Episode #18: Shields Up!


  • straight forward, meaning exact; precise; undeviating
  • in behalf of or against
  • integrity, right, righteous
  • a truth


  • to soar
  • to fly
  • speaking of long feathers/pinions


  • edge or extremity
  • over spreader
  • to laterally project
  • the wings of God in defense and protection (Wilson’s)
  • the wings, the light. the expanded rays of the sun with out spread wings (WIlson’s)
  • wings of the morning (Wilson’s)
  • expansive swiftness with which they move (Wilson’s)
  • Mal. 5:2
  • Psalm 107:20
  • Psalm 3-:5

Trust: (Strong’s)

  • to flee to for protection
  • to confide in
  • to have hope
  • used when God is compared to as rock or shield or One with protective wings.

Truth: (Strong’s)

  • stability
  • certainty
  • faithfulness

Truth – Prime root (Strong’s)

  • to build up/support
  • feed, nourish, sustain, promote growth as a parent
  • be permanent
  • faithful, long continuance
  • steadfast
  • not fickle
  • not wavering

Promises (NLT word for truth)

  • Psalms 119:140
  • Jeremiah 23:29
  • Psalm 119:40-50
  • Zechariah 2:5

Shield: (Strong’s)

  • Pointed hook
  • large shield (as if guarding by prickliness
  • to be prickly
  • a thorn
  • a cactus hedge
  • a shield of the largest size covering the whole body (Wilson’s)
  • large bundle of projectiles (Wilson’s)
  • offensive as well as defensive (Wilson’s)
  • Psalm 119:114 (Passion Translation): You are my place of quiet retreat, and Your wrap-around Presence becomes my shield as I wrap myself in Your Word.

Buckler: (Strong’s)

  • something surrounding a person
  • to travel around
  • palpitate (to beat gently; to move with little throws going pit-pat; to flutter… Webster’s 1828).

I have provided information in the Resources tab that will teach you how to set up canopies in the spirit realm for protection over yourself, family members, home, and property: Prayers for Setting up Canopies.