Free from Offense… Now a New Perspective

PREREQUISITE: Episode #24: Breaking Free from Offense with God

Scripture References:

Numbers 23:19

Isaiah 55:8-9, 11-13


  • To prick as in a thicket of thorny bushes
  • Wound
  • Tear open
  • Trap, hold in bondage (like sheep caught in a thicket)


  • Wood primarily used for making lances (a steel tipped spear) and for musical instruments.


  • Sting like a burn
  • Pain


  • Grows slowly, very small and then shoots up 12″ a year
  • Becomes great in size, unrecognizable when full grown
  • Wood varies in color, design, patterns because of where it grown, what happens in its environment, and what nutrients are available during various seasons.

Hebrews 13:5b – Amplified Classic Translation