Just Be

October 18, 2022

As I am praying, in the Spirit I see a butterfly, struggling to break free of the cocoon, stepping into her new identity.  The Bride.  She is breaking out, she is coming forth.

All she knew before has liquified.  The DNA within has created a new identity. She will no longer crawl.  She is adorned with wings and will fly.

Her moments in flight will display the artistry, brilliance, and beauty of her Creator, for she is truly the created, not a work of her own making, a finished work of His hand.

She flies, then pauses on flowers. Closing her wings, unnoticed by others, she will partake of the nourishment provided.  It is through the frequent stops and the continual feasting that she maintains her strength.

Her beauty is not for her pleasure.  She knows not what she looks like, nor the full extent of the glory she displays.  She is merely being, as she was purposely, exquisitely, created to be.

She does not strive.  She flies.  She does not stress, she rests; receiving nourishment through the provision of her King.  She cares not for the cocoon left behind, nor fears the future held by tomorrow.  She knows she was created to be; a butterfly, fashioned by Him, sustained in and by Him.

Can we enjoy such a place of trust, of rest that we can do as Jesus said, “the work I call you to is to believe?” (John 6:29)

Could it be that simple… the simplicity experienced by the butterfly?  Will not the rocks cry out to praise and worship Him? If the rock can sing, then most certainly the butterfly displays her beauty for Him, and her song is released through the movement and vibrations of her wings.  She is merely being who she is created to be. 

Precious Bride, Powerful Bride, Glorious Bride, break out and come into your identity. Come out of the cocoon.  You have been liquified, the past is gone, and the full expression of His DNA is coming forth.  Be released into your destiny, unique, beautifully fashioned, adorned, and empowered with His glory and might. 

Let your wings dry with the wind of Holy Spirit.  Spread them out, and see their expanse.  Learn what it feels like to catch the current and movement of His wind, it is His breath. Ruach.  Allow it to carry you, being the display, the likeness of Him which He has ordained and desires.  Just be. Be the son or daughter He destined you to be. Be like the butterfly.

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