From Childhood to Maturity

October 26, 2022

Before reading further, I invite you to look at the image in this post.  As with all of my posts, the picture is relevant to the message. Ask Holy Spirit to open your eyes, so that what He has for you may be seen and embraced.

To be a child in the Kingdom of God is a time of wonder.  One begins a journey of increasing trust in the God who they are coming to know through His Word and intimate relationship.  It is a beautiful time of discovery and freedom, not known before.  One is fed on the sweet milk of His Word, nourished, strengthened, and established in truth.  It can be likened to receiving a giant old-fashioned coiled lollipop from the Father, of which we sit, delightfully, and slowly enjoying each lick, relishing the flavor.  The joy of childhood.

There is a shift taking place.  Childhood is wonderful, yet we were not meant to remain in the childhood state. We are called to be sons and daughters, taking our place in and next to the Most High. 

Children are receivers… takers. Sons and daughters know their identity, what is their inheritance, and they give. They are not being served. They are serving. They have found their unique place in the family business; an integral, necessary and essential part of the Father’s plan, fulfilling the task set before them. All of creation is groaning for us to arise and take our rightful place. All of creation groans that we would walk in our authority and assignments in this hour, manifesting His glory and power in the earth. 

Yes, Jesus said that we should come to Him as a child… not acting like children, but with child-like faith; total dependence on Him.  There is a shift taking place, even in this.  While we still trust with unwavering faith as a child, we are now asked to stand our developed knowledge and trust of who He is, walking with an assurance that He IS and will do what He has said.  We also stand in the knowledge of who we are, our identity in and through Him… sons and daughters called to take our place, walking in Kingdom authority, empowered for Kingdom assignments.

The lollipop enjoyed as a child will no longer be just ours to enjoy, but extended to the world around us.  Childish behavior and attitudes center on me, what I want, and my desires.  Sons and daughters are focused on the “family business” and the desires of the Father… that all mankind would be drawn to Him through His Son, Yeshua.  This shift removes the “me” from the picture, fully replacing it with Him… Him alone.  All to Him, for Him, from Him.

This is not a summons to those in the ranks of the end time army next to you.  Don’t look to another.  This is your call.  He stands before us saying, “It is time.” Sons and Daughters arise. What is your assignment?  To whom has He sent you?  What is the beat of His heart that you carry? Remove any shackles that remain.  Shake them off, putting them under your feet once and for all.  Remove the cloaks of the past and be mantled by Holy Spirit for the new. 

Refining by fire has been taking place among the ranks. Purity is manifesting. Bridal garments are being released.  Embrace the shift.  Leave all else behind.  You alone will pass through the eye of the needle. No baggage.  Nothing but you, standing naked, with a clean heart before your God, unashamed. It is the pure in heart that see Him. Come through the needle Sons and Daughters, come through.

Photo of Eagle by Photo by Liz Schwartz

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