Episode #21: What’s Your Temperature?

Scripture References:

Isaiah 30:20,21 (Passions Translation)

Isaiah 30:18 (Message Translation)

Isaiah 30:15 (Passion Translation)

Isaiah 26:3 (Passion Translation)

Psalm 91:11

Angels comes from an unused root word meaning to dispatch as a deputy (Strong’s).

Deputy is a person sent with a special commission to act in the place of and with the authority of another, having representative powers (Webster’s 1828).

Charge comes from the Hebraic prime root meaning to constitute (set, fix, enact, establish); to appoint, command to enjoin (meaning to order with urgency and authority – Websters 1828).

Keep comes from a prime root meaning to hedge about as with thorns; observe (Strong’s)f.

Observe means to hold in view; keep one’s eyes on; fixed vision rather than mere transient sight (Websters 1828).

Psalm 91:12

Bear comes from a prime root meaning to lift or carry (Strongs’s)

The Hebraic meaning is to lift or raise up so as to bear upon oneself. Can compare to Lev. 16:22: … the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities. (Wilson’s Hebrew Word Studies).

Dash comes from the prime root meaning to push; gore; stub; strike (Strong’s). Wilson’s states dash means to strike against so as to stumble.

Foot comes from a prime root to walk along (Strong’s).

Stone means to build (Strong’s). Wilson’s states it is a stone of any kind used in construction or building.