Flying Upside Down

October 28, 2022

Do you feel as if you are flying upside down? Maybe according to the standards of the world. Maybe according to the expectations of society.  Laugh at what the enemy has declared to be “correctness” in this hour.  Pray for those deceived by the adversary’s lies.  They are caught in a web of delusion, leading to destruction and death.

As the eagle in the picture, while vulnerable in your “upside down” position, you are in a place of total dependency, which allows divine protection. My protection will reach as far as abandonment and trust in Me extend.  I will not override what you refuse to relinquish to Me, but I will rush in where you are surrendered to Me. 

When flying “upside down,” one is dependent upon the current of My Spirit, to lift them and carry them.  They have no power in and of themselves to sustain flight.  Just as the eagle looks ahead, aware of direction, you will also be gazing above, looking to Me, the author and finisher of your faith.  Like the eagle, flying upside down will keep your back to the enemy, posturing you in openness before me, total, complete trust, knowing I have you, I hold you, I carry you; the work that I have begun in you, I will bring to completion.

My invitation to the eagles, the sons and daughters, was never to work a plan. The invitation has always been for a relationship, for intimacy, for knowing Me.  I have the chessboard.  I hold and move the pieces.  I will fulfill and bring forth My plan, fulfilling My purposes. Your destination is not the plan, your destination is Me.  My plan will unfold in your life as your fly, “upside down,” completely dependent, vulnerable, and trusting in My love for You, My faithfulness towards you, and as you are carried by My current. 

Embrace vulnerability and dependency before Me and in Me.  This is your place of rest.  It is the place where you no longer work.  It is I who does the work in and through you. Do not measure yourself by others.  You are not another.  You are a unique creation, designed by Me.  You will not look like another, yet you will look like Me.  Lay your head back, look up, rest on the current of My love, and fly… “upside down.”

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