Episode #13: Are You Postured?

Genesis 1:28

Fruitfulness: to reproduce yourself in others

Multiplication: expansion; pushing those tent pegs out; taking more territory

Replenishing: keep yourself full (Acts 4:31)

Subdue: taking back ground from the enemy; putting a boot (of authority) on the enemy; a violent act in the spirit; not allowing the enemy to inhabit territory in your life or the life of another.

Psalm 91:1

Live/Dwell: being seated in a place of judgement (Strong’s) as royalty (Passion Translation) linked with Ephesians 2:6 (Episode 2).

Everything we do comes from sitting in heavenly places in Him as a judge.

Rest: linger; stay over night; hang out; stay (Episode 3 and 4).

Shadow: (connected with word from Gn 1) flutter; swirling; hovering; brood; inseminate; swirl; vibrate (Episode 5).

What does this look like? It is a 24/7 connection with the Lord, your ear/heart leaning in and listening for His voice as you go about your day.

Practical example of Genesis 1:28 and Psalm 91:1 working together.