It’s Real

November 17, 2022

This is a word for those who are no longer sure what to believe, who to trust, questioning the reality of everything they see around them.  Those who have even had the passing thought, “God, are You real, or is this also a lie?”  Cast down any condemnation from the enemy.  Even John the Baptist struggled with what to believe (Luke 17:18-23).

Know that He loves you.  He is reaching to you, asking you to take hold of His hand, so that He can pull you to Himself, wrapping you in His arms of love.  What you have or are dealing with has been orchestrated by the enemy. Your Faithful Shepherd is with you to free you from the briars and heal any wounds.  The enemy is a liar.  You are well held and protected in Him.  Run to Him, not away from Him.

Be aware that what you are experiencing is a diabolical, well thought, and implemented plan, of not just the adversary, but humans aligned with his purposes on earth.  The plan was to divide. The plan was separate.  The plan was to bring people to a place where they question everything and everyone.  For believers, the enemy also seeks to undermine our faith, and our trust, while fulfilling his ultimate goals: to kill, steal and destroy. 

Has the adversary planted thoughts such as, “I am not seeing God move”, “I don’t see fruit from my prayers” or maybe, “Where are the manifestations of the words He has spoken to me?”

Lovingly, I say, let’s first remove the “I” and the “me” from these questions, and turn our eyes, mind, and hearts fully toward Him… the faithful One. This is not so much about you… it is about His faithfulness to His covenant with you, for you. He IS faithful. Once you see His face, and rest in His love, then fear is gone, faith is restored. Fear cannot flourish in love.

There was a time when the military followed through with their promise:  No one left behind. Can you see, with recent political events, how even this standard mode of military operation has been undermined by the enemy?  Those in authority, with the ability to care and protect, left people behind. The adversary has used this to try and plant within the Body the notion that God is like man, and maybe, just maybe He will leave us on our own.  God is not a man.  He does not lie (Numb. 23:19). He will not leave you anywhere.  You ARE NOT left behind. You are IN Him.  He is IN you.

God hasn’t and isn’t leaving you. God has not left you.  He WILL NOT leave you.  He WILL NOT forsake you.  HE IS the REAL DEAL.  There is no darkness in Him.  He cannot, will not, lie.  HE is faithful.  HE IS faithful.  HE IS FAITHFUL, and He is faithful to YOU.  Always. Forever.

He has the answers you seek.  He knows and holds your future, not man.  Do not look on the face of man to see who you are. Do not look to man to give to you what He supplies.  He IS life.  He IS light.  He IS love.  He IS truth.  He does not change… the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is in your moment; He is in your now.  Always working on your behalf.  He is for you, not against you.  Trust in His faithfulness.  Rest in the knowledge that what He has begun, He will complete (Phil. 1:6).

It is tempting to check on seed sown.  Have you ever seen a farmer, moment by moment, day after day, run out to his field, looking for a plant to sprout up through the earth?  Does he turn up the soil, to catch a glimpse of what the seed is doing, or to check if it has broken out of its shell yet?  He trusts, and knows then when the seed is planted, it will produce, because the soil was prepared, and ready for the process of new life to begin.  Just like the farmer, trust that the seed of His promises given to you will produce and multiply.  Don’t check on the seeds… check with Him.

Eyes on Him, only Him. Ears open to Him, only Him.  A heart postured with love and surrender before Him.  Turn your back on all else, so that He alone is your focus and your desire.  To close the door of a house and enter into the protection it offers, one cannot step over the threshold and keep one foot outside.  No, to close the door, one must have both feet in… all the way in. Come in, all in.  Doubt your doubts… leaving them outside.  Rest in His faithfulness.  Rest in His love.  Both are sure… the REAL DEAL.

Deut. 31:6,8

Psalm 55:22

Isaiah 41:10-13

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