May 4, 2014

Have we been dupped?  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dupped this way: to deceive or cheat easily.  Media has played an increasing role in shaping our social, cultural, and spiritual beliefs, changing not just thought patterns, beliefs, but our manner of life. 

Have it your way… from the king of burgers.  Embraced and “eaten” for decades.  A bold new way of thinking, functioning.  I can have life my way.  Me, Myself and I at the center of my wants, my desires, my decisions and my actions.  My way… because after all, I have eaten of the tree of knowledge, and I am now, in my eyes, as God, and can reign on the throne of my life.  

Although advertised by the corporation touted as the king of burgers, the statement and world view that would impact America, if not the world, is in direct conflict with King Jesus, who said, “Pick up your cross and follow me.”

When did Jesus ever ask His disciples to make Him a list and check it twice, then wait to see if they have been naughty or nice?  I do believe He prayed that the Kingdom of God would come on earth… not our wants, but the plans and purposes of God.  His kingdom was deposited within us at the time of the new birth, being supernaturally created, and brought into relationship with God… all He is, given to us so He is known to the world in real time through us.

Did God give Adam a questionnaire or checklist prior to creating Eve?  I believe He, in His great love and wisdom, gave Adam what he needed. I believe He brought to Adam his perfect match, in every way.  In today’s world He desires to do the same, yet His match may not fully sync with one’s wants, but will divinely meet one’s needs.  

God told Jeremiah that He has a future and wonderful plans for us, of peace, to give us an expected end… HIS expected end.  We were not invited into the planning process.  The books, the scrolls, He lovingly wrote and declared over us, without extending an invitation to us for our input.

King David (2 Sam 6:1-7) was not immune in the moment of not consulting the Lord, but in his excitement and desire stepping into his own reasoning and understanding as he began the journey with the ark into Jerusulam.  David failed to fulfill protocol concerning carrying the ark, the Presence of God on several levels, doing what he wanted instead of what God had required.  David was then was angry with God when Uzzah was struck down.  The Ark remained in the house of Obededom  until King David had a divine reset, a fresh awakening to and in the fear of the Lord, then stepped into alignment with the heart and desires of God (scripture references listed below).  A question to ask ourselves is, “Are we walking, led by the Spirit, or have we stepped into consulting our own understanding and our reasoning in any area?” If this has occurred, is it an unintentional error on our part, or has it become our new norm?  Both require repentance (a 180 degree turn), the latter a dethroning and death blow.

As David learned, may we never become casual, even in the midst of our excitement and desire to please Him… that we step out of the fear of the Lord, reducing Him to a friend, forgetting He is God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Most High, and All Powerful One.  May we never forget who He is, and who we are not.  On more they one occasion, years ago, as He was schooling me in this matter, He was quite clear in His communication with me, I am God, you (Janice) are not.

Even Jesus walked this path of total dependence, complete surrender, full submission.  He said the words He spoke and the works He did were the Father’s (John 14:9,10).  If He acted out of His own reasoning and understanding He may have very well went to visit John the Baptist in prison.  He may have rushed to Lazarus’s side when he was ill. When He arrived to Mary and Martha’s after Lazarus died, He could have defended His actions for not arriving sooner… and He just may have called on the angelic hosts to deliver Him from the task before Him, but instead He drank of the cup in the garden… He chose to be led by Holy Spirit, as a fully submitted and obedient son of the One He loved.

Jesus said in John 17:21  “…may they be one, EVEN AS we are one.  There is no life for the believer apart from Him.  He is the vine, we are the branch.  Whatever the branch is doing, flows to the vine.  The branch does not dictate to the vine future plans, intents and purposes.  The branch receives, and in that receiving, fruit comes forth, but even the fruit is due to the vine… the branch receives no credit, for it only releases the fruit.  As we abide in Him, all we do is from, through and of Him.  Any applause goes to the working of Holy Spirit.  We can do nothing in and of ourselves.  Even our, “Yes”, we are unable to give and fulfill except through the strength and empowerment in and of Him.  Him alone.  We have yet to grasp the vastness of “in Him I live and move and have my being.”

