November 10, 2022

Are you disquieted, disoriented, disillusioned, or discouraged?  My dear ones, I ask, why?  Where are your eyes?  To whom are you listening?  Have you opened the gates to the garden of your heart to another? 

Come back, yes, turn back, firmly setting your face towards Me, your eyes on Me, opening your ears to hear My voice alone.  My sheep know My voice, yet, they always have the choice to follow, turning their back to a stranger, remaining in step with Me. 

With eyes on Me, ears which hear Me, a heart postured to hearken to My Words and leading, then all the “dis” will be washed away by My love and replaced with truth. Instead of disquiet, you will have quiet and rest by the peaceful still waters I provide.  Instead of being disoriented, you will find your footing and security in Me and stand on the firm ground of My words to you.  Instead of disillusionment, you will again have clarity, seeing with My eyes.  Instead of discouragement, you will be infused with courage, and abundant grace to be who I have created you to be, doing what I have called you to do. 

Return to the truth.  Return to Me.  Align yourself with My Words and My heart.  The shadows in a valley are just shadows.  They are not reality.  A shadow has no power, yet it can torment if one embraces the harassment and fear that your enemy would like to overshadow you with. 

Shadows only have power when one comes into agreement with the lies.  It is then that they take on substance, not before.  Is your reality to be found in the shadows, or Me?  Walk through the shadow in the valley.  Remember, you are not alone, for I am with You. My protection surrounds you.  My voice comforts and leads you. 

Come to Me.  My Spirit, the Spirit of Truth is your guide. Do not look to those around you… look at Me.  I alone am your source of life, not another.  Through repentance and realignment, the “dis” and the shadows will be removed.  Light dispels darkness.  You will not notice shadows when you walk in the fullness of My light.  Align with truth, securely closing the gates of your heart to all but Me.

Allow Me to nourish you, then lay down beside the still waters to drink in My love, resting in the finished work of the covenant, paid for with My blood.  I am setting a table, a feast of celebration, which will be eaten before your enemies.  Will you partake?  The feast awaits. It is prepared for those who are nourished by and have found their rest and trust in Me. They walk through the shadows, hand in hand with Me, fearing no evil, for I, the Great Shepherd am their life and all they need.

Psalm 23

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