Where are My Words?

November 5, 2022

The adversary prophecies through news, media, music, movies, and other platforms.  My creative power was released before time ever was. Whose words do you choose this day to embrace? When I speak it is with life giving, bondage breaking, transformative, empowering words.

When Joshua and Caleb stood before Israel, they declared My word and instructions. My Word would have carried Israel over and into the promises. It would have been their “red carpet” of empowerment, to walk in and on, taking the land. Ten of the spies defied Me, speaking what they felt and saw, instead of what I said. They brought My character into question as they lied to My people, saying what they saw, instead of what I said.

My sheep know my voice, because they walk with Me, allowing me to lead.  They are not led astray because they know Me, not about Me. These are two very different things. Not intellectual, not academic, but personal. We enjoy a living, daily, consistent, and constant relationship.  These are postured with a heart of obedience, to not only hear but to do, not deceive themselves. They walk not by what they see, they walk by what I see. These speak what I say.

Where are My words, spoken and released through My prophets?  What has been done with them?  Were they welcomed, eaten, consumed, becoming food for the receiver, giving them strength to walk in the truth I release? Were they placed in a file for safekeeping?  The only place of safekeeping is to walk in them, for them to become life lived, not words hidden.

Some behold Me, hear My words, even in the secret place.  As if looking in a mirror, all is clear at that moment. Then leaving, without a heart of purposeful obedience, they forget who they are and what I have said.  The adversary then comes and deceives.  My word could not take root, for the soil of obedience was not prepared nor maintained. Without the roots, plunging deep into the garden of their heart, my child was not able to stand with resolve in the day of temptation and battle.

When I speak, the power of My words carry within them all they need to serve Me and come to pass.  They will manifest in the lives of those who are postured to hearken.  Do you live in a place, ever listening, and always obeying, or is your mindset one of picking and choosing that which sounds appealing at the moment?

I have spoken much in the last few months.  I have spoken into what was the now, and for the near future, to instruct, strengthen and prepare you.  Have you attended to My words?  Where are they?

I am fine-tuning My instruments. The Symphony has begun.  Only those who have their full attention on the conductor will flow in harmony with Me and as one.  Only those who play the music I have set before them will harmonize and contribute to the fullness of the sound and power that is being released in the hour. 

Eyes on Me.  Ears listening to Me.  Heart turned fully towards Me.  There is no other… never was, never will be.  I AM all in all. 

I will never, no never, not ever, at any time leave you.  I AM, I IS… not will, not did, but right NOW in your NOW, at this moment, I am shepherding you, will you follow? 

Sons and Daughters are led by My Holy Spirit.  Respond with a sensitive heart of obedience, and you will hear and recognize My voice, following none other. 

I will not leave you; please do not step outside of Me. 

Deut. 31:6

Joshua 13 and 14

Psalm 55:22

Matthew 7:24-27

John 10:27-28

Romans 8:14

1 Peter 5:7

James 1:8

James 1:22-27

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