An Encounter

February 4, 2023

God is encountering His Sons and Daughters as The Holy God.  This is releasing a walk in the fear of the Lord as never seen or experienced before.  As one encounters Him as The Holy One, they will be invited to submit to and embrace afresh the awe, and wonder of who He Is. 

The desire for the fear of the Lord and then the walk in the fear of the Lord will be established at a level not known before.  Life will change with a moment-by-moment recognition of Who He Is, once again, bowing one’s knee to the Most High, the Magnificent One, due all our worship, our honor, our love. In this place, of beholding Him, the Holy One, the Bride will find herself surrendering in greater depth, and clothed with a mantle of humility. She will be known by Her love, yes, but the love will be bathed in humility.

We come, desiring to encounter Him, and in His Holiness, one finds there are things still attached that are not of Him. These will be revealed and will melt in the fire and love of His Holiness, as He unveils Himself, and as we submit to the work of His hands.  This is not an “I do”, but an “I be”. Focusing on Him, seeing oneself as they are, in light of who He is, and allowing themselves to be transformed by His Spirit.

In His Holiness He exposes, we repent, bowing before Him, laying all we are and all we have before His throne. He refines, delivers, frees, heals, redefining our past, unveiling our future and identity in Him, through Him. The Glorious, Spotless Bride, encountering her God, Her King, will arise, prepared to carry His glory, His power, His love, mantled with and walking in humility.

Encountering Him as Holy will leave His mark, changing one, removing the residue of ash, replacing it for His beauty, the beauty of His Holiness.  Unashamedly the Bride fears and loves Him, all pride replaced with humility and dependence on the King of Kings. 

Will you accept His invitation?  Will you sell all for the pearl of great price?  Not just to know of Him, but to know Him and be known by Him?  Will you, like Elisha torch the plow, sacrifice the ox (your life), picking up your cross of sacrificial love and obedience to walk with, in and through Him?  He gave all, and all is required.

The Spotless, Glorious, Magnificent Bride, without spot or wrinkle, prepared to carry and walk in the glory of the King, for she has encountered Him, face to face, the Holy One, having been transformed by Him. She will live in and from the beauty of His Holiness, in the awe, wonder and fear of Her King, mantled with humility with the honor of walking with Her God.

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