Episode #14: Who? (Part 1)

Genesis 1:28

God not only released his life as He breathed into Adam, but his breath, the divine inspiration for Adam’s life. God did the same thing for us when we became His children.

To walk in dominion, we need to remember who we are… our “be”, which we find in relationship with Him.

Psalm 91:1

Those who abide/dwell, sit as royalty in judgement (Episode 2) of the enemy’s work against us. We do this by guarding our “garden” or sphere of authority; uprooting lies, replacing it with truth, and halting assaults against us with the Word and the blood of Jesus.

How will you furnish your house, your territory. What will you allow to remain, what will you remove, and what will you bring in?

If the enemy knocks on your door with a house warming present of fear, maybe deceptively represented by a that appears truthful, but does not align with what God says about you, or a situation, will you receive it or slam the door in his face while saying what God says?

Have you allowed a thought in, putting it in a box in the back of the closet for it to pop out later? Deal with the lie in the moment. Don’t hide it in the back of your mind. It will simmer, undermine and create issues later. The enemy’s thoughts will only kill, steal and destroy.

Adam forgot who he was. As you see yourself, so you will be (Proverbs 6:13).

Psalm 25:13-14, 12 (Message Translation)

Friendship is for God-worshippers. What we dwell on and carry in our heart is what we worship.

If we keep our eyes on Him, we will not trip over our own feet.

If we are aligned with God, we become like arrows in God’s hands for Him to launch into a bullseye.

Your dominion comes from an understanding of who you are and what He has given you. Don’t forget who you are.