Divine Pause

November 14, 2022

We are in a moment, a space of time, in which many sense they have launched into flight, then suddenly, after take-off, they find themselves suspended in midair.  Sound familiar?  Not necessarily uncomfortable, just unknown, and wondering, what just happened?

We are in a divine pause.  Divine, because it is orchestrated by God.  Not accidental, it is designed to bring shifts within the Body.  In His great love and mercy, He once again is giving opportunity for repentance for some, alignment and greater freedom for others.

He is also using this pause to break many free from the need to know, the need for control, and the desire to be led by their reasoning and understanding instead of walking into the unknown, led by Him alone.

Many are suspended in the air, unable to fly up, down, left, right or forward.  In a pause, they are without the power to click on the button that will advance them into ‘play’.  Relinquish your desire to be in control, and to hold your future.  Your steps, your path, are in His hands.  He has you.  You are not forgotten. 

Just a pause, to bring forth a greater, and deeper work in your life.  Rest in His loving care.  He is our Shepherd, and with His skillful hands examines His sheep.  It is as we pass under His rod, that He examines us, making sure our fleece is clean, and there is no hidden disease festering on our skin.  The sheep stand, and wait, in this pause, grateful for the loving care of the shepherd.  They remain content, they wait.

As a sheep, embrace the pause.  Allow it to be a place of peace, instead of irritation.  Just stand in and with Him in this moment. Do not be one who wanders, and the shepherd must come after. Wayward sheep look for greener pastures or places of greater comfort, laying down in depressions in the ground, then find themselves unable to get up.  He knows what you need.  Comfort is not always your friend, but He is, and He will never leave nor forsake you.

Submit to, relax in, and flourish in the pause.  Allow Him to do what He desires in you and in others in the Body at large.  It is needful.  It is by design.  It is orchestrated by Him.  Rest, surrender, in the pause.

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