to do. 

Just as in the Humpty Dumpty fable, an egg is fragile.  Humpty sat up high on the wall, in a place of control and oversight. He had the support of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men.  Yet, Humpty, although appearing he had complete authority and power, was brought down in a moment, never to be put back together again.

We are now entering to an hour that the sons and daughters are arising, the Bride, who is passionate and whole heartedly, pursuing her King.  All of creation has been waiting and crying out for this prophetic moment in time. The prophets of old longed to see this day, now standing among the heavenly witnesses cheering us on.  Truth will destroy the walls of deception, lies will melt in the presence of His glory, eyes will be opened, the chains of bondage shattered, the Righteous King exalted, Humpty will tumble and fall.    

As the Bride arises in full stature as sons and daughters, led by Holy Spirit alone, there will be an increasing clash between the kingdoms of light and darkness.  Walk in the light.  In Him there is no shadow or turning. 

HE is your place of refuge.  Remaining clothed in and by Him.  Oneness with Him will be your habitation of peace, source of power, strength, and joy, giving you supernatural endurance this hour.   

Fast, pray, worship, listen well.  Eye to eye, face to face, breath to breath, heart to heart with Him.  Oneness where His heartbeat becomes yours, His breath your life… where His word flows naturally from your lips because your very thoughts are in union with His.  God in you, you in Him.  God one with you, you one with Him.  God through you, you living through Him.  Welcome to the season of the Sons and Daughters.  You were created for this.  You called by Him to manifest the fullness of His glory, that He be exalted.

August 19, 2022

We are invited to dance, if you will, with Him.  A dance, because is full of movement, flowing to a rhythm, which comes from a sound, created as vibrations of His heart, and His dreams, His desires are released into and around us. 

Psalm 91:1 says we are to dwell (specifically to sit down as a judge, in ambush, in quiet – Strongs’s)… in the shadow of the Most High.  Shadow means to flutter, hover, vibrate (indicating sound as in vocal cords and rhythm).  Shadow here has a similar meaning to the Hebrew word from brood, when the Holy Spirit brooded over the face of the earth, which carries a meaning of to “inseminate” or as in Psalm 91, to deposit.  It is within this intimacy, that we are invited to saturated and drenched with His Presence, where we begin our dance.

It is within these intimate steps, flowing in oneness with Him, within the rhythms of His heart, that He speaks with us, depositing within us all He has written, said, and released over our lives in eternity, yes, before time ever existed.  His dreams and desires in and through us never change.  Gifts and callings are without repentance. 

The enemy of our soul is a sly and crafty adversary, who would like to cloak his assaults, primarily by gaining our attention in a manner in which we question our identity and the character of our faithful, loving and Almighty God.  To whom will we listen?  With whom will we align?  Will we remain steadfast to the voice of our Great Shepherd or give even a momentary glance in the direction of the voice of the stranger?

In the early 1990’s I was sitting in a worship service.  A vision opened up in front me where Jesus came to me, stretched out His hand and invited me to come and dance with Him.  I stepped out into the isle, being lifted up towards the ceiling, and we began to dance.  He was leading, and said, “Eyes on Me.”  After a bit I wanted to twirl, and He gently, but firmly said, “No, I need your eyes on me…  you must keep your eyes on me”.  What was very weighty in this moment was His clear directive to me that my eyes must remain locked with His eyes, not just on Him, but with His eyes.

As much as that vision was for then, it is even more so for now.  We are invited, even summoned to remain in a dance, with Him in the lead, our eyes firmly gazing into His, regardless of the intensity, accepting a place of total nakedness before Him.  It is in this dance of total surrender, humility, and abandonment that you, His Bride will be mantled.

We each have a choice, every moment of every day who we will dance with, where our gaze is set, and what we allow to come through the gates of our eyes, ears and thoughts.  We each have an invitation to a dance of His making, with His music, His voice, beholding Him alone… eyes locked with His. 

May we each carefully guard our gardens, being wise gatekeepers of the corridors of our hearts.

August 18, 2022

His sons and daughters know His voice, and are led by His Spirit. In this hour, it is imperative to know what He is saying and how He is leading you. When we stand before Him, we are not held accountable to what another has prophesied, or direction in which He leads another. We are judged in our obedience to His word and leading in our own life.

Therefore, we can celebrate the fruit seen in another, yet are required to lean in close for His specific guidance and direction to walk the path He has set before us, in perfect harmony with His heart and Holy Spirit.

Beware of judging others according to the word He has given you. Beware of judging yourself by the word He has given to another. Holy Spirit is transforming us into the image of Jesus, not our brother or sister in Christ.

