A Word for the Shepherds

A word to the Shepherds. The Lord has directed me to repost a word that was released last month. That word is below. This is a prelude.

Again, I speak to My shepherds. Mixture has been brought into My house. Those of you who live by your own rules, no longer following the truth of My word, leading my people into darkness, REPENT. Those who do not care for My flock, REPENT. Those who appear to worship, but whose hearts are far from Me, REPENT.

I refuse your worship. I do not want your sacrifices. Obedience is better than sacrifice, and this you deny Me. I will overturn your house! I will free My people from the chains that hold them because you have not taught the truth. You teach to appease, not to release. You teach to fit in, not to bring in and welcome My Presence in fulness. You do not desire Me, your desire is your definition of Me, which fits in your box of convenience, serving your purposes. You seek the applause of men, not mine.

If My worship and My obedience to the Father had been for show or halfhearted, mankind would be damned. I held nothing back. I gave all. You hold much back much and give little. You will lose everything (Matt 13:12).

Again, I say, REPENT. Turn back to me. Come before Me. I love you, I will receive you, My mercy is great. I have given My life and poured out My blood for you, yet the time of judgment in My house is at hand.

Where will you stand? With me, or against Me? Get off the fence. There is no middle ground. Serve me, walk with me, fully surrendered, unafraid and unashamed to honor Me, all that I am, all I have done, and all I am doing before men, and I will honor you before the Father (John 5:23). Choose this day, who you will serve (Joshua 24:14, 15).

September 17, 2022

As you begin, I pray for revelation knowledge that Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit LOVE each of you who are reading this. This came over three days. Three days in the Word, and tears as I experienced the agony of His heart for and over you.

Please, please open your heart to hear Him. He speaks bluntly because you are greatly loved, and He needs you to hear… there is no time left. Please, just ask Holy Spirit to open your heart, unplug your ears, remove scales from your eyes and any hardness covering your heart, so that you may run into His arms and live.

The fast I to which have called My people, will break the chains of oppression, release captives, feed the poor, bring deliverance, restoration, and healing. Yet, instead, My house, full of adulterous ministers, has been defiled by those who come for profit, whether financial or the increase of their reputation and name instead of Mine.

Do you, who carry My name, preach and teach My Word, proclaiming the good news, or do you speak of things, puffing yourselves up in the eyes of man? Fashionable preaching qnd teaching WILL NOT release My anointing. My Word, My Voice, My prophetic unction upon My sons and daughters will stir up My anointing, allowing it to flow; and flow with My power it will, but not through you unless you repent and fully turn back to Me.

Many have blasphemed My name by saying I am not, or I will not do what I have spoken. I AM THAT I AM. I AM all you need. I always was, and I ever will be. There is none other!

Why do you argue? I draw you, I woo you, and yet you willfully stand in defiance of My very character and love for you? You are like the rebellious house of Israel who never crossed over into their promises because of unbelief. They said they would die in the wilderness, and they did. What will you do this day? Will you run to Me? Will you ask for freedom from the things which entangle you? Will you repent?

You are called to a trusting, surrendered, obedient life, from a place of rest in love and delight of Me. Is that too hard for you? Is your delight in Me, or yourself? Where is your treasure? What is it you desire most? Is it to walk in the fear, awe, and childlike wonder of the King of Kings, or to place yourself on your personal throne, and from there control your life and the lives of others?

“Enough!” Enough of the insincere repentance. Enough of double- mindedness. Enough of scorning what was provided through torture, suffering, death, burial, and resurrection! How dare you reduce the blood of my Son, resurrection life, and the invitation to a life of oneness in and with me to a fable. Suffering purchased this! Precious Blood paid for this! Death so that you can live secured this! How, dare you scorn the provision procured by My Son!

“Scorned how”, you say?

· When I speak you do not hearken, pricking up your ears, leaning in with full attention, listening with the intent to obey. You have plugged your ears, first by ignoring My voice, then through acts of rebellion.

· My Words have been received with prideful hearts, a high opinion of one’s self, arrogance, and considering what I say to be vile or worthless. You do not have a heart towards me, saith the Lord. You have a heart towards your god… yourself.

· In negating parts of My Word that you have not yet experienced, understand, or consider of value, you have stripped and, watered down My truth, feeding my people mixture, which has defamed and dishonored Me. This is blasphemy!

· You have said I cannot, when I have said I CAN AND DO heal, provide, deliver, free, speak with and lead my people, guided by Holy Spirit. Lies and deceit have brought injury to my children. This has brought confusion, fear, and scattered My flock. You who have done this are NOT shepherds. You are wolves. You will answer before Me.

· Many have replaced My Word with traditions of men, societal norms, or the latest teachings for itching ears, to build their churches and tally numbers. My church will be built on truth, not the false doctrines of man! Any “Jesus” or “truth” that does not line up with the Word is an idol. Who do you serve?

Again, I ask, I call, will you adulterous shepherds and ministers repent? I call because I love you. Because I love you, I will shake you, in an attempt to awaken you. I ask again, come to Me.

Seek Me, while I may be found. Run to Me, not from Me. I love you, will you… do you still love Me? If so, come… just humble yourself and come to Me. Come boldly before My throne in your time of need, I am waiting.

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Photo of Lion by Alexas

Photo of Hand Dripping of Blood by Mohamed Nohassi

Photo of Cross by Ebnerhard Grossgasteiger

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