A Time to Move Forward…

November 15, 2022

While I rarely do this, I sense these two words, posted today, are a continuation of the prophetic release “Divine Pause” posted on my website and sent in updates yesterday. 

I do read over Russ Walden’s words (Father’sHeart Ministry). He is a prophet who God used years ago in my life. I have seen and am yet walking the fulfillment of those words given to me.  The other ministry is new to me.  As I was searching for photos to use for my posts this morning, Holy Spirit brought this prophetic release to my attention, asking me to read it. 

This is not only a word for me, but for those are experiencing a “pause”.  He is so patient with us.  So faithful.  He knows we cannot take the old into the new.  In His love and mercy, He is inviting us to leave the past behind, never looking back, so that we can embrace the freedom and life which is before us.  To fit through the eye of the needle, all baggage must be removed, only our love for Him, and a passionate heart postured for obedience, completely surrendered, will squeeze through. 

Blessings to you as you read and partake of these words. 


November 15th, 2022

By Russ Walden

The Father says today that old relationships are now ended. You prayed you sought, and you cajoled and reached out to no avail. Let go. Move on. Your heart investments are in My kingdom and My purposes, and not the broken and fractured relationships of the past. Forgive. Release. Bless. Move on. There will be a day that reckoning will take place, but this is not the day before you now. Turn aside from the house of mourning and step out into a new path of rejoicing and light.

You think I write in stone, but I do not, says the Father. I write in sand. Things change, people change, and My plans for you change in accordance with the yieldedness of those involved. It is not good to be alone, yet there are times when going forward to greater things in the kingdom requires a solitary choice. I will not leave you. I will never forsake you. You will know the fraternity of the faithful again, but for now, know that this is the day to shake off the past and release those connections to Me, trusting Me to settle every heart account and keep you safe in the midst of transition.




By Walls Come Down

God is warning someone with this word – ‘move forward or you
will turn into a ‘pillar of salt.” 

God is saying, if you are trying to keep a ‘backdoor’ open to a
season, ministry, business, situation (even a sin), that He instructed you to
get out of, if you are wanting to go back there because your flesh wants to
and/or your heart is sore, but yet you know in your spirit that it’s not His
will for you to go back, then listen and stop. Stop looking back, stop keeping
that ‘backdoor’ open in your thoughts and plans, for if you continue to look
back and try to go back, that place will destroy you and you will turn into a
‘pillar of salt’, just like Lots wife did, says the Lord. 


When God instructs you to flee and to move forward, it’s not a
matter of choice, it’s a time to obey despite the pain. Yes, He sees the pain
of your heart, your longing, your unanswered questions, but He loves you so
much and He might even be trying to save your life. 


Friend, if this word is for you, then lay that season down
today, trust the leading of the Holy Spirit and keep moving forward. 


Together with Jesus, you can do this….




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