Finishing Strong

October 30, 2022

Any long-distance or cross-country runner knows the last leg of the journey is brutal.  One has already faced countless obstacles, and difficult terrain, becoming weary, their muscles screaming, and their lungs burning. While competing in a physical race, one is also in the midst of a personal battle, to remain focused crossing the finish line, regardless of what one sees, thinks, or feels in the moment.

Here we are… especially the intercessors.  I wish I could offer you sympathy, but I cannot.  Sympathy will not help you at this hour.  We need to rise.  We need to run. We need to remain focused on our Commander and Chief.

I have been asked to tell you that Father, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit extend their hand this moment to you, to give you strength.  This is not the moment to pause. Do not focus on weariness.  Do not settle in, allowing exhaustion to overtake you.  This is the plan of the adversary. In the final leg of a race is when the athlete digs deep, draws upon all their strength, all they know, and gives all they have to push through, push past and break out. 

This is your moment.  This is His moment in you and through you.  You cannot do this in and of yourself.  YOU CAN do this in and through Him.  His strength.  His breath.  His wind.  While you run, remain in rhythm with Him, His heartbeat.  In that place you will be able to sustain your pace, resting, while running. 

Praise until you have entered His joy, worship until you fall in awe and wonder at His feet. Pray in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit, pray in the spirit, and prophecy, declaring what You hear Him say. 

Run, dear one, run.  Remain focused, remain strong.  Draw on His breath, His strength, wholly dependent on Him to carry you across the finish line.  Complete your race… for Him.

Father, we welcome the fresh breath of Holy Spirit over, in and around us.  Infuse us with supernatural strength, and a resolve to finish what You have set before us.  We will advance.  We will hold the line, and never retreat.  You are limitless, and we live in You, without imitations.  Please anoint us afresh, with the oil of joy flowing over us and through us, bringing with it an ease to squeeze through the tight places.  We call you Faithful and True, and we keep our eyes on You, ears open to hear You, and hearts fully surrendered and turned towards you.  The victory is Yours, the honor, praise and glory to you, for You alone.

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