I Do Not Disappoint

January 21, 2023

I do not disappoint.  I am faithful, I am true… always.

Have you asked Me how I perceive a situation, or are you caught up in your reasoning and understanding?

Have you asked Me who I AM and who I desire to be for you in these circumstances?

I cannot be molded into the perception of who you think I am.  I AM.  I am unchangeable.  I AM.  I do not vacillate, I am not double-minded.  Some worship, not in truth, but in the god of their own making, the god they want, the god who fits and conforms to their desires, or the lies of the enemy.  Who do you worship?

I, the Great Architect, have not thrown out My plans to begin once again.  I do not wring My hands over those who choose their own path or do not accept My invitations to come up higher, to live in and from My Spirit.

I am ever working, ever moving, those who do not walk in, with, and from me, will be left behind.  My Bride, consumed with love for Me, has touched and seen Me as Holy.  She walks in the fear of the Lord.  These propel her into greater depths of My glory, which is her habitation.

No, I am not the one who disappoints.  To dis-appoint, I would be separating you from My divine appointment, My plans for your life.  No, I do not disappoint.  I appoint.  I invite.  I summon my people, calling them into truth and a walk holy unto Me.  A life in My kingdom, in which you will have life, righteousness, peace and joy, founded in truth, not deception.  I do not disappoint.

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