Episode #16: Cancel DIS

Psalm 91:1

YLT (Young’s Literal Translation) : He who is dwelling; lodgeth habitually.

Psalm 91:2

YLT: He is saying of Jehovah (LORD)… so just as the above verse shows, this is a present and to be a continuous action, or place of living.

KJV (King James Version): I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God in Him I will trust.

Lord (Adonay) is first used to address God by Abram in Genesis 15:2. According to Strong’s Expanded Dictionary, Adonay is used as the proper name of God, meaning sovereign ruler; Lord over all; my ruler.

LORD (Yehovah), self existent, eternal, comes from the root word (Hayah), meaning to exist; be (come), accomplished, to do, happen, and according to Strong’s, is always in the emphatic form. Emphatic means it is forceful, insistent, a decisive action (Meriram-Webster); what is said is done or gets attention (Cambridge English Dictionary)

Elohiym introduces us to His name as LORD (Yehovah) in Genesis 2:7. Placing LORD in context with the verses about creation, and then as used throughout the OT, we see a correlation between this name, and the laws of sowing and reaping/seedtime an harvest which He placed in the earth (i.e., Exodus 15:3). This does not just speak in the arena of agriculture, but in every area of one’s life, or the well being of a nation.

Refuge: prime root means to flee for protection; to have hope (Strong’s); comparing god to a rock or shield or one with protective wings (Strong’s Expanded).

Fortress: a stronghold (Strong’s); a fortification or fenced city; a wall or bulwark (Wilson’s).

Trust: to be confident; hope; sure; bold; prime root means to act boldly, without a care (Strong’s).

Psalm 91:3

Surely: certainly, infallibility (without the possibility or erring or mistaking’ without a possibility of failure; undoubtedly (Webster’s, 1828).

Deliver: prime root means to snatch away; defend; pluck; escape without fail; rescue… (Strong’s); to pluck ot of the hands of an oppressor or enemy’ to deliver from danger, evil, trouble; bursting of bonds with power and courage… (Wilson’s).

Snare: prime root meaning to spread as a net; to be snared (Strong’s); a pit, often as an emblem of destruction; one as seizes and holds beasts or men by foot; trap-net that is hidden in or on the ground (Wilson’s).

Noisome: to eagerly covet and rush upon, ruin… prime root means to breath (Strong’s).

Pestilence: in the sense of destroying; prime root meaning to speak; command, declare, destroy, rehearse… (Strong’s).

Supporting Scriptures:

Proverbs 6:31

Psalm 58:7

Psalm 144:1-2, 6

Psalm 146:9