Mighty Warrior

Scripture References:

Judges 6:1-11

Angel in the Hebraic language means to dispatch as a deputy, a messenger, prophet, teacher (Strong’s); Angel of Jehovah (the Lord) is a designation of the Messiah, an uncreated being (Wilson’s Old Testament Word Studies). See Hebrews 1:4 – Scofield Bible notes states the Angel of the Lord is a term used of God im[plying the presence of deity in angelic form.

LORD is first seen in conjunction with the law of sowing and reaping after is set in motion in Genesis 2.

The word “sat” in verse 11 is a Hebraic word meaning to sit down as a judge (Strong’s); sitting as a sign of supremacy (highest station of power or authority) or government; a judge who dispenses justice; hence the seat of violence; kings sitting as judges or on the throne; those who sit in ambush or lie in wait (Wilson’s OT Word Studies).

Giedon means feller/warrior