His Flame

November 2, 2022

The offerings of this world and even normalized, socially acceptable Christianity are deceptive.  While seeming to offer fulfillment, they are but for a moment, and leave one increasingly disillusioned and empty.  Imitation fire does not give the intensity of heat and warmth which comes from the real. 

The floodgates are about to open with unbelievers and believers alike, who are empty, having sought fulfillment from gods other than Me.  They will not need man’s doctrine.  They need vital union and connection with Me… not a bible they can quote, but My voice they recognize and know, for My sheep know my voice, and will not follow a stranger. 

My inspired, written word is good, and necessary, but is not a means unto itself, it is intended to lead people to Me, and I lead all the the Father. The Word alone brings legalism.  Vital, living union with Me, brings life. Lead them into this, a pathway to daily, living, relationship with Me.

There were seasons when one could warm themselves by the flame carried by another.  The coat tail of others will no longer carry my Body.  You may enjoy the warmth of the flame they carry for the moment, yet when you leave, the flame is theirs, cultivated in their time with Me.  It will not follow you home. 

Enter your closet, and find intimacy with Me.  Here you will find the fire which never grows dim.  Here you will find the warmth from the flames you long for.  I AM the source of the fire, the warmth, the glow during and after.  Cultivate a life lived in and from this fire… in and from Me.

This is much like the parable of the five virgins.  The oil in their lamps was full.  They faithfully and continually sat, beholding My face, hearing My voice, with an unending harvest from their relationship with Me.  This is a personal walk, with an individual cost that no one else can pay. These have sought Me, and have found Me.  They know Me, and I know them.  They live in and from Me, and My Presence is found in and around them. 

Come to Me, with the longing for the light, the warmth, and purity of My fire.  Allow Me to stir the embers which may need to be ignited once again.  I will lovingly breathe on them, setting them ablaze, supplying new wood for the flame.  Fresh words, fresh songs, and the oil of My Spirit will fill the empty places, bringing restoration, healing, and delight to your body and soul. 

I AM enough.  I AM more than enough.  I AM actually means I BE.. now.  I Is… this is not past tense, not future tense, it is this moment, in your moment, now. Do not seek from others what can only be found in Me.  Come to My fire that never ceases to burn… My love is ablaze for you.  In this place, you will again find your song. 

In the fire of My love, you will find the steps to your dance, the fulfillment of the longings of your heart. Those who dwell in the secret place will abide, making their habitation under the shadow of My wings. Come abide in and with Me, My fire… your dwelling place.

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