November 21, 2022

Before dawn, I dreamt of a horse that was bridled. 

The horse had once been ridden with a saddle. Over time, there had been a progression of change in the relationship between the horse and its owner.  Now he was ridden only bare back.

As the months followed, the horse was developing an increasing sensitivity to the pressure applied to its sides and belly by the equestrian, as well as being guided by gentle pulling of the reins.

The horse was comfortable with this.  He could feel the rider on his back and sense the shifts and changes of the rider as they traveled across miles of terrain.  The directional changes were easily recognized and known, providing the horse with a sense of peace, tranquility, and rest found in the day-to-day, normal routine.  He was well loved, well cared for, and led by the one who loved him.

This morning, however, his owner leaned forward, next to the horse’s right ear, quietly speaking, and said, “I want to remove your bridle.” 

The horse looked back at the one he loved; the one who loved him.  He wasn’t sure why his human was saying this.  Again, the owner said, “I want to remove your bridle,” then added, “will you remain under my leadership, will you remain submitted to me, in every turn, in every action… not because I have a bit in your mouth and a bridle on your head, but because you are fully one with my will and desire?”

The animal gave a slight and gentle nod, in agreement with his owner’s request, and then looked forward.

The rider, remaining on the horse’s back, began removing the gear. While doing this, he quietly spoke, reassuring the animal, but also instructing and warning him. 

This is what he said:

“You will no longer have blinders that I require you to wear.  You will now choose what you see, and what your reality will be.  I will not be out in front of you, I am one with you.  Therefore, you must be led by my voice alone.  I will not yell. I will be close, whispering in your ear, leading, and guiding you with my words.

Do not be afraid.  I am with you, we are walking as one, in the same direction, with the same rhythm, to the same destination.  Learn to be led by My voice, My Spirit alone.  Do not look at the desert, the wilderness, or the forest.  Do not look at the ones who pass you up, or who return for the corral. 

The desert has mirages, images that are not real.  Listen to My words to you, they are truth. The wilderness has seemingly unending terrain, and wild animals; hear Me alone.  The forest is easy to get lost and turned around in; I am your compass; I will lead and guide you by My word(s).  Do not fear, do not be shaken or confused. Just rest, just listen, keeping your thoughts, your attention on Me.”

As you have figured out, the horse represents many of the Remnant, and the owner, the One who purchased us with His blood.

I recognized we are being invited into a place of new freedom (not blinders, bridle, bit), yet also a place of greater consecration, leading to increasing intimacy with Yeshua. We have a choice as to who and what our ears are tuned to.  Listening to anyone or anything outside of Him will open a gate to fear and doubt. 

Freedom from blinders, bridles and bits means one purposes to live in sync with Him, through the leading of Holy Spirit.  Freedom… yes.  Peace… yes.  Healing… yes.  Deliverance… yes. Open places… yes.  Limitless… yes.  All because we live in the fulness of resurrection life in us, through Him.

This is a request from the One who loves us, to only be led by Him, not because of restraints on our lives, but purely out of our love and devotion to Him, and from a place of oneness with Him. He does not desire a Bride with blinders, a bridle, and a bit.  He waits for a bride fully given over to Him.

Psalm 91:1:  He that dwelleth.  Not everyone dwells.  Just those who choose to live there and walk in surrender and obedience that flows from a heart of love.  May love alone bridle us. May we all, every day, every hour, say “Yes” to living in whole, complete, joyful obedience, love, and desire for Him, and be led by Him, through Holy Spirit, alone.

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