It is Time

February 7, 2023

A shift is taking place in the Spirit.  The New Beginnings which have been promised, which He has been preparing us for is now here.  The time is now. 

This is not something orchestrated by our hand.  It is divine orchestration.  A deep work has been accomplished, tearing down old paradigms, belief systems, and foundations, with the fire of His love and purification, preparing you for this moment.  Your moment.  His moment. The launching, into New Beginnings, by Holy Spirit, the past gone, the new has begun.

Do not overthink this.  It has been orchestrated by Him and must be walked out in and through Him.  

Some may say, “but I don’t feel different”.  May I encourage you?  We walk by His Word, His voice, in union with Him.  There were instances when Jesus released healing, yet the healing was experienced in the going forth.

Do not look at your feelings.  Holy Spirit is your counselor, teacher, and guide.  Allow the Father to show you what He sees, and what He sees in you.  Step into sonship.  Behold the beauty of coming into the fulness of who you are in Him, walking in the resurrection power residing within.

This is the hour of the Bride arising, and being launched into New Beginnings, fulfilling her destiny as the glory of the King is revealed through her.  Although the Bride is arising, the focus will not be on her, but she will draw all eyes and hearts to Him.  I encourage you to ask Him to give you increasing revelation of His love for you, and the world.  Ask Him to create within you a heart of humility and purity, holy before Him, that you may be positioned to carry what He desires to release.  He is looking for those who He can trust with His power.

Do not look at the past, do not compare the present with the past.  We are moving into the future of the Kingdom.  The past will be as an ember compared to the fire and glory to be revealed.  We cannot function from the past, but in the moment, as we walk seamlessly one with Him.  Expect divine encounters, divine appointments, and the river within to flow as never before to those around you.  Don’t pre-think.  Live. His life, His love, and His power flowing to others, as you walk in humility and loving surrender before Him. 

The time is now. 

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