Blood and Fire

November 8, 2022

Many have cried out to Me saying, “I have lost my voice, what have I done wrong?  I have been muzzled, and the words I carried are gone.”  Do you not remember your cry before Me, “Father, change my heart, make me like thee?”  I have answered, not to mussel, but to set you free.

I have come, with coals from the fire surrounding My throne, on your lips they were laid to quiet, not to delay. The enemy has recognized the silence from you, and brought deception and lies, saying, “You are through.”  No, no, this is not so, it is far from the truth.  I have silenced your mouth for a time, to instill and bring forth the truth.

The fire applied to your mouth and your heart will bring forth words of love, purity, power, and might.  You will no longer speak according to the precepts of man, but words from My heart.

You will be a carrier of truth, the gospel, which is the power found in the blood of the Lamb, releasing a wave of red – of blood and fire, throughout the land.  It is THIS wave of red, the blood, that will deliver and cleanse.  The fire of My Spirit will sweep over and through, accomplishing what no man can do, imagine or plan.

Shake off the lies, and know that I have been at work, purifying your heart, and depositing increasing revelation of My love and who I Am.  While your silence has confused the adversary, it has brought you to my feet, and all has been laid down and surrendered to and for Me.

This season is ending, you will be released. Speak My words alone, and those who receive will be freed.  The anointing will be as a fire, chains will melt away, remain at My feet, hearing Me only, and all will be well for you each day.

Deception will run rampant, a fight for the truth. One will always be known by their fruit.  My throne is built on righteousness, justice, mercy, and truth.  I AM love, I AM life, I AM light. Let this be your habitation, remaining in Me, only Me, let there be no other, in Me along you will find life.

Sons and Daughters arising, it is time for you, My Bride.  Adorned, prepared, empowered with might.  Seeing only Me, eyes for Me alone, you hear My voice, hearkening to even the whispers from My throne.  I can lead you with a nod, or the expression in My eyes, we know each other well, just a glance communicates much. 

Are you ready?  Say, “Yes”, for you are!  Do not forget this season… do not forget this path you have walked with Me.  It will serve you well, in your times of need.  Remain at My feet, speak My words alone, and all will be well, for your habitation will be My throne.


As always, the images with my posts speak volumes.  Take a look at the photo I layered.  It was sent to me by a global prophet, who is now home in glory.  This was picture was captured in one of his meetings.  Fire everywhere… on the people, consuming the atmosphere, captured on “film”.  It is not only coming, it is here, for those who walk in purity and holiness before, with, in, and through Him.  Blessings.

4 thoughts on “Blood and Fire

    1. I have not posted anything new in the past few days. He is speaking with me, but not things for the Body at large. I have gone ahead and published my last post again, through Word Press. I did get an email saying you had subscribed. Let me know what happens. When I last reached out to Word Press, they said there was not real time assistance over a week. I can reach out to them again tomorrow to see if I can get any help.

      You know, He has said much over the last weeks and months. I think it is common for people to read a word, and set it aside, waiting for or moving on to the next. He has spoken. Few are positioned to hearken.

      It is interesting to watch with the eyes of the Spirit. It is painful to tap into the heart of sadness and grief of the Father, that when He speaks few respond to. Often people are nonchalant. His word is not received with hearts of love, postured for obedience, and with reverence in the fear of the Lord.

      Some are called to release prophetic words which are sweet, joyful, and encouraging, that gather the children in. Children, if they could, would eat ice cream and cake at every meal. It may bring them to the table, but long term, as a steady diet, these will not nourish and strengthen. Yet, God uses these and releases these, and they are a delight and have their place.

      When the ice cream truck comes around the corner and down the street, all the children run to it. They can have their choice of flavors, and for the most part, it all melts in their mouth. It is cold and refreshing on a hot day, and sweet to the taste buds.

      Adults or shall we say, Sons and Daughters in the kingdom will often let the ice cream truck pass by. They are waiting, desirous of a meal that nourishes. These have or are setting the childish things aside, seeking to be led by Holy Spirit alone. They are looking to climb up the mountain, not remain on the lower elevations.

      God lays out a feast, but not with tantalizing flavors to choose from. He lays out a feast that is beautiful, abundant, filled with items He selects that will nourish and strengthen. There is a variety, yet one is expected to have a little of each. Children may have been drawn to the table with something sweet, yet they are to sit down and be nourished, gaining an appetite for the things that promote growth.

      I am charged with words that are meat. They require the recipient to chew and digest, both of which take time. They are costly for one to purchase… something else desired, may very well have to be put aside. Sons and Daughters will be held accountable for the meals, the words received and for the soil on which it lands. His words leave the recipient with choices that will lead them on paths of greater surrender and lives totally yielded to His desires, not their own. These words, just as His voice are as waves, with many layers to be opened up by and discovered as time is spent with the Father. Not lightly given by Him, nor dismissed by those who love and walk with Him.

      So, for now He has spoken through me. He uses many for His purposes. I do not go “looking for” or expecting a word. I am always somewhat surprised when He begins to speak with me about what He wants to say. There has been a shift. While words may yet be forth coming, He is about to release me to once again teach.

      He closed my lips for over a year, to deposit, give me new language and transform the way I teach… from the academic and intellectual approach to Holy Spirit. It has been a journey. Being stripped is not easy, yet worth it when the fire of His love brings pureness out of mixture. May we all desire and say, “None of me, all of Him.”

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