Let me highlight a vision given to me in January of 2020. I was above a vast room, filled with the remanent, all dressed in white, arrayed for battle. They were in relaxed formation, in conversation with one another. Then Commander and Chief entered, and stood on the platform at the front of the assembly. All came to immediate attention, heels clicking, focused, full attention of Jesus. He said, “It is time”. As I observed those standing, suddenly, I saw instruments appear, the equivalent to the size of each one’s torso. Each musical instrument was unique. Each carried a different sound. The remanent was now to begin releasing the sound and walking in the fulness of their call.

How we walk out the assignment we have been given, although not in conflict with God’s word, will be different than the one standing in formation next to us. Do not compare yourself with another. Look only to Holy Spirit to lead you in this hour. You have the heartbeat of God that YOU are carrying, for we are all a part of His Body. Just as the arm has a different function than the ear. The arm cannot tell the ear how to hear or listen, not can the ear tell the arm how to lift, provide balance or stabilize. We are called to sit at the feet of the Father, and in that place of seeing Him, find out who we are, and how we are to fulfill His desires.

Be resolute in what He shares with you, what He shows you. Do not turn to the left or the right. Keep your gaze on Him alone. Celebrate and bless those He uses around you. Living in that place of oneness and intimacy with Him, walk, releasing the sound He has placed within you, that will harmonize with heaven.

August 16, 2022

When the adversary mocks God by bringing into question what He has spoken to you, do not remain silent. Stir the fire and prophetic gift within, releasing it through the power and anointing of Holy Spirit! Let the creative power and authority of God flow through you; seated in heavenly places, watching as your enemy is ambushed, his plans defeated.

August 2, 2022

July 25, 2022

You, Dear One, are called to soar.

If you find yourself pecking for meager seeds or corn in the barnyard dirt, I have so much more for you. If your eyes are on the ground, then your gaze is not on the freedom found in ascending without limits. Come and experience what it is to fly in the high places, on the wind and current of My Spirit, with My breath in your lungs, and My perspective, the view your eyes behold.

Shake off the shackles. Fly above the barriers and fences… the lies of the enemy stating your destiny is the barnyard. Use the blood and name of My Son to shatter the darkness, lifting your eyes to Me, taking My hand and come up higher, so that I may impart into you, the identity I have destined you for, before time ever was. I see you… let Me show you who you are. I know you… let Me share with you the hopes and dreams I have for you. I love you, having formed you and called you into greatness.

Come higher. Come fly with me. Soar with wings, graced with My enablement for you to be who you were intricately crafted, woven and artistically called forth to be, reaching the fulness of the destiny I have for you. It is above and beyond what you could possibly imagine. Come soar with Me.

July 23, 2022

Stay strong! When you feel surrounded, keep the enemy under you feet, the helmet of salvation on your head, activating the full armor… His promises which clothe you in fire. This is your not only your defense, it is being supernaturally empowered, enabling you to take your place on the offensive line defying the enemy from a place of rest.

Eyes on Him. Praise in your heart and on your lips. Allow the fire of God and activation of His Word perform what it is sent to do. When you have done all, stand with your foot on the neck of the enemy and the sword in your mouth, your hands extended in worship to the One who has triumphed, and has seated you next to Him.

Stand strong in the knowledge of your identity as a son or daughter, and in oneness with Him… He has already come forth triumphantly. He is faithful, His Word is true, you win!

July 18, 2022

My heart has heard You say, “Come and talk with Me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

Psalm 27:8 (NLT)

As I was driving to church yesterday, another eagle flew towards my vehicle, grabbing my attention, before turning and flying away. During service, the Father released a spur of the moment prophetic call/teaching into a relationship of intimacy with Elohim… Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Within this word, Holy Spirit had me contrast eagles with chickens. Chickens are confined to the ground. They have no idea they can fly. Their nutritional needs and very existence are dependent on what man provides.

Eagles are destined for the skies. Their DNA, their identity destines them to soar. An eagle catches the current, not flapping its wings, but riding on the wind, allowing the wind (Holy Spirit) to sustain its altitude and flight.

This morning as I was waking, and chatting with the Father, and He said to me, “We have a church that is entertainment driven. My Bride is love driven.”

This statement, ties into what He spoke to those gathered together yesterday. Gathering with the Body is needed and essential, yet do we gather to be entertained, see what He is going do or “how He will perform”, or possibly to passively receive our daily spiritual nutrition from the hand of man? While it is wonderful and needed to be taught by members of the Body, He is inviting the Bride into actively engaging with and being fed on a daily basis in face to face encounters with Him.

He is urgently, yet gently calling His Bride to come and sit at His feet. He is calling His Bride to come to Him, because of her great love and affection for Him, to not only tend to Him in this beautiful intertwining and weaving, deep calling unto deep, but also to receive her manna from Him. He desires to unveil Who He is in greater levels of intimacy. His wish is that she know His voices (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit), even recognizing who enters the room because she recognizes the weight of the footprint, their scent, or the shift of atmosphere their presence produces. These things a human vessel cannot teach, these things are learned as one walks, talks with, living in oneness with Him, desiring and pursuing Him first and foremost.

