Always Leading

October 22, 2022

A Word of warning to the Body:

Do not be deceived by the adversary.  This is a time many are sensing the urgency of My call for specific assignments.  The enemy drives.  As your Shepherd, I lead. 

The adversary comes from behind, pushing, shoving, driving, and demanding.  Those he is trying to deceive. Many will look, sense and if not vigilant, they think this is Me, accepting his condemnation that they are never enough, and must move quickly.  They embrace works, with an urgency to perform, create, and get immediate results.  Beware, and see to it that you are led by Me, not driven by the tactics of the enemy.

I lead My sheep.  I know and call My sheep by name.  Sometimes I arise and call with a song.  Sometimes it is with a rhythm.  Yet, I go before you, calling and inviting you into a place I have already been and have prepared.  I lead you into the pasture of My choosing, with My peace, for I AM the Prince of Peace.  Aligned with Me, you have peace.  Spend time with Me.  Discern. Listen for and to My voice alone.  Close your ear and eye gates to all others.

Although at times My call is with urgency, I always lead, I will not, do not drive from behind.  You will always see My face and know My Presence. Even though I may require you to take a stand against the adversary and his plans, this is always accomplished from a place of rest and peace, because it is done from your position, seated with Me (Eph 2:6).

Do you remember… David wrote in Psalm 23 that I lay a feast for him in the presence of his enemies.  He said this at a time when his son sought to take his kingdom and his life.  Yet, in this hour, I led David with peace, causing him to lay down beside still waters and we walked through the shadows of death. I was always with him, providing a feast; of more than enough, a time of celebration… tasting, partaking of, and experiencing My goodness, in front of his enemies.  That is being, living as more than a conqueror.

I am the Good Shepherd; I am your Shepherd. I will never drive you from behind.  I will guide you: My face ever before you. My words are sung over you. My glory is surrounding you… in and with peace. I lead you with peace, in My love, never driving, always, always inviting. 

Sheep Photo: Patrick Schneider

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