Episode #23: Heart Adjustments

Judges 6:7-10

Deuteronomy 11:12:

Careth: to tread, frequent, follow for pursuit or search, care for diligently (Strong’s); to look after (Wilson’s)

Eyes: eye, fountain, countenance, Presence (Strong’s)

Deuteronomy 11:16:

Deceived: to open, to be roomy (Strong’s); to open, to be open, to let one be enticed (Wilson’s)

Turn: turn off; degenerate, deteriorated (Strong’s); to go off, to depart, to turn aside or away, (Wilson’s).

Serve: to work, enslave, keep in bondage (Strong’s), to serve another, to be subject to a conqueror (Wilson’s).

Judges 6:12-22

I encourage you to use this worship set as a launching pad into His Presence. It is before Him, seeing His face, looking into His eyes, beholding His glory and love that we are recalibrated, realigned; our focus once again being on Him alone. That is our position in Psalm 91:1 (Episodes 2-5). That is our place of peace, life and victory.