He is inviting His Bride to a level of intimacy… intimacy that is beyond what has been previously experienced. He is taking off the “glass ceiling”, and where one may have looked through that glass ceiling, desiring and yearning for the more, He is now inviting us to stand on what was the ceiling, to where it is now the floor, all limitations are removed, because the Bride is stepping into the knowledge of who she is, her God given DNA, her identity, and what oneness means experientially. We are free not only to fly, but to soar.

My heart has heard You say, “Come and talk with Me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” (Psalm 27:8 (NLT). Will you be one who will come? Then will you be one who will linger, tarry and remain?

Psalm 91:1 says, “Those (not everyone will) who dwell in the shadow of the Almighty shall abide (linger, tarry, remain, stay, spend the night, habitation) under the shadow of the Almighty. The Young’s Literal Translation says: “He who is dwelling In the secret place of the Most High, In the shade of the Mighty lodgeth habitually.”

He longs for you, wooing you, calling you, because He loves you beyond words, desiring to demonstrate His affections towards you. Will you run to Him, answering HIs call into greater intimacy, as a Bride who has no greater desire than to be with the One she passionately loves?

July 14, 2022

Here is an incredible photo someone just posted, confirming, once again showing the eagles are arising and on the move!

Such a prophetic statement.

Notice the spread of the wings across the land.

May the Bride arise, each taking their position, walk in intimate relationship with Him, and soar, fulfilling His perfect plan and destiny through them.

Prophetic Word (July 11, 2022)

July 3, 2022 as I was driving in a wide open area in Arizona, out of nowhere a bald eagle appeared just in front of and to the right of my vehicle. It had been flying close to the ground, (under the radar) and suddenly gained altitude, coming towards me, then taking a sharp turn, and flying away, its altitude increasing as it flew. It was maybe 6 or 7 feet from me, I could see its features clearly.

There have been many of the Bride who have kept their hand/hearts to the plow, tilling the ground through obedience to their assignments and releasing prophetic declarations over the territory(s) they are responsible for. These eagles are now suddenly arising, gaining altitude, and even shifting in the direction of how they will fulfill what is yet laying before them.

I heard the Lord say, “The eagles are arising, the eagles are in flight, the eagles are coming.”

Then, a few days later, the Father led me to this video, which as the next two days unfolded before me, became a very important “heads up” and clear directive of how to navigate what was coming .

These are the keys Holy Spirit highlighted to me… even more may be shown to you:

  • The eagle remains in its “territory”.
  • The eagle is not agitated, frustrated or unnerved by the repeated attacks.
  • The eagle could have easily engaged in the fight and taken out this lesser opponent.
  • The eagle continued to rely on the current of the wind, and maintained its altitude.
  • The eagle was not distracted, and did not tire itself by entering into a fight that was unnecessary… what the enemy would like us to do, thus making us too weary to war and to stand in the battle we are called to.
  • The eagle deflected the attacks, with grace, swift moves and flight adjustments, seamless and effortless… almost like an opportunity to fine tune and enjoy previously learned navigation, flight and acrobatic skills.

Eagles are arising. We are no longer under the radar. Be aware of what is your battle, your training ground, something to fine tune or used to recall skills already known, and those battles placed around or before you which the enemy is enticing you to enter into, only as a diversion to distract and/or tire you before the real battle arrives.

Seek the Lord for when He is calling you to engage in a battle with Him, and what the battle looks like. Remember Psalm 91:1: Dwell in Hebrew actually means to sit (as seated with Him, Ephesians 2:6) as a judge, in ambush, in quiet). Under His direction, with His intel, what you release from heavenly places will be a direct, decisive and destructive hit into the enemy’s camp.

Prophetic Look at Today (July 6, 2022): What is the Meaning of Two Sets of “2’s”?

Prophetic Intel Report (June 30, 2022)

Prophetic Encounter (June 18th, 2022)

WHAT I AM SEEING (May, June, 2022):

This will be shared in several parts. The first was given to me in January of 2020, which, as you will see was a picture of where the remanent was then, the full unfolding is taking place now. The next two segments have been coming during the past two weeks. I believe they have to do with the region I am assigned to at the moment, but also to the corporate Body at large.

January 2020: I was both a part and also watching a gathering of the remanent in what seemed to be a very large room without walls, with a stage at the front. We were all dressed in white military attire, standing in formation (assigned positions), yet casually speaking with those around us. All of a sudden King Jesus entered, standing on center stage, dressed in what I knew to be white garments depicting His position as Commander and Chief, and all came to immediate attention. Heels clicked in unison as we stood at attention, all eyes locked on Him, all ready to receive orders from our Commander. Hearing Him speak, without the sound of words, but by the Spirit, He said, “It is time!”

