Episode #15: Who? (Part 2)

So many of us, without realizing it are trying to function out of our “do” which are expectations, fruit we are to be producing or what our giftings are, etc. When we do this, it is like pushing a cart (which is our do) up a hill, with the horse following behind. Painful, exhausting, and when observing from a distance rather funny to watch, since all the person has to do is halt all that effort and slaving, just allowing the horse take over.

In the life of a believer, that “horse” is our “be”, linked with grace, which is God enabling us to BE who He has called and created us to be, and then out of that to “do” what He has created us to do.

Living with a western mindset, we get caught up in our goals, lists, accomplishments and whether we have checked everything off the to do list. We are mentally accomplishing tasks and running full speed ahead before we ever pull back the covers in the morning.

This reminds me of the scripture (Lam 3:22-23) that says His love, mercy and kindness are new every morning, and great is His faithfulness. That is where we are invited to begin our day, in his mercy, love, kindness, ever aware of His faithfulness to lead and guide us as we walk anointed, carriers of His Presence, filled with His wisdom and understanding.

Jesus spent time late at night or early morning because He was getting replenished, filled, re-fired, with a fresh touch from His Father after the end of the day, for the beginning of another. He lived out of His “be”… always aware of the leading of the Father (John 5:19), and from there His “being” produced His doing.

He lives in us, all His fulness indwells us, which is our “BE” (John 17:21-22) therefore… we can do. That do is Isaiah 61:1-4, bringing freedom to those around us; fulfill family and career responsibilities; enjoy our relationships, and radiating His light and goodness as we share Him with others.

This is not about “pass or fail”. This is about relationship and dependency on Him. We were never meant to do or be on our own. Go back to your “be”. Just be. You have been and will be empowered from that place for your do. Be in intimate relationship with Him first, where He releases His breath over you, speaks to You, teaching you His ways. Let your “do” be the natural out flow from this place. It is all about relationship.

The prayer at the end of the session is addressed in the Special Session: Prayer Points.