Bridal Identity

October 17, 2022

Again, a request, an invitation from the Father, extended to the Remnant. An appeal from a heart of love, asking the Remnant to step into Bridal Identity. An identity rooted in His love for us, and our love for Him.

This passionate, all-consuming love for our King, will enable us to maintain our focus on Him in the coming days.  It is a love that is captivating, causing us to cleave to, adhere to, be entwined with the one we love.  Eyes towards, heart for, and ears that hear no other.

Much was revealed in Jesus’s statement: those who love Him, obey Him.  He unveiled His own life and heart of love for the Father, which kept Him in a walk of unwavering obedience.  His words convey an understanding that ‘those who love Me a little, obey Me a little” and ‘those who are consumed with love for Me, obey Me, fully; their love, so complete, so passionate, their only desire is to please Me.

This is Bridal love.  A love, set ablaze by Him, yet fanned and tended by the individual, that the flames would remain hot, all consuming, full of desire… for Him.  Her love sensitive, her passion so sweet, that she recognizes when its intensity begins to flicker, quickly and intentionally realigns her gaze, returning to a heart of worship, awe and wonder for her King.

This is not a book to be written.  It is a life to be lived.  How can one describe the intimacies with the King?  The experiences of one will differ from those of another, for we are each fashioned with the purpose of being unique… uniquely beautiful to Him, and through Him. This is a Bridal journey, with the Bride and the King. 

There was a game show, To Tell the Truth (1950’s & 1960’s), where contestants were interviewed, and then at the end, one had to determine who they thought the “real” (Dr., sports figure, teacher…) was.  After the correct identity was guessed, the show’s host would then say, “Would the REAL… please stand up.”

How will one recognize the real Bride?  She will be discerned by the Spirit.  The true Bride will speak with a refreshing breath, one which carries anointing, life and freedom.  Her words will be His, which taste like honey on the receiver’s lips.  When the other speaks, instead of a sweet-smelling fragrance, one will detect bad breath… the rancid, the old breath of yesterday… one who has not yet brushed their teeth before entering a new day.  The same will be detected in person. 

My Bride will carry My fragrance. It will hover about her, and from her.  Others will have body odor… theirs, not the fresh scent which comes from being in My love, surrounded with My voice this day, a moment by moment, habitation. Just as My people know My voice, My sheep recognize My Bride.

We are in the hour where the real Bride is arising.  She will stand, she will take her place, for no other reason, but her love for her King.  Heaven is revealing who the true Bride is.  Her love for Him will hold her, strengthen her, establish her, in the arms of her King.  From that place she will sound the clarion call, releasing His voice, His Words throughout the earth.  It will be the sound she heard, and permeated with during times of intimacy, a sound carrying the vibrations and rhythms of His heart. A sound impregnated with life; reproducing, multiplying.

Bride, you are invited into the fulness of your identity.  You are invited into greater depths of intimacy with your King.  You will access this by taking the hand of Holy Spirit, who leads you into all truth, teaching you all things. The time of release into increasing expression and demonstration of His love is at hand. You are about to be on display… not for you, but for Him, that in and through you others may see His glorious love, His goodness, then run to Him.  May the real Bride arise. Take your place, revealing and reveling in your love for your King, the King of Kings.

Photo of Bride: Rikonavt

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