Immediately, I saw musical instruments (most were new to me) appear, taking up the length and breadth of the torso of each son and daughter. Each instrument was different. They were all made of gold and glistened, radiating light, and well prepared to emit sound.

I realized in the moment, the uniqueness of the “sound” we each carried, and how the harmonizing of the sounds would release a power that would shatter the very structures, the platforms, the strongholds, the plans the enemy has orchestrated and placed, both in the realm of the spirit, and then the natural.

I also immediately understood how we much perceive and know each other by the Spirit, not our own reasoning and understanding, for what we carry to be embraced so that we can link arms and work together. We HAVE NOT yet seen the ways Holy Spirit will move and manifest Himself among us to bring deliverance to the nations and those who cry out to Jesus. This is a NEW THING, and we are called to know each other by the Spirit, not the flesh, and be led by the Word of God and Spirit of God alone.

It is now time for the sons and daughters of God to arise, release the very resurrection power and life of Almighty God that indwells us, and step into our positions, fulfill our unique destinies, taking our place in His strategic plans.

This vision has repeatedly comes back to me over the past months, and links seamlessly with the following from this spring:

May/June 2022: The first encounter was with a wheel with a gold hub and spokes encircling the hub. I knew the hub represented a specific person in the region I am presently in, but I also believe it can pertain to specific people around the globe, who God has set in place as a “hub” in their region.

I knew the spokes, although connected to the wheel and the hub, represented people who were both coming in to connect with the hub, but going out. The wheel began to turn, creating electricity and blue fire began spitting out from the wheel.

The next encounter was a week or so later, with this same wheel. I realized immediately that everything was moving at an accelerated pace, and things were changing quickly in the realm of the spirit and God’s plan was not just being implemented, but brought forth with an urgency and heightened pace.

The first wheel was the same, but now another wheel appeared, much larger than the first, and where the first encounter was two dimensional, this was now four dimensional. The second wheel did not have a hub, but surrounded the first wheel. If one looked at the first wheel with the hub, drawn on a piece of paper, it would extend from right to left, west to east (and top to bottom) on the page. It would become 2 dimensional because it was not flat, but elevated and one could see front and back. This next wheel appears in comparison (trying to help visualize), would come up over and around the first wheel, from south to north. The original wheel is turning, electricity and blue fire shooting out from the outside edge of the wheel. This second wheel is also spinning, but in the other direction, with blue fire coming out as well.

Then the wheel is all of a sudden transferred into what almost looks like a galazy, with flashing lights, and swirling purples, and blues. While these wheels are turning, they now begin to turn within what would seem to be an invisible orb of some sort that is in itself turning. So there is turning, within turning, within turning. Each new addition, brings acceleration (not out of control), intentional orchestration, creation, and great and dazzling beauty in what is being released.

While this is still unfolding, there are several keys:

  • There is a “hub” or divine connection, and we each need to be connected to the people God calls us to for this moment in time.
  • Although connected and aligned in relationship with the hub, we are not called to remain, but to go out to the edges of the wheel, so that it will turn, creating friction, sparks, electricity and fire.
  • What God is doing is not small, not one group, but groups that are within groups, wheels within wheels, connected by His Spirit, and then within the “orb” of His move, breath, and commands.
  • We may look to be moving in varying directions, yet He is orchestrating a diving and supernatural plan that is beyond our scope of imagination.
  • Praise, worship, and the era we are in of the mouth (releasing our voice) is key to all of this, creates the movement of the wheel, the friction, the sparks, the fire and the launching of the next wheels, and then the release of this into this fantastic realm of color, blue fire, and flashes of light, which comes about due to the acceleration at which the wheels are turning.

WHAT I AM HEARING (March, 2022):

A few days ago, while interceding for the Body of Christ, I had unknowingly switched from my prayer language (tongues) to English. Holy Spirit alerted me, asking me to pay attention to what I was saying. I was calling out “Mayday! Mayday!” over and over again.

I looked up the definition of Mayday. It is used by sea captains as a distress signal, requiring the most urgent response, only to be used when a person or a boat is threatened by grave or imminent danger and requires assistance.

Knowing I was praying for the Body during this time, I believe we need to pray for the remanent to be strengthened, keeping their focus on Him alone, and for the Body to awaken and arise.

As I was driving yesterday, I had a vision of someone exhausted, and their knees collapsing. Then Jesus came, placing His arms under theirs from behind, and lifted them up to a standing position, infusing strength into them. We only have one place to go during this time, one person who can revive us, breathing a fresh breath in and over us. Keep your gaze on Him alone. Live from heavenly places. Speak from the throne room.

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