Jesus was hated for truth, as we are and will be. It was the “Christians” the “church leaders” of the day that wanted to kill him. Many have aligned themselves with deception, self-indulgence, agreeing with the vanity of this world, to gain popularity, be a part of the crowd; accepted and loved by others. They enemy of our souls believes, the more the merrier.  On the other hand, Jesus, said the way is narrow, and few will walk on it.  Few, because it requires death to the ways of the world… refusing to eat of the tree of knowledge, refusing to bite into the “apple” of being led by our own reasoning and understanding, but in complete submission, walking with and relying on Him.

Are we asking Holy Spirit to bring the light of truth, His Word into our lives, spotlighting all deception, self-will, control and all which is not fully surrendered and submitted to our King, that we may fully and completely, every moment of every day, live abandoned to His Lordship and plans in and through us?  Or, do we find ourselves walking in agreement with and under the deception of the cultural and church norms that allow us to rule from our own personal thrones, orchestrating our lives in a fashion to meet our desires, wants, personal goals and/or ministry?

Where did Jesus ever charge us to write out our plans/goals, and run after them?  I believe He said, “the sons of God are led by the Spirit of God” (Rm 8:14). When did God become a formula to work, and the Holy Spirit diminished to a process of five steps for us then to control?  He will lead us… we are never going to lead Him.

Our destiny, our book, is not about us… we are not the center of attention… not then, not now.  It is all about Him.  All the glory and honor to Him.  In the book of Hebrews it says, “for the joy set before Him, He endured…” (Heb 12:2).  The joy was seeing the desires of the Father fulfilled.  When Habakkuk (2:2-3) said to write the vison, he wasn’t saying to write our vision, but God’s. How quickly one can distort truth to align with deceptive paradigms. 

Have we, the Body, exchanged the sacred call and invitation to walk as Sons and Daughters finishing our race, not under the power, anointing, and Presence of Him who loves us so well, attempting to finish by the arm of the flesh (Gal 3:3; Rev 3:15-22). Could it be that we have exchanged worshipful obedience, love and habitation with Him, for self-empowerment?

Woe to those who will find themselves hearing Him say, “I never knew you,” for they did not keep their flames of love kindled as His feet, but walked in their own way.  Woe to those who find themselves in the banquet hall in eternity, yet are not His Bride, nor invited to sit around His throne, for they did not have hearts and eyes of love and desire for Him alone.  

The love besotted, fully surrendered, fully submitted, ever adoring, Glorious Bride… ever longing and tending to her magnificent King.  He comes for this beautiful one, pure, spotless, without wrinkle, for she has come out of the fire, out of the wilderness, fully dependent, completely in love with and fully abandoned to the desires of the One she adores.  

She is glorious.  She is His… they are one.  She walks with Him, she talks with Him, and knows the beat of His heart, and the whisper of His voice.  Her ear is turned and tuned to His frequency, and she walks in the rhythm of the song He sings.  They are one.  She lives in Him, from Him, unto Him… never apart from Him.

Can you have it your way?  Yes.  Yes, you can. Your loving and gracious Father has given you the freedom to choose… to choose this day who you will serve.  You can chose, not once, not twice, but every day, to be so completely consumed with love for your God and King, that ‘your way” is His alone; the throne of your life being a habitation for Him, and Him alone.  

Much love and blessings to each of you.

Scriptures for reference regarding protocol for the Ark and expectations of kings:  Exodus 25:14-15, 21-22; Numbers 3:20-31, 4:1-20, 7:6-9; Deut.  4:2, 5:32, 12:32, 17:18-20; 1 Chron 13:12, 15:18,24, 26:4-8; Hosea 4:6.

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  1. Janice I finally figured out how to leave a comment!🤣
    You hear so clearly from
    The Lord! What a word!
    Blessings! Jules


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