Passion for the King

October 19, 2022

Bridal love… a love which, is cultivated, experienced, established, and matures in His chambers. This is a love between a Bride and her King.

This is not the product of formulas, the latest resource, or with the assistance of well-meaning friends.  This relationship is between you and your King.  No one else gains entrance, nor may others observe the intimacies, the mysteries of your love. In these moments, He has eyes, thoughts, and desires only for you, and you for Him.

This is sacred ground.  It is the unveiling of one heart to another, the secrets, are to be protected, remaining in the chamber.  Steward this well. Handle His heart with love and affection, and these times will increase, mysteries will unfold, and revelation imparted.  This is not for the faint of heart.  This is for the one who passionately pursues and loves her King; it will cost her everything.

Above all else, guard your heart (Prv 4:23), for out of it flow the issues of life.  Out of this garden of intimacy will flow one’s reason for living; to honor the requests of the beloved King.  How can one say “No” to He who is the sole object of one’s affection and love?  How can a surrender, so complete, respond with anything less than, “Your will, Your desires be done?”

This is far beyond the cross, salvation, redemption… death, burial, and resurrection.  These open the door to the new creation experience and a life of victory. The provisions and invitation extended were not merely intended for one to sidestep hell.  Eternal life is an invitation to walk in a relationship with the Father (John 17:3) and to experience and walk in the fullness of identity as the Bride.

The spotless, passionate, love-consumed Bride, is the one who comes, who dwells, in the presence of her King. Her heart’s desire is to tend to Him, please Him, and adore Him. What a pleasure it is to sit at His feet, asking how she may delight Him with her worship.  What an honor it is to be able to touch the affections and heart of her King! 

From that place of intimacy comes Bridal identity. From identity comes authority.  This is a level of authority which few have witnessed and even fewer stewarded.  It is the authority to speak a word, and see it performed in the now… just as Jesus lived.  It is an authority that carries creative power, releasing, creating, delivering, healing in the moment. Jesus spoke and that which He said, manifested. 

The Bride, who has been hidden in His chamber, will have His language. She comes forth with the beat of His heart. She walks with Him, lives from Him, saying what He says and doing what He requests… all necessary for her to be mantled with such authority and power. Darkness will not have a hold on her. While retaining her unique, individual identity, she will be an expression of His righteousness, justice, truth, mercy and lovingkindness, yet with such power that demonic forces will tremble, and fall in defeat before her King.

Platforms are coming, released by His hand, established for those who walk in humility before Him.  Pride will not be tolerated nor overlooked in this hour. The Bride loves and exalts Him, not herself, not a ministry, not a reputation.  She has forsaken all else. He alone is her focus. Just as Peter, she says, “You alone have the words of life” (John 6:68), pursuing Him, desiring no other.

She has cultivated a life of oneness with Him in the secret place.  Having been tried and tested, the blazing fire and intensity of His love has burned all the dross, and selfish desires. She is coming forth as gold… pure gold.  This is the cost of Bridal love.  The cost of Bridal passion… everything.  It is no longer the Bride who lives, but He who lives, in and through her. Everything, by Him, for Him, to Him… Him alone.

Bridal love… cultivated, experienced, purified, and poured out in His chambers.  A love story shared between two in covenant, bound by blood, yet their desire for one another is based in love.  A love beyond reason, beyond comprehension; a love so pure, so powerful… a love between a Bride and her King.


Bride: Asdrubal Luna

Lion: Elie Khoury

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