I Have Emotional Well-being


Numbers 23:19. I remain stable in Him, for I can trust Him; holding Him to His Word. He is not a man, that he should lie.

Psalm 16:8. I will not be shaken, I will remain stable, for God is right beside me and will always be with me.

Psalm 23. I choose to remain in a place of peace, fully dependent on Him, as I rest beside peaceful flowing streams while He renews my strength. I remain emotionally stable because He is leading me along the right paths, and is close beside me, protecting and comforting me. He sets a feast before me for celebration of His goodness in the midst of my enemies, while they can only watch, as He honors me by anointing my head with oil, overflowing my cup with goodness, and causing His unfailing love to pursue me all the days of my life. God has me. I am in His loving care.

Psalm 27:4. This is the foundation of my life… “Here’s the one thing I crave from God, the one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with Him, every moment in His house, finding the sweet loveliness of His face, filled with awe, delighting in His glory and grace. I want to live my life so close to Him that He takes pleasure in my every prayer” (Passion Translation).

Psalm 30:10-11. He turns my mourning into dancing, and takes away the garments of sorrow, clothing me with joy. I choose to dance before Him in praise and worship for He truly is worthy of my adoration and love. As I do this, my eyes will be riveted on Him and all else will fall away.

Psalm 34:17,18. He hears me when I call to Him for help, rescuing me. He is close to the broken hearted, rescuing me when my spirit is crushed.

Psalm 46:10. I will be still, recognizing His Lordship over and care for me, surrendering anxiety, and no longer striving, but fully trusting in Him. I will let go, knowing He is I AM.

Psalm 73:23-26. I belong to Him, and He holds my right hand, guiding me with His counsel, leading me into a glorious destiny. He is patient and always kind; the one who knows my past, holds my present and calls forth my future. He is faithful to see me through.

Psalm 119:114. He is my refuge, “my place of quiet retreat, and His wrap-around Presence is my shield as I wrap myself in His Word” (Passion Translation)

Psalm 147:3. He loves me, and therefore He heals my broken heart, cleaning and bandaging the wound. He watches over me with tender care, bringing restoration and the fulfillment of dreams.

Isaiah 60:18,22; 61:5 He leads me with His peace; righteousness rules me. At just the right time, He, the Lord will bring about His promises, fulfilling His plans. I will wait quietly, peacefully, before the Lord, for my hope is in Him.

Isaiah 61:1. He comforts me when I am brokenhearted, declaring I am released from the sorrow that holds me captive.

Isaiah 61:2. He tells me that although I have been mourning, it is now that His season of favor has come.

Isaiah 61:4. He is rebuilding the ancient ruins of my life, repairing what the enemy has destroyed. He is reviving me, bringing life, not just for me, but for the generations after me.

Isaiah 61:3. He replaces my sorrow, brokenness and grief over things lost with beauty, giving me blessings full of joy; celebration and praise in place of dispair.

Jeremiah 30:17. He heals my emotional wounds.

Matthew 11:28. He invites me to come when I am weary, and am weighed down. He promises to give me rest as I take off the yoke, removing from my life the emotional baggage, entrusting the issues to Him, and take instead His yoke, which is easy and light. He is not a task master, but a loving Father, who cares deeply, and fully, well able to replace the things that burden one, with His rest and peace.

John 14:27. He has given me a priceless gift, a peaceful heart and a peaceful mind. This is supernatural, not of the world, but found through intimate relationship with Him.

John 16:33. Just as Jesus was never alone, the Father always with Him, so I am not alone, and He gives me His peace.

Philippians 4:6-7. I have the peace of God, because cast all my care on Him, thanking Him for watching over all that pertains to me, while I keep my mind and attention on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and worthy of praise.

1 Peter 5:7. I give all my cares, my worries to Him, for He watchfully cares for me.

James 1:8. I am not double minded. I embrace what God says in His word, with the attitude of, “He said, therefore I believe it.” I do not vacillate, waver, change my mind. My mind is set, and aligned with His word, and I will not be moved.

1 John 4:18. I have not fear because I am encapsulated by His love.